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Platinum Metals Rev., 1985, 29, (4), 198

Subject Index to Volume 29


a =abstractPage
Absorption, solar on cermet coatings 57
Acetaldehyde, adsorption and reactions on Pt, a 131
Acetic Acid, production from syngas, by Ru melt catalysis 63
    over Rh/support, a 89
Acetone, hydrogenation over Pt/TiO2, a 41
Acetylene, photosensitised cleavage to CH4, a 133
Acid Rain, pollution control 50
Acrylates, dimerisation by Pd and Rh catalysts, a 90
Adsorption, acetaldehyde on Pt(S) surfaces, a 131
  heats of, for H2, CO, on SMSI Pd/TiO2, a 86
  H2 on Pd-SiO2-Si, a 186
Alcohols, allyl, oxidation, a 87
  benzyl, electrooxidation, a 88
  isopropanol, from acetone hydrogenation, a 41
  oxidation by RuCl2(PPh3)3+t-BuOOH, a 42
  primary, synthesis from syngas on Ru alloy/support, a 42
  production from syngas, by Ru melt catalysis 63
  propan-2-ol, photocatalytic dehydrogenation by Rh complexes, a 39
  secondary, oxidation to ketones, a 138
    tertiary production from aryliodides and alkylaluminiums by Pd complexes, a 189
Alkanes, n-butane, isomerisation, hydrogenation hydrogenolysis on novel Rh/TiO2, Ir/TiO2, a 90
  n-decane, dehydrogenation over Pt/Al2O3, a 40
  ethane, hydrogenolysis on Rh-TiO2, a 189
  n-hexane, isomerisation over Pt/zeolite, a 41
    transformations, a 135
  methane, effect on Pd+ThO2 gas sensing elements, a 41
  photoproduction from C2H2, a 133
  production via CO2 electrolysis, a 133
  synthesis from syngas over Rh/TiO2, Rh-Pt/TiO2, a 136
  propane, conversion to aromatics, a 90
Alkenes, carbonylation by Pd melt catalysis 63
  -decenes, formed during n-decane dehydrogenation, a 40
  ethene, hydrogenation by novel Rh-TiO2  
    attached catalyst, a 189
  hydrogenation by Pd(II) polymer complexes, a 136
  propene, hydroformylation, a 42
Alkylation, benzene, by Rh(II)trifluoroacetate, a 137
Alkynes, 1-, hydrosilylation by Ir complexes, a 91
  carbonylation by Pd melt catalysis 63
  hydrogenation by Pd(II) polymer complexes, a 136
    selective, by cationic Ru(II) complexes, a 138
Amines, primary-secondary transformation, a 42
Ammonia, oxidation on Pt, a 188
  photoproduction from azide ions, a 88
  synthesis, over Ru complex/γ -Al2O3 catalyst, a 189
Arsenic, electrooxidation on Pt rotating disc electrode, a 132
Azides, photoconversion to NH3, a 88
Benzene, alkylation by Rh(II)trifluoroacetate, a 137
  chemisorption on Pt clusters, a 90
Berzelius, history 81
Book Reviews, Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds 130
  Organometallic Chemistry of Rh and Ir 154
Brine, industrial electrolysis 88, 98
British Antarctic Survey, H2 generators for 12
Bromine, photoproduction via Ir complexes, a 187
Brownrigg, William, first experiments on platinum 180
1,3-Butadiene Monoxide, reaction with CO2, a 137
Butane, ignition and burning over Pt wire, a 134
Cancer, antitumour drug, a 87
  chemotherapy 28, 118
    circadian timing, a 138
    conference 72
Capacitors, multilayer ceramic 2
    Pd powders in 175
  thick film dielectrics, a 91
Carbon Oxides, CO, adsorption on Pt electrode, a 132
  chemisorption 131, 168
  heat of adsorption on SMSI Pd/TiO2, a 86
  hydrogenation, a 42, 89
  ignition and burning over Pt wire, a 134
  oxidation, cycled, a 135
  poisoning of Pt/support catalysts, a 134
  syngas, chemical production from 63
    conversions to paraffins, a 189
    direct synthesis of acetic acid, a 89
    reduction of NO over Rh/SiO2, a 41
    reactions on Pt/TiO2, a 135
  +H2O, CH4 formation, a 136
  CO2, electrochemical reduction on Ru electrodes, a 133
  methanation on Rh/support, a 136
  reaction with butadiene monoxide, a 137
  reduction to formate, a 88
Carbonylation, alkyl borates-benzylic bromide to esters, a 42
  carboxylic acid esters by Ru carbonyl iodide, a 42
  catalysts 63
  olefins by Rh carbonyl complex amine/pyridine, a 136
  terminal acetylenes of organic halides, a 137
Carboplatin 72, 118
Carboxylic Acid, acetic acid, synthesis from syngas 63, 89
Catalysis, catalytic converters, properties, a 188
  Eighth International Congress 28
  fine chemical manufacture, symposium 162
  heterogeneous, a 40, 41, 42, 89, 90, 140, 141, 142, 188, 189
  homogeneous, a 42, 43, 90, 91, 142, 143, 189, 190
