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Accepted Manuscripts

The manuscripts have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication but have not yet been copyedited, house styled, proofread or typeset. The final published version may contain differences as a result of the above procedures.

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October 2020

Bacterial Community Composition in Produced Water of Diyarbakır Oil Fields in Turkey (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Tuğçe Tüccar, Esra Ilhan-Sungur, Gerard Muyzer

The Biotechnological Potentials of Bacteria Isolated from Parsık Cave, Turkey (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Begüm Çandiroğlu, Nihal Doğruöz Güngör

Antibacterial Potential of Six Lichen Species against Enterococcus durans from Leather Industry (PDF, 755 KB)

Didem Berber, İpek Türkmenoğlu, Nüzhet Cenk Sesal

The Destructive Effects of Extremely Halophilic Archaeal Strains on Sheepskins, and Proposals for Remedial Curing Processes (PDF, 3.4 MB)

Meral Birbir, Pinar Caglayan, Yasar Birbir

Antibiotic and Heavy Metal Resistant Bacteria Isolated From Aegean Sea Water and Sediment in Güllük Bay, Turkey (PDF, 3.23 MB)

Gülşen Altuğ, Mine Çardak, Pelin Saliha Çiftçi Türetken, Samet Kalkan, Sevan Gürün

January 2021

Comprehensive Review on High Hydrogen Perm-selectivity of Palladium Based Membranes (1.7 MB)

Hasan Mohd Faizal, Bemgba B. Nyakuma, Mohd Rosdzimin Abdul Rahman, Md. Mizanur Rahman, N.B. Kamaruzaman, S. Syahrullail

On deformation behavior of polycrystalline iridium at room temperature. How structure rules by mechanical properties (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Peter Panfilov, Irina Milenina, Dmitry Zaytsev and Alexander Yermakov

Lattice Dynamical Study of Platinum by Use of van der Waals Three Body Force Shell Model (941 MB)

U C Srivastava

A Re-assessment of the Thermodynamic Properties of Osmium (PDF, 505 KB)

John W. Arblaster

Electrodeposition of Iridium-Nickel Thin Films on Copper Foam: Effects of Loading and Solution Temperature on HER Performance of Electrocatalyst in Alkaline Water (PDF, 2.53 MB)

Jianwen Liu, Wangping Wu, Xiang Wang

BIORECOVER – New Bio-based Technologies for Recapture of Critical Raw Materials (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Annette Alcasabas, Felicity Massingberd-Mundy, Barbara Breeze, Maite Ruiz Pérez, Cristina Martínez García

Different Deformation Behavior Between ZrO2 and Y2O3 Particles in Dispersion Strengthened Pt-20Rh Alloys (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Ziyang Wang, Xi Wang, Futao Liu, Faping Hu, Hao Chen, Guobin Wei, Weiting Liu, Weidong Xie

Other Manuscripts

Process Intensification: Activated Carbon Production from Biochar Produced by Gasification (PDF, 3.2 MB)

Ahmet Erdem, Murat Dogru

Recycling and Direct-Regeneration of Cathode Materials from Spent Ternary Lithium-Ion Batteries by Hydrometallurgy: Status Quo and Developing (PDF, 2.14 MB)

Lizhen Duan, Yaru Cui, Qian Li, Juan Wang, Chonghao Man, Xinyao Wang

On-Road Emission Characteristics of Volatile Organic Compounds from Light-Duty Diesel Trucks Meeting Different Emission Standards (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Menglei Wang, Rencheng Zhu, Ruiqin Zhang, Shunyi Li, Xiaofeng Bao

Electrolytic iron production from alkaline bauxite residue slurries at low temperatures (PDF, 1.13 MB)

Sevasti Koutsoupa, Stavroula Koutalidi, Evangelos Bourbos, Efthymios Balomenos, Dimitrios Panias

Ultrasonic and thermophysical studies of ethylene glycol nanofluids containing TiO2 nanoparticles and their heat transfer enhancements (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Mohit Gupta, Devraj Singh, Shakti Pratap Singh, Ashish Mathur, Shikha Wadhwa, Aashit K. Jaiswal, Dharmendra K. Singh, R. R. Yadav

Effects of Material Type on Biofilm Response to an Oxidizing Biocide in a Laboratory-Scale Cooling Tower System Effect of Material Type in Response to Biocide (PDF, 694 KB)

Nazmiye Ozlem Sanli