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Dr Elizabeth Rowsell

Photo of Dr Elizabeth Rowsell

Johnson Matthey, Bounts Court, Sonning Common, RG4 9NH, UK

Liz Rowsell is Director of the Johnson Matthey Technology Centres, with locations in the UK, USA and South Africa.

She received her PhD in 1993 from the University of Essex, UK, in collaboration with the Nitrogen Fixation Unit at Sussex University, UK, investigating charge interactions in Fe-S proteins and Fe coordination complexes using Mössbauer spectroscopy.

Liz joined Johnson Matthey as a Research Scientist developing metal-based therapeutics for the treatment of sepsis in 1993.  During her career with Johnson Matthey, Liz has worked on the development of catalysts for use in pharmaceuticals, food and personal safety, as well as programmes in biomass processing, gas purification and materials for energy production.

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