  industrial nitrogen oxides pollution control 50
  kinetic analysis of complex reactions, a 41
  metal clusters in, a 41
Catalysts, automotive, European legislation 163
    used, analysis, a 135
    warmup predictions, a 188
    water-gas shift reaction in exhaust gases, a 188
  bifunctional, naphthenes’ conversion, a 40
  comprehensive review of refining 29
  EUROPT-1, Pt/SiO2, characterisation 168
  metal clusters, a 41
  three-way, deactivation by P, Zn contaminants, a 136
  Iridium colloids, H2 photoproduction, a 187
    thermal decomposition of H2O, a 38
  Iridium Complexes, hydrosilylation of 1,3-dienes, 1-alkynes, a 91
    [Ir(C3-N1-bpy)(bpy)2]2+, photosensitiser for bromide solutions, a 187
  Ir/α -Al2O3, CO-O2 cycling, a 135
  Ir-Ru/SiO2, syngas conversion to O-C2 compounds, a 90
  Ir/TiO2, alkane isomerisation, dehydrogenation, hydrogenolysis, a 90
  Palladium, automotive, a 135
    Pd chloride, alcohol oxidation, a 87
      hydroxy ester production, a 42
      oxidation of terminal, internal  
      olefins, a 137
    formic acid oxidation, a 41
    in redox fuel cells, a 190
    polycrystalline, in H2-D2 exchange, a 135
    Pd+ThO2, in gas sensing elements, a 41
  Palladium Complexes, alcohol and ketone production by carbonylative coupling, a 189
    organic halide with terminal acetylenes’ carbonylation, a 137
    Pd acetylacetonate, soybean oil hydrogenation, a 190
    σ -alkylpalladium (II), olefin reactions, a 42
    PdCl2(η 4-norbornadiene), isomerisatior of quadricyclene, a 39
    PdCl2(NCPh)2+Lewis acid, acrylate dimerisation, a 90
    tetrakis(triphenylphosphine)-Pd, CO, butadiene monoxide reaction, a 127
    Pd tributylphosphine, olefin syntheses, a 42
  Pd/Al2O3, buta-1,3-diene hydrogenation, a 135
  Pd/Al2O3, cyclohexane dehydrogenation 16
  Pd/α -Al2O3, CO oxidation, a 135
  Pd(II)/polymer, hydrogenation, a 136
  colloidal Pd/exchange resin, preparation, a 189
  Pd/polyethylenimine/SiO2 beads, preparation, properties, a 189
  Pd/SiO2, and Y-zeolite, hybrid, syngas conversions, a 189
  Pd/SiO2, zeolites, CO hydrogenation, 89
  Pd/support, C-bond reactions on, a 189
    formic acid oxidation, a 41
  Pd-X/support, hydrotreating hydrocarbons 114
  Pd/Ti, electrocatalytic properties, O2 evolution, a 38
  Pd/TiO2, heats of adsorption, in SMSI state, a 86
  Pd/LaY zeolite, naphthene reactions, a 40
  Platinum, automotive, after 34,800 km, a 135
      in cycled feedstreams, a 135
    clusters, gas phase reactions, a 90
    H2 photoproduction from H2O, a 187
    polycrystalline, for NH3 oxidation, a 188
      in H2-D2 exchange, a 135
    redox fuel cells, a 190
    thermal decomposition of H2O, a 38
    wire, fuel/air ignition and burning, a 134
      restructuring 60
  Platinum Alloys, platinum-rhodium, automotive, effect of P,Zn poisons, a 136
      gauze, changes during HNO3 manufacture, a 89
    PtRh10 gauze, with Pt-Rh/Al2O3 coating, for HCN synthesis, a 188
  Platinum Complexes, acridine yellow/EDTA/ K2PtCl6 for H2 photoevolution, a 39
    (phenazine)PtCl2(C2H4), hydrosilation, a 186
    [poly(3-methylthiophene)-Ag-Pt], for  
    proton efectrochemical reduction, a 90
    Pt-SnCl2.2H2O for amine transformation, a 42
  Pt/Al2O3, for buta-1,3-diene hydrogenation, a 135
    n-decane dehydrogenation, a 40
  engine warmup tests, a 188
  methylcyclohexane dehydrogenation, S effects, a 40
  naphtha reforming, a 41
  Pt/Al2O3, Pt/TiO2, poisoning, a 134
  Pt-(Pb)-(Sn)/Al2O3, transformations, a 135
  Pt/α -Al2O3, CO oxidation, a 135
  Pt/γ -Al2O3, HI decomposition, a 40
  Pt/Ce/Al2O3, Pt/Rh/Al2O3, Rh/Pt/Ce/Al2O3, water/gas shift reaction in engine exhaust, a 188
  PtRe/Al2O3, methylcyclohexane dehydrogenation, S effects, a 40
  Pt-Rh/Al2O3, coatings on PtRh10 gauze, for HCN synthesis, a 188
  Pt/CdS/Nafion, H2 photoproduction, a 88
  Pt/C, hydroxylamine production, a 188
  Pt/porous PTFE, H2-D2 reaction, a 189
  Pt colloidal/anion exchange resin, a 189
  Pt/SiO2, standard European catalyst 168
  Pt/SiO2-Al2O3, naphthene reactions, a 40
  Pt/styrene-divinyl benzene copolymer, for H2-D2 exchange, a 41
  Pt/support, NH3 oxidation, a 188
  Pt/Ti, O2 evolution, a 38
  Pt-TiO2, acetone hydrogenation, a 41
    CO, H2 chemisorption, a 135
    photocatalysis to produce NH3, a 88
  RuOx/Pt/TiO2, water photolysis, a 187
