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Platinum Metals Rev., 1988, 32, (4), 230

Subject Index to Volume 32

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Acetalization, cyclohexanone, on platinum metals, a 156
Acetone, chemisorption, electroreduction, on Rh, Rh-Ni catalysts, a 93
Acetoxylation, oxidative, propylene, by PdCl2, a 157
Adsorption, 2-naphthoic acid, at platinised Pt, a 93
  alcohols on O-Pd(III) surfaces, reactions, a 148
  CO, on Pd-Ru, Pd-Ni, H2 effect on, a 91
  on Pt-, Rh particles/Al2O3{0001}, a 149
  H31, 130
  nitrocompounds, on Pt/Pt, /Ti, /TiO2 electrodes, a 93
  O2, on Pt-Ag, a 154
Alcohols, production on Pd(PPh3)4 + SmI2, a 98
  C1, C2, formation from syngas, a 154, 155, 214
  ethyl, electro-oxidation, on S-treated Pt black, a 34
  from syngas, on Ru-Mo-Na2O/Al2O3, a 156
  methyl, adsorption, oxidation, on platinised Pt+Sn electrode, a 210
    decomposition, on Pt, Rh wire, a 96
    electro-oxidation, a 93, 151, 211
    from syngas, a 40, 215
    H2 photoproduction from, a 212
    oxidation on Pt-Ag, a 154
    reduction to CH4, at Ru electrodes, a 93
    synthesis, on Pd/zeolites, +Fe, La, a 155
  methyl, ethyl, propyl, reactions on O-Pd(III), surfaces, a 148
  oxidation, on Ru/Ce(IV) oxide, a 156
  secondary, oxidation to ketones, electrochemically, a 34
  unsaturated, from PhCH=CHCOMe, a 157
Aldehydes, carbonyl allylation of, a 98
  C11, formation from decane, by RhCl(CO)(PR3)2, a 157
  formation, using Rh-phosphine two-phase catalysts179
  synthesis, from propylene, a 41
Aldoximes, for nitrile formation, a 157
Alkaloid, with OsO4, for dihydroxylations, a 158
Alkanes, catalytic reactions, a 157, 212, 215
Alkenes, formation, a 155, 212
  reactions, by Ru complexes, a 216
Alkylation, isobutene with ethene, on Pd/Y zeolites, a 40
Alkynes, hydrogenation, on Pd/C, a 96
  terminal, trimerisation, by Rh complexes, a 34
Allyl Acetates, carbonyl allylation with Pd complexes, a 98
Allylation, active methylene compounds, + allyl oxime carbonate, by Pd(O)-phosphine system, a 156
  carbonyl, aldehyde, by Pd complex, a 98
Allylchloride, coupling with CO, a 156
Ammonia, detection, by Pt-MOS, a 37, 213
  electroproduction from nitrate, at Pt, Ni, a 211
  oxidation, on Rh-Pt gauzes, characterisation11
Anisole, catalytic reactions, a 215
Arctic Ocean, cathodic protection of vessels119
Arenes, for biaryls formation, on RhCl(CO)(PMe3)2, a 99
Arsine, detection, by Pd-MOS device, a 37
Batteries, implanted, book review27
Benzaldehyde, hydrogenation, hydrosilation, a 158
Benzene, carbonylation, photochemical, a 158
  hydrogenations, a 39, 154, 214
  production in Pd reactor, from cyclohexane10
Biaryls, formation from arenes, on RhCl(CO)(PMe3)2, a 99
Biochemistry, opportunities for platinum group metals170
Biomedical Engineering, microbrazing Pt wire118
  nuclear implanted batteries27
Book Reviews, batteries for biomedical devices27
  Catalytic Activation of CO2, ACS symposium187
  geology of Bushveld Complex63
  Platinum-Group Element Exploration208
Boranes, transformations, a 40
Brazing, for Pt wires, in prostheses118
Bushveld Igneous Complex, book review63
  survey, in “Platinum 1988”118
Butadiene, hydrogenation, a 214
Butane, formation, on Pd/γ -Al2O3, a 214
  oxidation, on Pt/Al2O3 + Ce, La oxides, a 154
  selectivity to, on cyclohexane dehydrogenation, a 38
Cancer, complexes for anti-tumour use159, 170, 198
Capacitors, Pt-MOS, as NH3 sensors, a 213
Carbon Oxides, catalytic activation, ACS symposium187
  CO, adsorption on Pd-Ru, Pd-Ni, H2 effect on, a 91
    automotive emission control123
    coupling with allylhalide, on Pd(O), a 156
    desorption from Pt-, Rh/α -Al2O3{0001}, a 149
    detectors, a 37
    Fischer-Tropsch reaction, a 97, 156
    for Pd carbonyl phosphine complexes synthesis, a 34
    hydrogenation reactions, a 40, 97, 154, 155
    oxidation reactions, a 40, 149, 155, 214, 215
    photoreduction to CH4, on Ru, Os colloids, a 35
    production on carbonylation, by Pd complexes, a 157
    reaction with aldoximes, for nitrile formation, a 157
    reduction to CH4, at Ru electrodes, a 93
    +H2, organic compound production, a 96
  CO2, formation from HCOOH/NaCOOH, a 155
    hydrogenation/reduction, on Pt complex, a 156
    photochemical reduction to CO, a 152
    reduction to CH4, at Ru electrodes, a 152
  , photoreduction to formate, a 94
Carbonylation, reactions, a 157, 158
Carbonyls, reduction, by IrH3(PR3)3, a 157
  Rh12, Rh13 cluster anion formation, a 157
Carboranes, transformation, a 40
Catalysis, 9th Int. Congress review, Calgary204
  conference, Liebfrauenberg, Sept. 198719
  heterogeneous, a 38, 39, 40, 96, 97, 98, 154, 155, 156, 213, 214
  of volatile organic compounds, a 39
  homogeneous, a 40, 41, 98, 99, 156, 157, 158, 215, 216
  Homogeneous Catalyst Research Kit122
  metallocomplexes, in electrodic processes, review, a 92
  RuO2.xH2O, effect of Ce ions, a 33
Catalysts, automotive, emission control123
  for CO2 activation, ACS symposium, review187
  history, Kuhlmann’s work84
  Iridium, colloids, properties of, a 98
    effect on Pt dehydrogenation, a 38
  Iridium Complexes, a 157
  Ir-Fe carbonyl clusters/SiO2, for syngas reaction, a 214
  Osmium Complexes, for dihydroxylations, a 158
    [H3RuOs3(CO)12]{Al} clusters, a 98
  Palladium, cluster, for propylene oxidation, a 98
  Palladium Alloys, Pd-Ag, Pd-Y, H diffusion membranes, ethylene hydrogenation, a 97
    Pd-Zr, for CO oxidation, a 40
  Palladium Complexes, for carbonylations, a 157
    Pd carbonyl phosphines, synthesis, a 34
    PdCl2, for propylene acetoxylation, a 157
    PdCl2(CP)(Py-X), for quadricyclane isomerisation, a 98
    PdCl2(PhCN)2-SnCl2, for carbonyl allylation, a 98
    PdCl2(PPh3)2 + SnCl2, for l-heptene reaction, a 40
    Pd(O), for manoalide formation, a 156
