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Platinum Metals Rev., 1984, 28, (2), 52

Recent Achievements in Catalysis

Catalysis Volume 6, Edited By G.C. Bond And G. Webb Royal Society of Chemistry, London, 1983, 234 pages, £26 to members, £43 to non-members


Among the Specialist Periodical Reports published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, this volume reviews the recent literature published up to mid-1982 in a field that has become of increasing importance to the chemical industry. As the editors emphasise, it is more and more appreciated that new and better catalysts, often one or other of the platinum metals, can reduce the energy input into chemical processes, improve product yields, minimise by-products and thus lead to a reduction in processing costs. The seven reviews here include “Oscillatory Phenomena in Heterogeneous Catalysed Oxidation Reactions” from C. N. Kenney and his colleagues at Cambridge, “Strong Metal-Support Interactions” by Geoffrey Bond of Brunel and Robbie Burch of Reading University, and “The Catalytic Hydrogenation of Organic Compounds” by M. D. Birkett, A. T. Kuhn and G. C. Bond in which the authors explore the connection between catalysis and electrochemistry. Further reviews come from three workers at the Istituto di Chimica-Fisica in Turin; from Gwendoline Berndt of the Edinburgh School of Agriculture who reports on recent developments in radiotracer methods for catalytic investigations; from B. A. Murrer and M. J. H. Russell of Johnson Matthey on recent achievements in hydroformylation and lastly from E. K. Poels and Vladimir Ponec of the University of Leiden a major article on the production of oxygenated species from synthesis gas.