  Pt/CaY zeolite, naphthene reactions, a 40
  Pt/H-ZSM-5, propane conversion, a 89
  Pt/zeolite+Pr, Nd, La, isomerisation, disproportionation, a 41
  Pt/ultrastable Y zeolite, naphthene reactions, a 40
    n-paraffin reactions, a 41
  Pt/ZnO, electrical conductivity, a 185
  Platinum Metals, review of 1983 work, a 135
  Rhodium, automotive, in cycled feedstreams, a 135
    Rh hydride – TiO2 attached, novel, preparation, properties, a 189
  Rhodium Alloys, Rh-Pt gauze, changes during HNO3 manufacture, a 89
  Rhodium Complexes, asymmetric hydrogenation of α -dicarbonyls, a 90
    H2 photoproduction, a 39
    hydrosilylation crosslinking of silicone rubber, a 190
    [(C2H4)2RhCl]2, + Lewis acid, acrylate dimerisation, a 90
    RhCl3, H2 photoproduction, a 39
    Rh(CO)Cl(PPh3)2, propene hydroformylation, a 42
    Rh6(CO)16-ethylenediamine, a 136
    1,5-hexadiene Rh chloride, a 42
    Rh(l)polypyridine complex, water gas shift reaction, a 190
    Rh/Al2O3, buta-1,3-diene hydrogenation, a 135
  Rh/Pt/Al2O3, Rh/Pt/Ce/Al2O3, water gas shift reaction in engine exhaust, a 188
  Rh/α -Al2O3, CO oxidation, a 135
  Rh6(CO)16/η -Al2O3, water gas shift reaction, a 90
  [Rh(CO)2Cl]2/η -Al2O3, zeolites, water gas shift reaction, a 90
  Rh/colloidal CdS, charge separation, H2 generation, a 89
    H2 photoproduction, a 137
  Rh6(CO)16/diaminated PS, a 136
  Rh carbonyl clusters resin beads, α,β -unsaturated carbonyls, nitriles, hydrogenation, a 136
  colloidal Rh/H-form resin, preparation, a 189
  Rh/SiO2, NO reduction, a 41, 136
  Rh/support, C-bond reactions on, a 189
    CO2 methanation, a 136
    direct conversion of syngas to O-C2 compounds, a 89
    formic acid decomposition, a 136
  Rh/TiO2, alkane isomerisation, dehydrogenation, hydrogenolysis, a 90
    CH4 formation, a 136
  Rh-Pt/TiO2, CH4 formation, a 136
  Ruthenium, melt for organic compounds production 63
    RuO3.xH2O, for O2 evolution 26
  Ruthenium Complexes, photocatalysis, in smectites, a 89
    [Ru(bpy)3]2+, [RuL5(H2O)]2+, C2H2 cleavage to CH4, a 133
    , photoreduction of dialkyl-4,4′-bipyridinium salts, a 40
    Ru(bipy)3Cl2, formate production, a 88
    tris(2,21 bipyridyl-4,41-dicarboxylate)Ru(II) dichloride sensitiser for light conversions, a 134
    RuCl2(PPh3)3, oxidations of alcohols, a 42
    oxidations of secondary amines, a 137
    Ru trichloride hydrate, oxidation of alcohols to ketones, a 138
    Ru2Cl4(BINAP)2(NEt3), asymmetric hydrogenations, a 186
    Ru carbonyl iodide, carbonylation, homologation, a 42
    Ru(II)trifluoroacetate, benzene alkylation, a 137
    , photoreduction, a 134
    [RuL5(H2O)]2+, C2H2 cleavage to CH4, a 133
    [RuHL5]PF6, selective hydrogenation of alkynes, a 138
  Ru/Al2O3, buta-1,3-diene hydrogenation, a 135
  K,P+Ru/Al2O3, Fischer-Tropsch, a 90
  Ru/α -Al2O3, CO oxidation, a 135
  Ru complex/γ -Al2O3, preparation, NH3 synthesis, a 189
  Ru-Mo-La/Al2O3, CO hydrogenation to alcohols, a 42
  RuO2/CdS+RuO2/TiO2, H2 photoproduction from H2S, a 187
  Fe-Ru crystallites/amorphous C, preparation, characterisation, a 137
  []/Nafion/graphite electrode, a 88
  Ru/poly-l-vinylnaphthalene, structure, reactivity, a 137
  Ru/PS, structure, reactivity, a 137
  colloidal Ru/H-form resin, preparation, a 189
  [Ru(bpy)3]2+/resin, photoreactions, a 134
  Ir-Ru/SiO2, syngas conversion to O-C2 compounds, a 90
  Ru(CO)4(PPh2C2H4-SIL), H4Ru4(CO)8 (PPh2C2H4-SIL), water gas shift reaction, a 43
  Ru/support, Fischer-Tropsch reactions 146
  Ru-Mo-Na/support, CO hydrogenation to alcohols, a 42
  RuOx/Pt/TiO2, water photolysis, a 187
Catechols, oxidation by RuCl2PPh3)3+t-BuOOH, a 42
Cells, chlorate, a 88
  diaphragm, membrane, mercury, for Cl2 production 98
  photoelectrochemical, Au/GaPc-Cl/Ferri, Ferrocyanide/GaPc-Cl/Pt, a 187
  Pt/n+/p-Si, Pt electrodes, HI, for solar energy conversion, a 39
Cermets, platinum-alumina, stable coatings 57
Chatt, Joseph, reminiscences, history 126
Chemicals, fine, manufacture, symposium 162
Chemisorption, CO, H2, O2 on EUROPT-1 168
CO,H2 on Pt/TiO2, a 135
  hydrocarbons on Pt clusters, a 90
Chloralkali, industry 98
Chlorine, evolution, new Ru-Ti-Pd-Sn anode coatings for, a 88
  production, industrial 98
Chromatography, gas, by Pt/syrene-divinyl benzene copolymer, a 41