    Pd(O) tetrakis(triphenylphosphine), for ketone isomerisation, a 157
    Pd(acac)2-PR3-BF3OEt2, for dimerisations, a 215
    Pd(dba)2-phosphine system, for allylations, a 156
    Pd(II) thiocarbamide, for hydrosilylations, a 98
    Pd(II) + methionine, for hydrogenations, a 215
    Pd(PPh3)4 promoted, for silylations, a 41
    Pd(PPh3)4 + SmI2 + propargylicacetate, for alcohols, a 98
  Pd acetate-Li/C, for oxidation of C2H4, a 155
  Pd colloid/β -cyclodextrin, for photoreduction, a 94
  Pd mercapto-hydroxyl chelates/SiO2, activities, a 155
  Pd powder, for benzene hydrogenation, a 39
  PdFe/SiO2, bimetallic, for CO hydrogenation, a 154
    methanol synthesis from syngas, a 40
  Pd-Fe carbonyl clusters/SiO2, for C1-C2 alcohol synthesis, from syngas, a 214
  Pd/Al2O3, a 155
  Pd/C, for alkynes, dienes, hydrogenation, a 96
  Pd/CdS, photocatalyst, stabilisation with EDTA, a 35
  Pd/charcoal, for H2, CO2 formation, from HCOOH/NaCOOH, a 155
  Pd/support, for benzene hydrogenation, a 39
  Pd/Y zeolites, for isobutene alkylation, a 40
  Pd/γ -Al2O3, for butadiene hydrogenation, a 214
  Pd/zeolites, for isomerisation, a 214
  Pd/zeolites, + La, Fe, for methanol synthesis, a 155
  Platinum, for diesel generator exhaust61
    for oxygen sensor199
    in lean burn engines123
    in phosphoric acid fuel cells, a 41
    polycrystalline films, for CO oxidation, a 214
    Pt-Au colloids, properties, a 39
    wire, for HCHO, HCOOH, CH3OH, N2H4 decomposition, a 96
  Platinum Alloys, Pt-Ag, for methanol oxidation, O2 adsorption, a 154
    Pt-Rh gauzes, surface characterisation, a 11
  Platinum Complexes, for hydrosilylations, a 98
    [Pt2(μ -dppm)3], for dimethyl formamide, a 156
  Platinum Metals, borane, carborane reactions, a 40
    for cyclohexanone reactions, at high pressure, a 156
  Platinum Metals/Inorganic Support, for organic compound synthesis, from syngas, a 96
  PtFe/SiO2, bimetallic, for CO hydrogenation, a 154
  PtRe/γ Al2O3, a 38
  Pt-Cu/Al2O3, formation, structure, a 154
  Pt-Re/Al2O3-Cl, Cl effects on, a 96
  Pt-Re/H mordenite, for n-heptane hydroconversion, a 39
  Pt-TiO2/SiO2, for H2 photoproduction, a 212
  Pt/, Pt-Re/, Pt-Re-Cr/Al2O3, for dehydrocyclisations, S pretreatment, a 213
    for methylcyclopentane conversion, a 154
  Pt/Al2O3, for 2,6-dinitrotoluene hydrogenation, a 38
    for cyclohexane decomposition10
    for cyclohexene hydrogenation, a 38
    for n-octane dehydrocyclisation, H2 effect on, a 38
    for reforming, effect of Ir additions, a 38
    methanation activity, after reduction, a 154
    removal of CO, NO, HC, from I.C.E. exhaust, a 96
    sizes on thermal cycling in O2 and H2, a 31
    sulphided, for C7 hydrocarbon reforming, a 96
  Pt/Al2O3 + Ce, La oxides, for butane oxidation, a 154
  Pt/C, for glucose liquid phase hydrogenations, a 39
  Pt/FeNaY, for hydrogenation, hydrogenolysis, a 214
  Pt/H mordenite, for n-heptane hydrogenation, a 39
  Pt/H-ZSM pentasils, for n-hexane transformations, a 96
  Pt/NaY, Fe effect on, a 214
  Pt/SiO2/Si, for cyclohexene dehydrogenation, a 96
  Pt/SiO2, D2 addition, exchange of propene, a 39
  Pt/TiO2, illuminated, H2 : D2 exchange, a 94
  Pt/Y zeolites, production, characterisation, a 214
  Pt/YSZ, for CO oxidation, a 215
  Pt/γ -Al2O3, coked, reforming, regeneration of, a 213
    for benzene hydrogenation, coal formation, a 154
    for cyclohexane dehydrogenation, coking effect, a 38
  Pt/zeolites, for isomerisation, a 214
  Pt/zeolites + additions, for n-hexane isomerisation, a 39
  Rh complexes/SiO2 gel, synthesis, a 97
  RhFe/SiO2, bimetallic, for CO hydrogenation, a 154
  Rhodium, electroreduction of acetone on, a 93
    wire, for C3H8 hydrogenolysis, a 97
    wire, for N2H4 decomposition, a 96
  Rhodium Alloys, Rh-Ni, electroreduction on, a 93
    Rh-Pt gauzes, surface characterisation11
  Rhodium Complexes, bis(thioether)-bridged Rh, synthesis, reactions, a 34
    olefin reactions, a 99
    RhCl(CO)(PMe3)2, C-H bond activation, a 99
    RhCl(CO)(PMe3)2, irradiated, for olefin synthesis, a 157
    RhCl(CO)(PR3)2, for decane carbonylation, a 157
    RhX(CO)(PR3)2, for photocatalytic dehydrogenations, a 212
    Rh(II) acetate, for indandione reactions, a 215
    Rh-phosphine, two-phase, water soluble, for hydroformylation179
    Rh-tricyclohexylphosphine, for ethylene glycol formation, a 99
    Rh6(CO)16 clusters, for nitriles, a 157
  Rh-Fe, Rh-Ir carbonyl clusters/NaY(NaX) zeolite,/SiO2, for syngas reaction, a 214
  Rh-Fe/SiO2, for olefin hydroformylation, a 40
  Rh/Al2O3, for meta-cresol dealkylation, a 155
    for syngas reaction, activity, a 214
  Rh/LaO(OH), support structures, a 40
  Rh/SiO2, for CO hydrogenation, a 215
    for CO oxidation, a 155
    for C2H4 hydrogenation, hydro-formylation, a 97
    improved activity, for alkane hydrogenolysis, a 215
  Rh/TiO2, bonding in, a 92
  Rh/γ -Al2O3, Rh/YSZ, for CO-NO exhaust conversion, a 215
  Rh6, RhFe clusters/NaY zeolites, for alkene, alcohol formation, from syngas, a 155
  RuO2/γ -Al2O3, for water gas shift, a 97
  Ruthenium, characterisation, by thermal analysis, a 97
    for C-N bond cleavage, a 215
    Pb, Bi ruthenates, for olefin electro-oxidation, a 94
    Ru(1,1,10), for ethane hydrogenolysis, a 215
  Ruthenium Complexes, for alkene metathesis, cyclopropanation, a 216
    L2(H2O)Ru-O-Ru(OH2)L2, for H2O photooxidation, a 36
    Ru porphyrin, cholest-5-ene for epoxidation, a 99
    Ru μ -oxo dimer, for water oxidation, a 212
    RuCl(CO)(NO)(PPh3)2, for carbonylations, a 158
    Ru(bipy)32+/H2SO4/n-TiO2, for photolysis, a 153
    Ru(bpy)32++RuO2/CdS, for photocatalysis, a 35
    Ru(CO)2(CH3COO)2(PBu3)2, hydrogenation, a 158
    Ru(III)-EDTA-ascorbate-H2O2, for cyclohexane oxidation, a 99
    Ru(II)-BINAP, for hydrogenations, a 99
    [HRu3(CO)11], for propylene hydroformylation, a 41
