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Platinum Metals Rev., 1988, 32, (3), 122

Homogeneous Catalyst Research Kit


Homogeneous catalysts play an important part in many industrial processes, and contribute to the production of over 21 million tonnes of organic products. Their industrial use is mainly related to large volume commodity chemicals where the activity and selectivity achieved with rhodium catalysts is notable in, for example, hydroformylation and carbonylation reactions. Homogeneous platinum group metal catalysts are now finding increasing application in industrial research and development laboratories for the synthesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

In order to assist organic chemists to select catalysts which are amenable to process scale-up, Johnson Matthey are now offering a Homogeneous Catalyst Kit which comprises ten platinum group metal complexes and five phosphines. The use of these enables a variety of catalytic transformations to be carried out on a laboratory scale, including: allylic alkylation, aryl-alkene coupling, carbonylation, heterocycle formation, hydrogenation and isomerisation.

The kit includes traditional catalysts, such as Wilkinson’s Catalyst, which have been widely utilised in research laboratories, together with newer catalysts which enable more selective hydrogenations to be carried out and which also permit carbon-carbon coupling reactions. The catalysts are reasonably robust and are stable under normal laboratory conditions.

The Johnson Matthey Homogeneous Catalyst Kit is now available and further information about it can be obtained by writing to the Johnson Matthey office at Orchard Road, Royston, England, or to the European Associate Houses.