Cisplatin, chemotherapy, circadian timing, a 138
Coal, in Fischer-Tropsch syntheses 146
Coatings, Pt-Al2O3 cermet, optical, selective absorber 57
  Pt aluminide, gas turbines, a 187
hot corrosion environments 62
  Pt-modified aluminide, in gas turbine blades 17
  Pt-Rh/Al2O3, thin films on Pt-Rh10 gauzes for HCN synthesis, a 188
  Pt/Ru, cathodes in chloroalkali production 98
  RuO2/TiO2+PdSn2, on anodes for Cl2 evolution, a 88
Conference, Cancer Chemotherapy 72
  Catalysis in Fine Chemical Manufacture 162
  Eighth International Congress on Catalysis 28
  Fuel Cells 107
  Hydrogen in Metals 115
  Third International Chlorine Symposium 98
Corrosion, anodic of Ru-Ir alloys, a 132
  behaviour of Pt electroplated objects 155
  protection, gas turbine blades 17, 187
    Pt aluminide coatings 62
    steel in concrete 80
  resistance, Pt-Ni superalloys 56
  Ru in H2SO4, a 39
Crucibles, ZGS platinum for compound oxide growth 113
Crystals, single, Bi2Ru2O2, electrical conductivity, a 38
  electrodes of Ir, Pt, Rh, a 132
  growth, using ZGS Pt crucibles 113
  structure in Pd-Ni system, a 86
  UPt3, superconductivity and properties, a 86
Cyclohexane, for storing H2 16
Dehydrogenations, over platinum metals 16, 40, 90
Detectors, hydrogen 2, 89
  i.r., a 43
  methane, a 41
  oxygen, high temperature, a 188
  in steel furnaces 179
  pressurised water reactor, a 91
  pyroelectric gas, a 134
Deuteration, buta-1,3-diene over platinum metals Al2O3, a 135
Deuterium, H2-D2 exchange, a 41, 135, 189
  isotope separation by Pd alloy membrane, a 86
α -Dicarbonyls, asymmetric hydrogenation, a 90
Dielectrics, thick film, Pt/Au, Pd/Au, a 91
Dienes, hydrosilylation, a 91
Diesel Fuel, production from coal by Fischer-Tropsch 146
Diffusion, hydrogen, purification 12
Dimerisation, acrylates, by Pd, Rh complexes, a 90
Diols, oxidative carbonylation, a 42
DNA, bound to bis(phenanthroline) dichlororuthenium(II), a 87
Electrical Conductivity, (Bi, Pb)2PtO4, (Bi, Pb)2PdO4, a 186
  (perylene)2M(mnt)2, M=Pd, Pt, Au, a 86
  Pt/ZnO catalysts, a 185
  Bi2Ru2O2 single crystals, a 38
  RuGa2, a 37
  RuO2, Bi2Ru2O7 layers, a 37
Electrical Contacts, a 40, 190
Electrical Resistivity, Pt3FexMn1−x alloys, a 36
Electrochemistry, a 38, 39, 87, 88, 132, 133
Electrochromic Displays 2
Electrodeposition, a 40, 41, 42, 134, 187, 188
  Pd, pulsed current, a 40
  Pd-Ni 40, 61
  Pd-Ag, electronic, electrical applications, a 187
  Pt onto Cu, with intermediate layers 155
  Pt on p-InP, photoelectrochemical properties, a 131
  Pt on refractory metals, a 40
  Pt metals, alloys, on nonprecious metals, a 190
Electrodes, anodes, Ir, Pt, Pt-Ir, Pt-Rh, Rh, activity for formation, a 87
    platinised refractory metals, a 40
    Pt, polypyrrole coated, a 134
    Pt/Ti, Pt/Nb for corrosion protection 80
    RuO2/TiO2+PdSn2 coatings for Cl2 evolution, a 88
  cathodes, Os, Os-W coated, electron emission, a 190
    Pt/Ru, chloroalkali industry 98
    Pt/GaPc-Cl in photoelectrochemical cell, a 187
  graphite with Nafion+Ru(trpy)(bpy)(OH2)3+, a 88
    with Nafion +[], for photoconversion, a 88
  Pd, in pyroelectric gas analyser, a 134
  photoanodes, RuO2/n-CdS, oxidation of halideions, a 133
  photoelectrode, Pt/n+/p-Si, H2 evolution, a 39
  Pt, CO adsorption on, a 132
  Pt, fuel cells, a 43, 91, 190
  Pt, H2 detectors, a 89
  Pt, O2 probe in steel furnaces 179
  Pt, preferred orientations, a 87
  Pt, Rh(PPh3)3, Rh(PPh3)4 generation, a 39
  Pt, rotating disc, As(III) oxidation, a 132
  polycrystalline, sensitised, photoconversion, a 134
  Ru, + Th, Pb, O2 reduction, a 88
  Ru/C, Ru/tefion, CO2 electrolysis, a 133
  [Ru(bpy)2L2]2+/Pt photosensitive, a 39
  RuCl3-coated GaAs, photoelectrodes, a 39
  Ti0.97Ru0.03O2 crystal, photoelectrochemical properties, a 187
  single crystal, Ir, Pt, Rh, electrosorption of O, a 132
  surfaces, review, a 133
Electrolysis, brine 88, 98
Electron Emission, a 190
Electronic Connectors 2
Electronics, compound oxides grown in ZGS Pt 113
  devices, Pt metals in 2
Emission Control, European legislation 163
  from industrial sources 50
Energy, solar conversion on Pt films/p-InP, a 86
    Pt/n+/p-Si/HI/Pt system, a 39
    Pt-Al2O3 cermet absorber coatings 57
Engines, catalytic converter properties during warmup, a 188