    [H3RuOs3(CO)12]{Al} cluster, a 98
    [RuCl2(H2O)4]+, for olefin oxidation to ketones, a 99
    [Ru(bpy)2(CO)2]2+ + NADH, for CO2 reduction to CO, a 152
    [Ru(NH3)5Cl]2+ + Ce(IV), for O2 evolution, a 158
    [Ru(NH3)5(H2O)]3+ + Ce(IV), for O2 evolution, a 158
  Ruthenium Complexes, Ru3(CO)12, Ru(CO)3(PPh3)2, for nitro-benzene carbonylation, a 158
  Ru(bpy)32+ + RuO2/CdS, for H2O photocatalysis, a 35
  Ru-Mo-Na2O/Al2O3, for alcohol synthesis, a 156
  Ru-Pt/Y zeolite, for isoalkane synthesis, from syngas, a 40
  Ru/Al2O3, Fischer-Tropsch, a 97, 156
    for CO hydrogenation, oxidation/reduction effect, a 97
  Ru/Ce(IV) oxide, for waste water oxidation, a 156
  Ru/SiO2, for cyclohexane reactions, K additions, a 98
  Ru/support, charaterisation, by thermal analysis, a 97
  three-way, ceria promoted73
    performance, a 96
Catalytic Reaction Guide, Johnson Matthey83
Cathodic Protection, of oil rigs, ships, in the Arctic119
Cells, chlorate, diaphragm, anodes in, a 211
  CO,O2,Pt/ZrO2(Y2O3)/Pt,O2, solid electrolyte, O pumping in, a 214
  electrochemical, H2O splitting, model, a 152
  for bromate production, using RuO2/TiO2Ti anode, a 152
  photoelectrochemical, with a Pt/n-Si electrode, a 152
Ceramics, SiN containing, syntheses64
  + glass, Pd-Ag wiring for, a 159
Cerium, additions to catalysts, a 33, 154, 158
Cermets, Pt+LaSrCrO3/zirconia, for steam reduction, a 211
Chemisorption, acetone, on Rh, Rh-Ni catalysts, a 93
  H2, O2, conductance effects on Pt films, a 31
Chlorate, cell, anodes in, a 211
Chlorine, effects on Pt-Re/Al2O3-Cl, a 96
  for regeneration, of coked Pt/γ -Al2O3 catalysts, a 213
Chloroplatinic Acid, radioisotopically labelled, a 159
Cholest-5-ene, stereospecific epoxidation, by air, on Ru porphyrin, a 99
Cinnamic Acid, hydrogenation, by Pd(II) complexes + methionine, a 215
Cluster Labelling, by Ir4(CO)11, a 95
Clusters, Pd catalysts, for propylene oxidation, a 98
Coal, formation, in spent catalysts, a 154
Coatings, acrylonitrile polymer, on Pt electrodes, electrochemical properties, a 34
  Pd, Pd-Ni contacts, review of wear resistance, a 95
  Pd-Ag alloys, a 36, 37
  Pd-Co alloys, shiny, electrodeposited, a 36
  Pd-In alloys, on stainless steel, by diffusion, a 36
  Pd-Ni alloys, by pulse and reverse current plating, a 36
  Pt modified aluminide, corrosion resistance, a 94, 95
    on Ni superalloy, surface tests18
  Pt on Re single crystals, a 31
  Pt-polymer composite, on steel, corona discharge, a 94
  Rh, deposition by a.c. impulse currents, a 153
    effect of additives, on properties, a 37
  RuO2/TiO2, surface study, a 153
  surface, a 36, 37, 94, 95
Colloids, Ir, IrO2.xH2O catalysts, properties, a 98
  Pt-Au catalysts, preparation, properties, a 39
Composites, electrodes + Pt, in O2 sensors, a 153
  Pd-C-Ag, self-lubricating composites, in motors, a 159
  Pt-polymer on steel, a 94
Conferences, Symp. on Temp. Measurement26
  catalysis19, 204
  catalytic activation of CO2, review187
  Ruthenium in Cancer Chemotherapy198
  superconductivity, in platinum metals60
Copper, in RuO2 thick film resistors, a 216
Corrosion, behaviour of Pd-Ti surfaces, a 35, 100
  catalytic, in Pd-Ru membranes, a 151
  in Pd+steel, on H absorption, a 211
  in Ru-Ti oxide anodes, a 212
  prevention, by impressed current systems119
  protection, a 159
  resistance, amorphous Ni-Nb-Pd-Rh/Nb, electrodes to sea-water, a 35
    electrodeposited Pd-Co alloys, a 36
    Pt modified aluminide coatings18, 94, 95
  RuO2.xH2O, by Ce ions, a 33
  stability, of Pd surface alloyed steels, a 159
Cresol, meta, dealkylation, on Rh/-, Pd/Al2O3, a 155
Crucibles, Pt, Pt alloy, for laser glass production, a 41, 100
Crystallisation, in PdSi amorphous alloys, a 210
  in Pt-Cu-Ni, after deformation, a 209
Crystals, Pd, Pt, high purity, high quality, growth, a 213
  Tl2Pt(CN)4, structure, a 92
Cyclohexane, decomposition, in Pd tube reactor10
  dehydrogenation, effect of coking and Pt content, a 38
  hydrogenolysis, dehydrogenation, on Ru/SiO2, a 98
  oxidation, by Ru(III)-EDTA-ascorbate-H2O2, a 99
  production, a 38, 154
Cyclohexanone, hydrogenation, acetalization, a 156
Cyclohexene, dehydrogenation on SiO2/Pt/Si, a 96
  hydrogenation, on Pt/Al2O3, kinetics, a 38
Decane, photocarbonylation, by RhCl(CO)(PR3)2, a 157
Decomposition, HCHO, HCOOH, CH3OH, H2H4, a 96
Dehydroamino Acid, hydrogenation, a 215
Dehydrocoupling, reactions, to synthesise polymers64
Dehydrocyclisation, hexane, hexene, heptane, n-octane, a 38, 213
Dehydrogenation, alkanes, to olefins, a 157
  cyclohexanes, a 38, 98, 213
  cyclohexene, on SiO2/Pt/Si, a 96
  hydrocarbons, photocatalytic, by Rh complexes, a 212
Desorption, CO, from Pt-, Rh particles/Al2O3{0001}, a 149
Detector, fast response, oxygen199
  arsine, by Pd-MOS devices, a 37
  biophysical, using [Ru(phi)3]Cl2, a 34
  CH4, C3H8, n-C4H10, by In2O3 + PdCl2, a 37
  CO, by SnO2/Pt, a 37
  fast optical, Ru complex for time response test, a 213
  flammable gases50, 203
  glucose, by enzyme-polyaniline film/Pt fibre, a 95
  hydrocarbons, longchain, by Pt hot wire, a 95
  hydrocarbons, unsaturated, by Pt-MOS, a 37
  H2, a 31, 95, 213
  NH3, by Pt-MOS, a 37
  organic impurities in water, by Pt monitor129
  O2, a 31, 37, 38
  semiconductors, a 37
  thick film voltammetric, RuO2, Bi2Ru2O7, a 95
Deuterium, diffusion, in Pd-Cu alloys, a 91
  isotopic exchange, with C3H6, C3H8, a 39, 94
1,2-Dichloroethene, structure, photochemistry, a 212
Dienes, hydrogenation, on Pd/C, a 96
Diesel, generators, exhaust control61
Diffusion, Au, in PdCuSi during irradiation, a 32
  D2, in Pd-Cu alloys, a 91
  H2, in Pd, Pd alloys22, 32, 97, 130, 151
  to form PtSi on hydrogenated Si, a 91
  Pt, in SnO2 multilayer films, a 209
  Si, polycrystalline, into PtSi, a 209
Dihydroxylation, between olefins and OsO4, a 158
β -Diketones, synthesis, from α, β -epoxy ketones, a 157
