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Platinum Metals Rev., 1985, 29, (3), 117

The Thermodynamics of Ruthenium Systems

  • J.R.T.

After the publication last year of Seddon and Seddon’s massive monograph “The Chemistry of Ruthenium”, it might be supposed that little remains to be said on the chemistry of ruthenium (for a review of this book see Platinum Metals Rev., 1984, 28, (4), 177). However, a new review paper, “The Chemistry and Thermodynamics of Ruthenium and Some of its Inorganic Compounds and Aqueous Species”, by Joseph A. Rard of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, succeeds in covering somewhat different ground, and contains much of value. (Chem. Rev., 1985, 85, (1), 1–39).

The present paper provides a critical review of the literature, from 1910 up to mid-1984, of the inorganic chemistry of some ruthenium compounds and aqueous species with special emphasis on their thermodynamic properties. Thus Seddon and Seddon quote thermodynamic values for RuO4, for instance, from a number of sources, while Rard provides a critically assessed table of self-consistent values.

Included in the review are ruthenium metal, hydrides, chalcogenides, oxides, hydroxides, halides, oxyhalides (except fluorides), complex sulphates, sulphites, nitrates and nitrites. Aqueous systems considered are aquo ions, hydrolysed cations, oxyanions and halide and sulphate complexes. The oxide, halide, oxyhalide and aqueous systems are described in considerable detail and an effort is made to resolve some of the conflicting claims and values in the literature. The thermodynamic properties of some intermetallic compounds are considered, together with a brief look at phase diagrams for ruthenium-metal and some ruthenium-non metal systems.