  exhaust gas conversions, a 188
  lean-burn 163
Esters, a 42
Etching, catalytic, Pt foils, C2H4 oxidation, a 138
Ethylene, reactions over Pt metals, a 134, 138
Ethylene Glycol, via Ru melt catalysis 63
Fatty Acids, production via melt catalysis 63
Films, Pt/p-InP, solar energy conversion, a 86
Fischer-Tropsch, synthesis 41, 90, 146
Formate, photoproduction from CO2, a 88
Formic Acid, reactions over platinum metals, a 41, 136, 189
Friction, property of Pd alloys, a 36
Fuel, H2, stored in cyclohexane 16
  liquid, propane conversion to, a 89
Fuel Cells, alkaline, electrodes in, a 190
  methanol, gas diffusion electrode, Pt+Ru electrocatalyst, a 91
  phosphoric acid 107
  redox, using Pt, Pd as catalysts, a 190
  secondary, based on O2 reduction, a 43
Furnaces, steel, O2 detection in 179
Gas Turbines, blades, Pt aluminide coatings, a 187
    Pt-modified aluminide coatings 17
Gauze, PtRh 10, with Pt-Rh/Al2O3 coating, HCN synthesis, a 188
Glass, industry, platinum in 106
Glasses, metallic, Pd alloys, preparation, phase diagrams, a 37
    Pd40Ni40P20, preparation, a 37
    Pd-Si, H in, properties, a 131
Hexanes, chemisorption on Pt clusters, a 90
  n-,transformations over Pt, a 135
History, First experiments on Pt 180
  Friedrich Wöhler 81
  Joseph Chatt, reminiscences 126
  Richard Knight & malleable platinum 30
Hydrocarbons, aromatic, propane conversion to, a 89
  hydrogenation over bimetallic Pd/support 114
  production from coal by Fischer-Tropsch 146
Hydrocracking, n-paraffins, a 41
Hydroformylation, propene, a 42
Hydrogen, adsorption at Pd-SiO2-Si, a 186
  chemisorption by EUROPT-1 catalyst 168
  detectors 2, 89
  diffusion membranes, technology 12
  evolution on Pd, Ru, Os, a 133
  heat of adsorption on SMSI Pd/TiO2, a 86
  H2-D2 exchange reactions, a 41, 135, 189
  H2/CO reactions, a 28, 41, 42, 63, 89, 90, 135, 189
  H2-O2 reaction, on Pd-MOS, a 185
  ignition and burning over Pt wire, a 134
  in electrolytic Pd precipitates, a 134
  in metals, conference 115
  isotopes, separation by Pd alloy membrane, a 86
  NO reduction over Rh/SiO2, a 136
  photoproduction, acidine yellow/EDTA/K2PtCl6, a 39
    by Rh/colloidal CdS, a 89, 137
    at RuCl3-coated electrodes, a 39
    from HI with Pt coated electrodes, a 39
    from H2S via RuO2/CdS, RuO2/TiO2, a 187
    propan-2-ol by Rh complexes, a 39
    from water, active sites of Pt, Pd, Ru, Ni, Sn/TiO2 suspensions, a 133
      Ir sols or Pt, a 187
      problems, a 88
      , a 134
      RuOx/Pt/TiO2, a 187
    from H2O/S2− with Nafion/CdS/Pt films, a 88
  plasma interaction with Pd surface, a 36
  production from HI over Pt/γ -Al2O3, a 40
  production from H2O, high temperature decomposition, a 38
  solubility in Pd-Si metallic glasses, a 131
  storage in cyclohexane for fuel 16
  synthesis, using Pt-Rh/Al2O3 coating on Pt-Rh 10 gauze, a 188
Hydrogenation, CO 28, 41, 42, 63, 89, 90, 135, 189
  over Pt catalysts, a 41, 188
    Pd catalysts 89, 114, 135, 136, 190
    Rh catalysts, a 90, 135, 136, 189
    Ru catalysts, a 135, 138, 186
Hydrogen Generator, industrial, methanol/water, with Pd-Ag membranes 12
Hydrogen Iodide, H2 production, a 39, 40
Hydrogenolysis, over platinum metals, a 42, 90, 134, 189
Hydrogen Sulphide, H2 photoproduction, a 187
Hydroisomerisation, n-paraffins, a 41
Hydrosilylation, a 91, 190
Hydroxylamine, production from NO using Pt/C, a 188
Hydroxylation, aromatic, oxidation of C-Pd, a 42
Imines, production from secondary amines, a 137
Inks, thick film, Pd powders in 175
Iproplatin 118
Iridium, cluster Ir4(CO)9(μ 2-CO)2(μ 2-SO2), a 132
  electrodes, a 87, 132
Iridium Alloys, corrosion, O2 evolution, a 132
  Iridium-Aluminium-Thorium-Tungsten, in nuclear generators 11
  Iridium-Platinum, electrodes, a 87
    surface composition, S impurity, a 185
Iridium Complexes, organometallic, book review 154
  survey, a 87
  [Ir(C3-N1-bpy)(bpy)2]2+, photosensitiser, a 187
  fac-Ir(ppy)3, photoreductants, a 131
  [Pt2Ir2(CO)7(PPh3)3], synthesis, properties, a 87
Iridium Silicides, TbIr2Si2, Tb2Ir3Si5, magnetic properties, a 37
Isomerisation, reactions, a 39, 41, 89, 90
Johnson Matthey, production of EUROPT-1 catalyst 168
Ketones, α, β -unsaturated ketones, hydrosilylation, a 91
  production, a 137, 138, 189
Knight, Richard, history of malleable platinum 30