Dimerisation, propylene, to linear hexenes, a 215
Dimethyl Formamide, formation, reversible, from CO2, H2, Me2NH, on [Pt2(dppm)3], a 156
Dimethyl Oxalate, hydrogenation, to methyl glycol, a 158
2,6-Dinitrotoluene, hydrogenation, liquid phase, a 38
Diodes, Pd-Si tunnel MIS, for H2 leak detection, a 95
Dioxane, synthesis, from 1-heptene, a 40
DNA, cleavage, by Ru(DIP)2 Macron+, a 100
Electrical Conductivity, in PtPd/TiO2, Pt films, on H2, O2 chemisorption, a 31
Electrical Contacts, crossover systems, Pd-Ag, a 100
  Pd, Pd-Ni, electrodeposited, wear resistance, a 95
  Pd-C-Ag, self-lubricating composites, a 159
  Pd/Zn/Pd-p-type GaP, characteristics, a 100
  Pt, Rh, Pd, Ir/GaAs, thin film, a 41
  PtSi-As doped Si, properties, a 100
Electrical Resistance, in Pd-Mn, a 210
Electrical Resistivity, in Pd-Fe alloys, a 91
  in Pt-U compounds, a 91
Electrical Resistors, Pd-U-Si amorphous alloys, a 210
Electrochemistry, a 34, 35, 92, 93, 94, 150, 151, 152, 210, 211
Electrodeposition, a 36, 37, 94, 95, 153
  Pd-Ag alloys, a 37
  Pt, on Pt, Ti, TiO2, for electrodes, a 93
  Pt, Pt alloys, review188
  Rh, effect of additives, a 37
Electrodes, anodes, in molten carbonate fuel cells200
    platinised for corrosion protection on Arctic vessels119
    Pt black, SO2 treated, alcohol oxidation, a 34
    Pt+Ru/C, Pt+Ru, for methanol oxidation, a 151
    Pt-IrO2/, Pt-IrO2-PdO/Ti, characteristics, a 211
    RuO2/TiO2/Ti, for Na bromate formation, a 152
    Ru-Ti oxide, phosphate effect on, a 212
  Au-Pd system, electrochemical properties, a 151
  cathodes, Pt, in phosphoric acid fuel cells, a 41
    RuO2, H2 evolution, a 93
  in phosphoric acid fuel cells, a 158
  Ni-Nb-Pd-Rh, amorphous, laser processed, properties, a 35
  PbPdO2, CdPd3O4, in alkaline fuel cells, a 216
  Pd3Mn, H solubility in, a 151
  platinised Ni, for nitrate, nitrite, reduction, a 211
  platinised Pt, for 2-naphthoic acid adsorption, a 93
  Sn modified, for ethylene glycol oxidation, a 150
  platinised Pt + Sn, for methanol, formic acid, adsorption, oxidation, a 210
  Pt, acrylonitrile coated, properties, a 34
    electrochemistry of toluene on, a 211
    for nitrate, nitrite, reduction, a 211
    in fuel cells, optimisation, a 216
    in phosphoric acid fuel cells, a 159
    in water monitoring sensor129
    nucleation of Hg and Ag on, a 93
    thin films, pretreatment, a 92
    +ZrO2 electrolyte, O2 detection, a 37
  Pt wire, in TMB electrolysis, whisker formation, a 153
  Pt + composite, in O2 sensors, a 153
  Pt-Cr, for O2 reduction, in fuel cells, a 216
  Pt-SPE, for H2 oxidation, O2 reduction, a 35
  Pt-SPE, PtIr-SPE, PtRu-SPE, PtSn-SPE, for methanol electro-oxidation, a 151, 211
  Pt/C, power optimisation in SPE fuel cells, a 158
  Pt/NBR/polypyrrole, fast anion doping, a 34
  Pt/n-Si, discontinuous, in photoelectrochemical solar cell, a 152
  Pt/Pt. -/Ti, -/TiO2 structure, adsorption characteristics, a 93
  p-InP(Pt)/n-Si, for H2 evolution from model cell, a 152
  Ru, CO, CH3OH reduction, a 93
  electroplated, for CO2 reduction to CH4, a 152
  RuO2, thick film, voltammetric sensor, a 95
  RuO2/Ru-Ti oxide, phosphate effect on, a 212
  , water photochemical splitting, a 35
  Ti oxide, Pd ion implanted, a 32
  Ti/IrO2-Ta2O5, for O2 evolution, characterisation, a 152
Electrolysis, tetramethylbenzidine, by Pt electrode, a 153
  water, high temperature, at Pt cermet/zirconia, a 211
Electrolytes, for depositing Pt, Pt alloys, review188
  Pt cermet + YSZ zirconia, for steam reduction, a 211
Electron Transfer Reactions, interfacial, between Pt colloids and reducing radicals, a 151
Electroplating, Pt, Pt alloys, review188
Embrittlement, of steel, Ta, by H2, prevention21, 31
Emission Control, automotive, a 96
  by three-way catalysts, ceria promoted73
  CO-NO reaction, on Rh catalysts, a 215
  CO2, in atmosphere, ACS symposium review187
  from lean burn and other engines123
  of diesel generators61
Enzymes, co-ordination of platinum metals species to186
  H2O splitting, modelling with Ru complexes, a 212
Epoxidation, stereospecific, cholest-5-ene derivatives, by air + Ru porphyrin, a 99
Ethane, hydrogenolysis, on Ru(1,1,10), a 215
Ethylbenzene, isomerisation, on Pt/, Pd/zeolites, a 214
Ethylene, detection, by Pt-MOS, a 37
  hydrogenation, on Pd alloy membranes, a 97
  hydrogenation, hydroformylation, on Rh/SiO2, a 97
  oxidation to vinyl acetate, on Pd acetate-Li/C, a 155
Ethylene Glycol, electro-oxidation, on Pt electrode, a 150
  formation, a 99, 158
E.E.C., automotive emission control legislation123
  Pt-Rh thermocouple calibrations72
Extraction, platinum group metals170
Films, around Pt on thermal cycling in O2 and H2, a 31
  Ir oxide, charging/discharging kinetics, a 152
  TiO2, Pd implanted, electrochemical studies, a 32
Fischer-Tropsch, reactions, a 97, 156
Formaldehyde, decomposition, on Pt, Rh wire, a 96
Formate, Na, + HCOOH, for H2, CO2 formation, a 155
  photoproduction from , a 94
Formic Acid, adsorption, oxidation, a 210
  catalytic decomposition, a 96, 155
  electro-oxidation, a 93, 211
Fuel Cells, a 41, 158, 159, 216
  molten carbonate, corrosion in anodes200
Fuels, liquid, on promoted Fischer-Tropsch catalysts, a 156
Gallium, triple point, use in Pt thermometer, a 100
Gases, flammable, detection50
Gauzes, Rh-Pt, for HNO3 manufacture11
Generators, diesel, exhaust control61
Geology, book review208
  of Bushveld Complex, book review63
Glass, amber, thermocouples for use in, a 159
  laser, Pt crucibles for, a 41, 100
Glasses, amorphous, PdSi, Pd-H-Gd, Pd-U-Si, a 209, 210
  in RuO2 resistors, a 216
  metallic, PdCuSi irradiation induced defects, a 32
  + ceramics, Pd-Ag wiring for, a 159
Glucose, microsensor, a 95
Glucose 1-Phosphate, liquid phase oxidation, a 39
Glucuronic Acid 1-Phosphate, production, a 39
Heavy-Atom Marker, use of PtCl4 as170