Lead, elimination from gasoline 27
Lewis Acid, promoter, of Pd, Rh complexes, a 90
Magnetism, Tb2Ir3Si5, TbIr2Si2, a 37
  perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Pd/Co, a 185
  PdMnGe, PdMnSi, a 37
  Fe-Pt, additions effects, a 36
  RhMnGe, RhMnSi, a 37
Medical, cancer chemotherapy 28, 72, 118, 138
Methanation, CO, over Pd/zeolites, SiO2, a 89
Methane, effect on Pd+ThO2 gas sensing elements, a 41
  production, a 133, 136
Methylcyclohexane, dehydrogenation, S effects, a 40
Microelectronics, Pd powder for 175
Naphtha, reforming on Pt/Al2O3, a 41
Naphthenes, conversions over bifunctional catalysts, a 40
Nickel, alloy, high temperature oxidation by Pt, a 185
Nitrogen Oxide, hydroxylamine production, a 188
  industrial emission control 50
  NO, reduction over Rh/SiO2, a 41, 136
Nuclear Fuels, properties, a 131, 186
Olefins, reactions over platinum metals, a 42, 136, 137
  syntheses, a 42, 90
Organometallic Complexes, book reviews 130, 154
Organometallic Compounds, cancer chemotherapy 72
  history 126
Osmium, coated cathodes, electron emissions, a 190
  compound, OsSi3, semiconducting properties, a 37
  microdeposits on Ti, electrocatalysis, a 133
Osmium Alloys, Osmium-Platinum, properties 112
Osmium-Tungsten, coated cathodes, electron emission from, a 190
Osmium Complexes, Os bipyridine, Os phenanthroline, electrochemiluminescence, a 133
Oxidation, alcohols, a 42, 87, 138
  amines to imines by Ru(II) complexes, a 137
  NH3, a 188
  C-Pd to C-OPd, a 42
  CO, a 135
  C2H4, for Pt etching, a 138
  formic acid by Pd catalysts, a 41
  Mg-Si-Ni alloy, high temperature, by Pt, a 185
  Pt in Pt-based alloys, a 36
Oxygen, chemisorption, by EUROPT-1 168
  detectors, high temperature 179, 188
  evolution from Pd, Pt, Au coated Ti, a 38
    Ru-H2SO4, a 39
    corroded Ru-Ir alloys, a 132
  photoproduction via [Ru(bpy)3]2+/resin, a 134
    over hydrated RuO2 26
    from water, a 88
  reaction with H2 on Pd-MOS, a 185
  reduction on Ru + Th, Pb electrodes, a 88
  species, electrosorption, a 132
“Oxygone” H2 diffusion units 12
Palladium, Pd-BN-SI3N4-SiO2-Si FET for H2 detection, a 89
  C-Pd bond, oxidation to C-OPd, a 42
  cluster, giant, with ∼570 Pd atoms, a 186
  coatings by pulsed current electrolysis, a 40
  compounds, (Bi, Pb)2PdO4, electrical conductivity, a 186
    (perylene)2Pd(mnt)2, resistivity, transitions at low temperatures, a 86
    Pd selenide in NaOH, electrochemistry, a 38
    Pd3U, Pd3Pu in nuclear fuels, a 186
  electrical switching contacts, a 190
  electrolytic precipitates, H effects in, a 134
  high-temperature O2 detector, a 188
  H2-O2 reaction on Pd-MOS, a 185
  H2 plasma interaction with Pd surface, a 36
  microdeposits on Nb, electrocatalysis, a 133
  mobility in Pd2Si, a 37
  Pd(II) in H2SO4 solutions, properties, a 38
  Pd/CO thin film layers, magnetism in, a 185
  Pd-SiO2-Si, H2 adsorption, a 186
  powders, production, in thick film inks 175
  precipitates from nuclear fuels, structure, a 131
  thin films on glass C and Ni, H2 evolution, a 133
Palladium Alloys, friction behaviour, a 36
  membranes, H isotopes separation, a 86
  Palladium-Magnesium, phase diagram, a 185
  Palladium-Manganese-Germanium,-Silicon, magnetic properties, a 37
  Palladium-Nickel, coatings, a 40
    electroplating 40, 61
    phase diagram, a 86
  PdNi20, AuPd6Cu2, electrical contacts, a 190
  Pd40Ni40P40, metallic glasses, preparation, a 37
  Palladium-Nickel-Phosphorus, amorphous wire, a 87
  Palladium-Nickel-Silicon, amorphous wire, a 87
    amorphous, electric resistance, thermoelectric power, under H2, a 36
  Palladium-Silicon, amorphous, electric resistance, thermoelectric power, under H2, a 36
    metallic glass, H in, properties, a 131
  Pd80Si20, amorphous, surface composition, a 186
  Palladium-Silver, electroplated, in electronic, electrical applications, a 188
  Palladium-Silver, membrane, for H2 diffusion 12
  Palladium-Sulphur, phases, thermodynamics, a 131
Palladium Complexes, η 3-allyl palladium complexes, preparation, chemistry, a 186
Palladium Silicides, effect of ion irradiation on phase formation, a 185
  Pd2Si, mobilities of Pd and Si, a 37
Paraffins, n-, hydroisomerisation, hydrocracking, a 41
  synthesis by Fischer-Tropsch, a 90
    from syngas, a 189