1-Heptane, hydrosilylation, on thiocarbamide, a 98
n-Heptane, reactions on Pt catalysts, a 39, 213
1-Heptene, hydrocarboxylation, to dioxane, a 40
n-Hexane, reactions, on Pt catalysts, a 39, 96, 213, 214
n-Hexene, dehydrocyclisation, on Pt catalysts, a 213
Hexenes, formation from propylene, by Pd complexes, a 215
Hex-1-yne, formation by Ir complex, a 157
History, Frédéric Kuhlmann, industrial pioneer84
  Viacheslav Vasil’evich Lebedinskii, Rh chemist141
Homogeneous Catalyst Research, Kit. Johnson Matthey122
Hydrazine, decomposition, on Pt, Rh wire, a 96
Hydrocarbons, automotive emission control123
  C2-C4 formation, from CO hydrogenation, a 215
  C7, reforming on sulphided Pt/Al2O3, a 96
  detection, a 37
  formation, from methylcyclopentane, a 38
  higher, formed by Fischer-Tropsch reaction, a 156
  longchain, sensor, by Pt hot wire, a 95
  saturated, photocatalytic dehydrogenation, by Rh complexes, a 212
Hydrocarboxylation, l-heptene, a 40
Hydroconversion, n-heptane, a 39
Hydroformylation, a 40, 41, 97, 99, 214
  Rh-phosphine, two-phase, water soluble catalysts for179
Hydrogen, absorption, in AISI 4130 steel + Pd, a 211
  in Pd-Si alloys, properties, review83
  adsorption/desorption, on spongy Pt, a 31
  detectors, a 37, 95
  diffusion, through Pd alloy membranes22, 32, 97
  effect on CO adsorption, in Pd-Ni, Pd-Ru, a 91
  effect on conductance, on chemisorption, a 31
  effect on magnetic state, in Pd-Fe-H, a 32
  effect on n-octane dehydrocyclisation, a 38
  effect on selectivity, of Pt/H-ZSM pentasils, a 96
  embrittlement of steel, prevention by Pd21
  embrittlement of Ta, prevention by Pt+, a 31
  evolution, on RuO2 cathode, a 93
  heat induced effects on Pt/Al2O3, a 31
  in regenerating coked reforming catalysts, a 213
  isotope exchange, on PtRe/y-Al2O3, a 38
  oxidation, on Pt-SPE membrane electrode, a 35
  permeation, in Ru-Pd membranes, a 151
    through thin Pd films, for Pd-MOS sensors, a 213
  photoproduction, a 35, 152, 153, 212
  production, from HCOOH/NaCOOH, on Pd/charcoal155
  solubility in Pd, Pd alloys, a 32, 148, 151, 210
Hydrogenation, 2,6-dinitrotoluene, liquid phase, a 38
  alkynes, dienes on Pd/activated C, a 96
  asymmetric, on Ru(II)-BINAP dicarboxylate, a 99
  benzaldehyde, by Ru(O) complexes, a 158
  benzene, a 39, 154, 214
  butadiene, liquid phase, by Pd/γ -Al2O3, a 214
  catalytic, 9th Congress on Catalysis204
  cinnamic acid, a 215
  CO, by Fischer-Tropsch reaction, a 97, 156
    for hydrocarbon, oxygenates synthesis, a 97
    for methanol, hydrocarbons synthesis, a 215
    for methanol formation, on Pd/zeolite, a 155
    for organic compound synthesis, a 96
    to alkenes, alcohols, on Rh6, RhFe/NaY, a 155
    to C1, C2 alcohols, on bimetallic catalysts, a 154
  CO2, to dimethyl formamide, by Pt2(μ -dppm)3, a 156
  cyclohexanone, high pressure, on platinum metals, a 156
  cyclohexene, on Pt/Al2O3, kinetics, a 38
  dehydroamino acid, by Pd(II) complexes, a 215
  dimethyl oxalate, to methyl glycolate, ethylene glycol, by Ru complexes, a 158
  ethylene, a 97
  PhCH=CHCOMe, to unsaturated alcohol, a 157
  stereoselective, 1,3 diketones, on Ru(II)-BINAP99
  toluene, on Pt electrodes, a 211
Hydrogenolysis, alkanes, on Rh/SiO2, after treatment, a 215
  cyclohexane, on Ru/SiO2, effect of K, a 98
  ethane, on Ru(1,1,10), a 215
  methylcyclopentane, on Pt/NaY, a 214
  n-hexane, on Pt/FeNaY, a 214
  on PtRe/γ -Al2O3, a 38
  propane, a 97
Hydrosilation, benzaldehyde, by Ru(O) complexes, a 158
Hydrosilylation, a 98, 157
Impressed Current Systems, for Arctic use119
Indandiones, decomposition, by Rh(II) acetate, a 215
Indium, wetting, Pt, a 148
Inks, Ru based, in thick film resistors, a 159
Integrated Circuits, Cu-RuO2-glass resistors in, a 216
Ion Beam Bombardment, effect on properties, a 32
Ion Irradiation, Au in Pd-Cu-Si, a 32
Iridium Alloys, a 33, 129
Iridium Complexes, Ir dppm μ -oxo, a 34
  Ir oxometallates, Keggin ion, characterisation, a 210
  IrR(CO)L2(mnt), characterisation, a 94
  Ir4(CO)11, as label for measuring molecular length, a 95
  [Ir(CO)2F(COF)(PEt3)2]+, synthesis, structure, a 150
  [Ir(NO)(CO)Cl(PPh3)2]BF4, photolysis, a 35
Iridium Oxide, a 152
Iron, additions to catalysts, a 155, 214
Isoalkanes, synthesis, on RuPtHY zeolites, a 40
Isobutene, alkylation with ethene, on Pd/Y zeolites, a 40
Isomerisation, α,β -epoxy ketones, to β -diketones, a 157
  ethylbenzene, m-xylene, on Pt/zeolites, a 214
  n-hexane, on Pt/zeolite + additions, a 39
  quadricyclane, on trans-Cl2Pd(CP)(Py-X), a 98
ITS-90, International Temperature Scale26
Johnson Matthey, Catalytic Reaction Guide83
  Homogeneous Catalyst Research Kit122
Platinum 1988118
Joining95, 118
Ketones, 1,3-diketones, stereoselective hydrogenation, on Ru(II)-BINAP, a 99
  α,β -epoxy, for isomerisation reactions, a 157
  production from olefins, on [RuCl2(H2O)4]+, a 99
Kuhlmann, Frédéric, history84
Lanthanum, oxide, addition to Pt/Al2O3, a 154
Lasers, action in fluoroaluminate glass, a 100
  phosphate, glass, production in Pt alloy crucibles, a 41
Lean Burn, engines, emission control in123
Lebedinskii, V.V., history of a Rh chemist141
Lithium Niobate, Ti diffused, in Pt box, for waveguides10
Magnetism, Co-Pt films, effects of Cr, W, a 209
  ErPd2Sn, low temperature, Mossbauer study, a 91
  in YbPdSb, YbPdBi compounds, a 149
  MnRhAs, effect of pressure on, a 33
  Pd-Fe-H, H effect in, a 32
  Pd-H-Gd, amorphous, a 209
  Pd-U-Si amorphous alloys, a 210
  U-Pt compounds, properties, a 91
  Y(Fe1−xRux)2, a 92
Manoalide, seco-manoalide, synthesis, a 156
Medical, implanted electrical devices, book review27
  labelled chloroplatinic acid, for anti-cancer use, a 159
  microbrazing for Pt wires, in prostheses118
  Ru complexes in cancer chemotherapy, conference198
  Ru(DIP)2 Macron+, for DNA cleavage, a 100
Membranes, Pd, Pd alloys10, 22, 97 108, 151