Petroleum, lead free, European legislation 163
    Shell platformer 27
  reforming, conference 28
pH, control, with Pt electrodes, a 134
Phase Changes, in Pd-Si, Pt-Si, ion irradiation, a 185
  (perylene)2Pd(mnt)2, (perylene)2Pt(mnt)2, metal-insulator, a 86
Phase Diagrams, binary, thermodynamics, computation 74
  nuclear fuel precipitates, a 131
  Pd alloys, metallic glasses, a 37
  Pd-H-Si, metallic glasses, a 131
  Pd-Mg, a 185
  Pd-Ni, a 86
  Pd-S, a 131
Photocatalysis 26, 39, 40, 88, 89, 133, 134, 137, 187
Platforming, new Shell plant 27
Platinum, cermet coatings 57
  compound, benzoic acid blues, a 132
    (Bi, Pb)2PtO4, electrical conductivity, a 186
    cis-diammineplatinum α -pyrrolidone violet, a 132
    Pt(SO3F)4, Pt(SO3)F6, H2[Pt(SO3F)6], a 38
    (perylene)2Pt(mnt)2, resistivity, transitions at low temperatures, a 86
    trans(amine)PtCl2(C2H4), preparation, a 186
    trans-(phenazine)PtCl2(2H4), preparation, a 186
    UPt3 crystals, superconductivity, a 86
  crucibles, ZGS 113
  drugs, anticancer 28, 72, 87, 118, 138
  effect on high temperature oxidation of Ni-Si-Mg, a 185
  electrodes 39, 80, 87, 132, 134, 179
  electroplated on copper, with intermediate layers 155
  films, solar energy conversion, a 86
  first experiments on, history 180
  foil, etching during C2H4 oxidation, a 138
  grain stabilised by 0.6% yttria, tests with propellants 167
  in fuel cell, a 91, 190
  in glass industry 106
  in Pt/GaAs resistors, a 190
  malleable, Knight’s contribution, history 30
  plating by melt electrolysis, a 40
  platinised p-InP, deposition, photoelectrochemical properties, a 131
  Pt(S), acetaldehyde reactions on, a 131
  thin film resistor, temperature measurement, a 139
  wires, restructuring 60
Platinum Alloys, Platinum-Aluminium, Platinum-Iron, leaching tests, a 36
  Platinum-Boron-Yttrium, properties, a 86
  Platinum-Cobalt, in thermometers, a 43
  Platinum-Copper, phase diagram 74
  Platinum-Gold-Rhodium, physical properties, a 86
  Platinum-Iridium, -Rhodium, anodes, a 87
  Platinum-Iridium, oxidation, a 36
  Platinum-Iridium, -Rhodium, surface composition, S impurity, a 185
  Platinum-Iron, permanent magnets, effects of additions on, a 36
  Pt3FexMn1−x, electrical resistivity, a 36
  Platinum-Nickel, superalloy 56
  Platinum-Osmium, high temperature properties 112
  Platinum-Palladium, oxidation, a 36
  Platinum-Ruthenium, oxidation, a 36
  W50Pt50, W80Pt20, as Schottky contact materials in n-GaAs, a 190
Platinum Complexes, [Pt2Ir2(CO)7(PPh3)3], synthesis, properties, a 87
  cis-[Pt(RNH2)2(ascorbate)], antitumour activity, a 87
  tetrakis(diphosphito)Pt2, energy, electron transfer processes, a 187
Platinum Aluminide, coatings for gas turbine blades 62, 187
  modified, coatings in gas turbine engines 17
Platinum Silicides, effect of ion irradiation, a 185
Platinum Metals Complexes, review of photocatalytic reactions, a 133
Poisoning, of catalysts, a 134, 136
Pollution Control, automotive exhaust, European legislation 163
  industrial nitrogen oxides emissions 50
Polymers, Pt-Ag organic conducting, catalyst, a 90
Powders, Pd, production for microelectronic use 175
Pressurised Water Reactor, Rh detectors, a 91
Propane, ignition and burning over Pt wires, a 134
Propylene, ignition and burning over Pt wires, a 134
Protic Acid, promotor of Pd, Rh complexes, a 90
Quadricyclene, isomerisation, a 39
Radioactivity, encapsulated power sources 11
Reduction, reactions, a 90, 136
Refining, catalyst survey 29
Resistance, electrical, Pd-Si, Pd-Ni-Si, under H2, a 36
Resistance Thermometers, Pt sheathed, Rh-Fe 11
  Rh-Fe, characteristics 32–273.15K, a 138
Resistojets, space station auxiliary propulsion 167
Resistors, GaAs/Pt, a 190
  Pt thin film, for temperature measurement, a 139
  RuO2, Bi2Ru2O7, thick film 2
    thick film, a 38
Review, co-ordination compounds in photocatalysis, a 89
  electrode surfaces, a 133
  Ir, Rh, Co survey for 1983, a 87
  naphthenes, alkanes on bifunctional catalysts, a 40
  organometallic chemistry of Rh and Ir, a 154
  Pd(II) complex catalysis, with monoolefins, a 42
  photocatalytic reactions of co-ordination compounds, a 133
  reaction data for organic catalysis, a 41
  refining catalysis 29
  Ru, Ru inorganic compounds, chemistry and thermodynamics 117