  Ru complex, lipid, for O2 production36
Methanation, activity by Pt/Al2O3, a 154
Methane, detection, by In2O3 + PdCl2, a 37
  production, a 35, 93, 152, 215
Methylcarbamates, formation from nitrobenzene, a 158
Methylcyclohexane, dehydrogenation, on Pt/Al2O3, a 213
  production from toluene, on Pt electrodes, a 211
Methylcyclopentane, reactions, on Pt catalysts, a 38, 154, 214
Methylene, compounds, allylation, a 156
Monoacetate Propylene Glycols, synthesis, on propylene acetoxylation, by PdCl2, a 157
Naphthoic Acid, adsorption, on platinised Pt electrode, a 93
Nitrate, electrochemical reduction, a 211
Nitric Acid, manufacture11
Nitriles, formation, from CO, H2O, aldoximes, a 157
Nitrite, electrochemical reduction, a 211
Nitrobenzene, reactions, a 34, 158
Nitrogen, C-N catalytic bond cleavage, a 215
  electroproduction from nitrate, at Pt, Ni, a 211
  ion implantation, effect on Pd, Pd alloys tribology, a 148
Nitrogen Oxides, automotive emission control123
  NO, reaction with CO, on Rh, Pt catalysts, a 149, 215
Norbornadiene, production, from quadricyclane, a 98
Nuclear Implants, in body, book review27
Nuclear Waste, 103Ru, 106Ru recovery from170
n-Octane, dehydrocyclisation, on Pt/Al2O3, a 38
Oil, rigs, corrosion protection in the Arctic119
Olefins, dihydroxylation with OsO4, a 158
  electro-oxidation, on Pb-, Bi ruthenates, a 94
  formation from alkanes, by irradiated Rh complex, a 157
  hydroformylation, on Rh catalysts, a 40, 99
  oxidation to ketones, on [RuCl2(H2O)4]+, a 99
Oligosilazanes, synthesis64
Optical Properties, RuO2 thin films, a 33
Organic Compounds, catalytic preparation, a 96
  for interfacial electron transfer, to Pt colloids, a 151
  volatile, heterogeneous catalytic oxidation, review, a 39
Organometallics, polymers, syntheses64
Osmium Alloys, a 92
Osmium Complexes, a 150
Osmium Oxides, use in electron microscopy170
Oxidation, alcohols, to ketones, on Pt electrode, a 34
  butane, by Pt/Al2O3 + La, Ce oxides, a 154
  CH3OH, on Pt + Ru anodes, a 93
  CO, catalytic, a 40, 149, 155, 214
  cyclohexane, a 99
  electro-, a 94, 150, 151, 211
  ethylene, to vinyl acetate, on Pd acetate-Li/C, a 155
  formic acid, a 93, 211
  high temperature, Pt-Pd-Rh, Pt-Rh, Pd-Rh foils, a 209
  H2, on Pt-SPE membrane electrode, a 35
  Ir oxide films, kinetics of, a 152
  liquid phase, of glucose 1-phosphate, a 39
  methanol, on Pt-Ag alloys, catalytic activity, a 154
  NH3, characterisation of Rh-Pt gauzes11
  of polychlorinated biphenyls186
  olefins, to ketones, on [RuCl2(H2O)4]+, a 99
  propylene, to allyl acetate, on Pd clusters, a 98
  resistant Ir-Al, Ir-Hf alloys, for aerospace use129
  Rh/SiO2, to improve activity, a 215
  water, by Ru complexes, a 158, 212
  wet, of waste organic compounds, a 156
Oxygen, adsorption on Pt-Ag, state, a 154
  detectors, a 37, 38, 153
  effect of alcohol conversions, on Pd(III), a 148
  effects on conductance, on chemisorption after chemisorption in Pt, PtPd/TiO2, a 31
  electrodes, in alkaline fuel cells, a 216
  evolution, from H2O, by Ru complexes, a 158, 212, 216
    on DSA type Ti/IrO2-Ta2O5 electrodes, a 152
  for oxidising CO on Rh single crystals, a 149
  photoproduction, from H2O, a 35, 36, 153
  pumping, on porous Pt catalysts film, a 214
  reduction, a 35, 216
  size effect on Pt/Al2O3, on heating, a 31
  transfer, between Rh catalyst and O ion support, a 215
Palladium, in steel21, 159, 211
  compounds, ErPd2Sn, magnetism in, a 91
    FePd3, superlattice formation, a 91
    PdCl2, in In2O3 gas sensor, a 37
    YbPdSb, YbPdBi, low temperature properties, a 149
  crystals, growth, a 213
  electroplated, tribology, effect of N2+, a 148
  H solubility and diffusivity in, a 32
  in electrical crossover systems, a 100
  in Pd-Sn-Si MIS device, for O2 detection, a 38
  in Schottky diodes, a 41
  ions, implantation in TiO2 films, a 32
    implanted into Ti, corrosion resistance, a 35
  metallised poly(ethylene terephthalate), for gas permeation, a 151
  Pd(111), photochemistry of dichloroethene on, a 212
  Pd(III)-O-dosed surfaces, reactions of alcohols on, a 148
  Pd-Au system, electrochemical properties, a 151
  Pd-MOS detectors, a 37
  Pd-Si tunnel MIS diode, for H2 detection, a 95
  Pd-WOx-W system, FEM study, a 91
  Pd/Pd-Zn/p-type GaP contacts, characteristics, a 100
  systems, phase formation, a 32
  thin films, H2 permeation through, a 213
    synthesis, for electronics, a 159
Palladium Alloys, H diffusion in tubular membranes22
  Palladium + Platinum, formic acid oxidation, a 211
  Palladium-Carbon-Silver, composites, for motors, a 159
  Palladium-Cobalt, electrodeposited, properties, a 36
  Palladium-Copper, D2 diffusion in, a 91
  Palladium-Copper-Hydrogen, effect of Ar ion, a 32
  Palladium-Copper-Silicon, amorphous, a 32, 149
  Palladium-Europium, Palladium-Europium-Hydrogen, H solubility, pressure-composition isotherms, a 148
  Palladium-Gadolinium-Hydrogen, amorphous, a 209
  Palladium-Gold-Silver-Tin, N2+ effect, a 148
  Palladium-Hydrogen, Ar ion bombardment, a 32
  Palladium-Hydrogen-Iron, magnetic state, a 32
  Palladium-Indium, diffusion coatings, properties, a 36
  Palladium-Iron, annealing effects, on properties, a 148
    FePd3 superlattice formation on metal additions, a 91
  Palladium-Manganese, PdMn3, ordering in, H solubility, a 151, 210
  Palladium-Nickel, CO adsorption on, a 91
    pulse and reverse current plating, a 36
  Palladium-Rare Earths, ordering transformations130
  Palladium-Rhodium, foils, oxidation, a 209
  Palladium-Ruthenium, CO adsorption on, a 91
    membrane catalysts, corrosion, H permeability, a 151
  Palladium-Silicon, electro-oxidation, a 93
    H properties in83
  Palladium-Silicon-Uranium, properties, a 210
  Palladium-Silver, electrodeposition, a 37
    pulse plated, a 36
    thick-film crossover properties, a 100