  single crystal electrodes, electrosorption of O, a 132
  transition metals in organic syntheses, a 135
Rhodium, compounds, Rh(PPh3)3, Rh(PPh3)4, voltammetric behaviour, a 39
    Rh3U, Rh3Pu, in nuclear fuels, a 186
  electrical switching contacts, a 190
  electrodes, electrocatalytic activity, a 87, 132
  geology, a 37
  microdeposits on Au, electrocatalysis, a 133
  precipitates from nuclear fuels, structure, a 131
  Rh(III) with K, CO chemisorption on, a 131
Rhodium Alloys, Rhodium-Copper, phase diagrams 74
  Rhodium-Gold-Platinum, physical properties, a 86
  (Sn1−xErx)Er4Rh6Sn18, superconductivity, a 37
  Rhodium-Manganese-Germanium, Rhodium-Manganese-Silicon, magnetic properties, a 37
  Rhodium-Platinum, electrodes, activity, a 87
    surface composition, S impurity, a 185
Rhodium Complexes, organometallics, book review 154
  organic, survey, a 87
  Rh6(CO)9(μ -t-Bu2As)2(μ -t-BuAs), structure, a 132
Ruthenium, chemistry and thermodynamics 117
  compounds, RuAl2, RuGa2, semiconducting, a 37
    Bi2Ru2O2 single crystals, a 28
    Bi2Ru2O7, electrical conductivity, a 37
    Ru3U, Ru3Pu, in nuclear fuels, a 186
  corrosion in H2SO4, a 39
  electrodes, 39, 88, 98, 133, 134, 187
  microdeposits on Ti, electrocatalysis, a 133
  precipitates from nuclear fuels, structure, a 131
Ruthenium Alloys, corrosion, O2 evolution, a 132
  Ruthenium-Aluminium, Ruthenium-Iron, leaching tests, a 36
Ruthenium Complexes, bis (1, 10-phenanthroline) dichlororuthenium(II) – DNA, a 87
  , photoconversion, a 40, 88, 89, 133, 134, 187
  [Ru(bpy)2L2]2+, in electrode, a 39
  [RuCl2(bipy)2]+ synthesis, a 87
  Ru2Cl4(BINAP)2(NEt3), Ru2Cl4(p-tolyl-BINAP)2(NEt3), preparation, use, a 186
  Ru(trpy)(bpy)(OH2)3+, activity, a 88
  [(RuX(bipy)2)(μ -O)]2+, synthesis, a 87
  Ru(III) porphyrins, a 38
Ruthenium Oxides, RuO2, electrical conductivity, a 37
  RuO2 hydrated, for O2 evolution, a 26
  RuO2 thick film resistors, a 38
  RuO4, formed from Ru corrosion, a 39
  Bi2Ru2O7 2, 37
Schottky Barriers, Pt-W alloys on n-GaAs, a 190
Schottky Diodes, Pd2Si/p-Si, i.r. emission, a 43
Shell, new platformer plant 27
Silicone Rubber, crosslinking by Rh complex catalysts, a 190
SMSI, in catalysis 28, 86
Sodium Hydroxide, industrial production, a 98
  Pd dispersed in, polarisation studies, a 38
Soybean Oil, hydrogenation by Pd acetylacetonate, a 190
Space, station, auxiliary propulsion jets 167
  craft, Ir alloys in power source 11
Steel, corrosion protection, in concrete 80
  furnaces, O2 detector in 179
Sulphur, impurity in Pt-Ir, Pt-Rh alloy surfaces, a 185
Sulphuric Acid, Pd(II) in, a 38
Superalloys, Pt-enriched Ni 56
Superconductivity, (Sn1−xErx)Er4Rh6Sn18, single crystals, a 37
  UPt3 crystals, growth, properties, a 86
Synthesis Gas, conversions over Ir-Ru/SiO2, a 90
  conversions, over hybrid Pd/SiO2 and Y-zeolite, a 189
    by Ru melt catalysis 63
    Ru-Mo-Na/support, Ru-Mo-La/Al2O3, a 42
  direct conversion to acetic acid over Rh/support, a 89
  NO reduction over Rh/SiO2, a 41
  reactions, conference 28
Tanaka, K. K., centenary 73
Temperature Measurement 43, 138
  resistance thermometers 11, 138
Thermoelectric Power, amorphous Pd-Si, Pd-Ni-Si, under H2, a 36
Thermometers, Pt-Co, low magnetoresistance, a 43
Thick Film, conductors 2
  inks, Pd powders in 175
  Pt/Au, Pd/Au dielectrics, a 91
  resistors 2
  RuO2 resistors, a 38
  sensors 2
Thin Film, electrical equipment 2
  Pd/Co layers, magnetism in, a 185
  Pd on glass C and Ni, electrocatalysis, a 133
  Pt, resistor, for temperature measurement, a 138
Titanium, anodes, reactions, a 38, 88
Toluene, disproportionation, over modified Pt zeolites, a 41
Turbines, gas, Pt aluminide coatings 17, 187
Vinylethylene Carbonate, production, a 137
Vitamin C, Pt complexes of, antitumour activity, a 87
Water, heavy, determination, by H2-D2 exchange, a 41
  high temperature, catalytic decomposition, a 38
  H2-D2 exchange over Pt/porous PTFE, a 189
  in photochemical splitting, a 88, 133, 134, 187
Water Gas Shift Reactions, a 43, 90, 136, 188, 190
Watson, William, first experiments on Pt, history 180
Welding, Ir alloys in nuclear power sources 11
Wires, Ni-Pd-Si, Ni-Pd-P, production, properties, a 87
Wöhler, Friedrich, history 81
Wood, William, first experiments on Pt, history 180