    wiring for glass-ceramic materials, a 159
  Palladium-Silver, Palladium-Yttrium, H diffusion membranes, a 97
  Palladium-Steel, surface protection on alloying, a 159
  Palladium-Titanium, corrosion behaviour, a 35, 100
  Palladium-Vanadium, after irradiation, a 210
Palladium Complexes, a 33, 34, 92, 155, 213
Palladium Membrane Reactor10
Palladium Oxide, in thick film resistors, a 209
Palladium Silicides, Pd2Si, growth, a 149
    polycrystalline reordering on epitaxial, a 149
    Pd85Si15, amorphous, crystallisation, a 210
Permeability, through Pd/poly(ethylene terephthalate), a 151
  H, in Pd-Ru membranes, a 151
Phase Changes, in thin film Pd systems, a 32
Phase Diagrams, Ir-Cu, a 33
  PdO-RuO2, PdO-Bi2O3, RuO2-Bi2O3, a 209
  RuO2-Bi2O3-PdO, a 209
  Ru-Cu-Ni-S, a 33
  Ru-Mo, at 900−2000°C, a 92
  Ru-Si-N, Ru-Si, a 149
Phenol, oxidation, on Ru/Ce(IV) oxide, a 156
Phenylacetylene, hydrosilylation, a 98
Phosphates, effect on corrosion, Ru-Ti, RuO2, a 212
Phosphoric Acid, fuel cells, a 158, 159
Photocatalysis, a 35, 36, 94, 152, 153, 212
Plating, pulse, Pd, Pd alloys, a 36
  pulse reverse current, Pd, Pd-Ni, a 36
Platinum, box, for waveguide production10
  catalysts, early industrial work by Kuhlmann, history84
  cermet, for steam reduction, a 211
  colloids, in electron transfer reactions, a 151
  compounds, a 32, 33, 60, 91, 92, 148, 150
  crystals, growth, a 213
  dispersion strengthened2, 159
  electrochemical nucleation, of Hg and Ag on, a 93
  electrodes, adsorption, a 93
    in cell, for O2 detection, a 37
    in fuel cells, a 216
    thin film, pretreatment of, a 92
  electrolytic deposition of, review188
  for water pollution monitoring129
  hot water detector, for longchain hydrocarbons, a 95
  implantation to prevent Ta embrittlement, a 31
  in aluminide coatings, on Ni superalloy, surface tests18
  in composite electrodes, in O2 sensors, a 153
  in MOS gas detectors, a 37
  in SnO2/Pt, CO sensors, a 37
  particles, size on thermal cycling in O2 and H2, a 31
  powder polymer composites, coatings on steel, a 94
  Pt particles/α -Al2O3{0001}, CO desorption from, a 149
  Pt(111), photochemistry of dichloroethene on, a 212
  Pt-MOS, thin film capacitors, as NH3 sensors, a 213
  Pt-SnO2, interdiffusion, a 209
  Pt-yttria, Pt-zirconia, in space resistojets2
  Pt/C, in SPE fuel cells, a 158
  Pt/poly-Si/SiO2/Si(100), preparation, annealing, a 209
  Pt/SiC, support in phosphoric acid fuel cell, a 158
  radioisotopes, for labelling chloroplatinic acid, a 159
  resistance thermometer, using Ga triple point, a 100
  spongy, H adsorption/desorption tests, a 31
  structure on fluoride supports, a 31
  thin films, synthesis, for electronics, a 159
  wettability by In, a 148
“Platinum 1988”118
Platinum Alloys, electrolytic deposition of, review188
  in phosphate laser glass production, a 41
  Platinum-Palladium, for formic acid oxidation, a 211
  Platinum-Chromium, in fuel cells, a 216
  Platinum-Cobalt, thin films, magnetic properties, a 209
  Platinum-Copper, order in, a 209
  Platinum-Copper-Nickel, disordering, a 209
  Platinum-Iron, shape memory effects in110
  Platinum-Palladium-Rhodium, foils, oxidation, a 209
  Platinum-Rhenium(III), structure, a 31
  Platinum-Rhodium, foils, oxidation, a 209
    gauzes for HNO3 manufacture, surface structure11
    surface effects, a 31
    thermocouples, European calibrations72
  Platinum-Silver, for methanol oxidation, a 154
  Platinum-Tungsten, Platinum-Rhenium-Tungsten, wires, in high temperature strain gauges, a 213
    Platinum-Vanadium, reactions with Si, a 148
  PtxNi1−x, photoemission of adsorbed Xe, a 91
Platinum Aluminide, on superalloys18, 94, 95
Platinum Complexes, with biological molecules170
  Na2PdH2, synthesis, structure, a 150
  PdPtCl2(μ 2-CO)(PPh3)3, redox reactions, a 33
  production, from (C2H4)Pt(PPh3)2, structure, a 150
Platinum Metals, geology of Bushveld63
Platinum Metals Alloys, welding, a 95
Platinum Silicides, contacts with As-doped Si, a 100
  formation at a-Si:H, a 91
  in Schottky diodes, formation, a 216
  layers, on polycrystalline Si, growth, a 209
Pollution Control, automotive, in lean burn engines123
  automotive exhaust, a 96
  catalytic, 9th Int. Congress on Catalysis204
  CO-NO reaction, on Rh catalysts, a 215
  CO2 in the atmosphere, review of ACS symposium187
  destruction of polychlorinated biphenyls186
  exhaust emissions, by three-way catalysts73
  of generator exhaust gas61
  waste water, by oxidation on Ru/Ce(IV) oxide, a 156
  water, monitoring, by Pt129
Polychlorinated Biphenyls, destruction of186
Polymers, organometallic, synthesis64
Polysaccharides, conversion to H2, a 155
Polysilazanes, synthesis64
Propane, hydrogenolysis, on Rh wire, a 97
  isotopic exchange, with D2, on Pt/TiO2, a 94
Propargylic Acetates, alcohol production, a 98
Propene, D2 addition, exhange, on Pt/SiO2, a 39
Propylene, acetoxylation, byPdCl2, a 157
  dimerisation, by Pd complexes, a 215
  hydroformylation, by [HRu3(CO11)], for aldehydes, a 41
  oxidation, on Pd clusters, to allyl acetate, a 98
Prostheses, neurological, microbrazing for118
Quadricyclane, isomerisation, by trans-Cl2Pd(CP)(Py-X), a 98
Reduction, electro, acetone, on Rh, Ŕh-Ni catalysts, a 93
    CO, CH3OH, to CH4, at Ru electrodes, a 93
    nitrate, nitrite, on Pt, Ni electrodes, a 211
    O2, on Pt-SPE membrane, a 35
    toluene, on porous Pt electrodes, a 211
  O2, at Pt-Cr electrodes, a 216
  photo, CO2/HCO3, to formate, a 94
Reforming, catalysts, S effect on, a 154, 213
    Pt/γ -Al2O3, regeneration of, a 213
  C7 hydrocarbons, on sulphided Pt/Al2O3, a 96
  methylcyclopentane on Pt/, Ir/, Pt-Ir/Al2O3, a 38
Resistance Thermometer, Pt, using Ga triple point, a 100
Resistojets, for propulsion in space2
Resistors, RuO2, thick films, a 41, 159, 216
  thick film, Ru-Bi-Pd oxides, a 209
Reviews, annual survey “Platinum 1988”118
  carbonylation, of organic compounds, a 157
  catalytic preparation of organic compounds, a 96
  Congress on Catalysis, 9th Int., Calgary204
  electrical contact fretting, a 95
  H in Pd-Si alloys83
  heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of organics, a 39
  metallocomplexes, in electrocatalytic systems, a 92
  Pt, Pt alloy electrolytic deposition188
  Pt(II) compounds with purine and pyrimidine bases, a 33
  superconductivity conference60
  thermocouples in the glass industry, a 159
  water gas shift reaction, a 156
Rhodium, coatings, deposition, properties, a 153
  compounds, RhNa-Y, RhNa-X, paramagnetic, a 149
    Rh3Ti, RhTi, bonding in, a 92
  electrodeposition, effect of additives, a 37
  electrodes, in molten carbonate fuel cells200
  history, of V. V. Lebedinskii141
  Rh particles/α -Al2O3{0001}, CO desorption from, a 149
  Rh(111), Rh(100) single crystals, CO oxidation on, a 149
Rhodium Alloys, Rhodium-Arsenic-Manganese, effect of pressure on magnetism, a 33
  Rhodium-Platinum, gauzes for HNO3 manufacture11
  Rhodium-Platinum, Rhodium-Palladium, foils, high temperature oxidation, a 209
Rhodium Complexes, a 34, 35, 210
Rhodium Iodides, characterisation, a 212
Ruthenium, compounds, a 92, 150, 159, 200
Ruthenium Alloys, Ruthenium-Copper-Nickel-Sulphur, phase diagram, a 33
  Ruthenium-Molybdenum, constitution, a 92
  Ruthenium-Osmium-Vanadium, properties, a 92
  Ruthenium-Palladium, membrane catalysts, a 151
  Ruthenium-Silicon, Ruthenium-Nitrogen-Silicon, a 149
Ruthenium Complexes, anti-cancer treatment198
  reaction with biological molecules170
  Ru(biby)3Cl2, luminescence, in optical detectors, a 213
  Ru(bpy)2DIP2+, Ru(bpy)2phen2+, excitation spectra, a 153
  Ru(bpy)32+-viologen-oxidant, electron transfer, a 94
  Ru(DIP)2 Macron+, for DNA cleavage, a 100
  Ru(II) α -diimine + Ag(I), luminescent exciplexes, a 152
  [Ru(phi)3]Cl2, synthesis, spectroscopic properties, a 34
  [Ru1−xOsx(bpy)3](PF6)2, emission properties, a 150
Ruthenium Oxides, RuO2, cathode, for H2 evolution, a 93
    in resistors, a 41, 159, 216
    phase equilibria, for resistors, a 209
    thin films, optical properties, a 33
  RuO2, Bi2Ru2O7, thick film, sensors, a 95
  RuO2.xH2O, corrosion and catalytic activity, a 33
  RuO2/TiO2, coatings, surface study, a 153
  RuO4, in CCl4, for staining polymers, a 153
Ruthenium Tetroxide, oxidation of PCBs186
Schottky Diodes, Pd/SiO2/n-Si, C-V characteristics, a 41
  Pt silicides in, production, a 216
Semiconductors, In2O3 + PdCl2, a 37
  Pd-MOS, Pt-MOS, for gas detection, a 37, 38
  Rh iodides, photoelectrochemical properties, a 212
Shape Memory, effect in Pt-Fe alloys110
Ships, corrosion protection in the Arctic119
Silicon, amorphous hydrogenated, PtSi formation, a 91
  polycrystalline, As doped, contacts with PtSi, a 100
  reactions with Pt-V, Pt-Ti, a 148
Silicon Nitride, ceramics64
Silylation, vinyl halides, on promoted Pd(PPh3)4, a 41
SMSI, in Pt/Al2O3, in methanation, a 154
Sodium Bromate, production by electrolysis, using RuO2/TiO2/Ti anode, a 152
Solar Cells, photoelectrochemical, with a discontinuous Pt/n-Si electrode, a 152
Solid Polymer Electrolytes, fuel cells, a 158
Solubility, H2 in Pd, Pd alloys, a 32, 148, 151, 210
Space, Ir oxidation resistant alloys for129
  propulsion by resistojets2
Spectroscopy, history28
Spirocyclopropanes, production, a 215
Steel, AISI 4130, effect of Pd addition, a 211
  corrosion prevention in Arctic conditions119
  low alloy, Pd in surface, H embrittlement prevention21
  Pt-polymer composite coatings on, a 94
  stainless, surface alloyed with Pd, a 159
Strain Gauges, high temperature, Pt alloy wires for, a 213
Structure, changes in Pd-Fe alloy, on annealing, a 148
  1,2-dichloroethenes, on Pd(111), Pt(111), a 212
  Ir dppm μ -oxo complexes, a 34
  Pd-Mn, a 210
  Pd-Rare Earth alloys, ordering transformations, H behaviour130
  Pd-U-Si, amorphous, a 210
  Pd-V, after irradiation, a 210
  Pt-Cu alloys, a 209
  Pt-Fe alloys, shape memory effects110
  Rh dppm μ -oxo complexes, a 34
  Rh2Cl2(CO)2(ETM)2, Rh2Cl2(μ -CO)(ETM)2, a 34
  [Co1.5Pt0.5]Ta6PtSe16, a 33
Sulphur, adsorbed, effect on Rh/SiO2 activity, a 97
  pretreatment effects, on reforming catalysts, a 154, 213
Superalloys, Pt aluminide coatings on18, 94
Superconductivity32, 60, 92
Supports, fluoride, Pt structure on, a 31
Surface Science11, 19, 32
Synthesis Gas40, 96, 99, 154, 155, 156, 204, 214
Tantalum, H embrittlement, Pt+ ions implantation, a 31
Temperature Measurement, a 26, 100
Tetramethylbenzidine, electrolysis, using Pt, a 153
Thermocouples, a 72, 159
Thick Films, a 37, 41, 95, 159, 209, 216
Thin Films, acrylonitrile on Pt electrodes, electrocatalytic properties, a 34
  M/GaAs, stable contacts, a 41
  Pd, for Pd2Si growth on <100>Si, a 149
    H 2 permeation through, in Pd-MOS sensors, a 213
    low temperature deposition, a 213
    phase formation, a 32
  Pd, Pt, synthesis, by CVD, from organometallic precursors, a 159
  Pt, electrodes, pretreatment, a 92
    in MOS structures, for NH3, HC, ethylene detectors, a 37
  PtSi, on polycrystalline Si, growth, a 209
  Pt-Co, effects of Cr, W on magnetic properties, a 209
  Pt-gate MOS, as NH3 sensors, a 213
  Pt-Re(III) alloys, spectroscopic studies, a 31
  Pt-SnO2, interdiffusion, a 209
  Pt/glass, conductance changes on H2, O2 chemisorption, a 31
  RhI3, RhI∼4, photoelectrochemical properties, a 212
  RuO2, optical properties, a 33
Tin, adatoms to Pt electrode, for ethylene glycol, methanol, formic acid oxidation, a 150, 210
Tin Chloride, effect on Pd complexes, a 40
Tin Oxide, interdiffusion in Pt films, a 209
Titanium, implanted with Pd ions, corrosion resistance, a 35, 100
  TiO2/Ti electrodes, Pd ion implanted, a 32
Toluene, electrochemistry, on porous Pt electrodes, a 211
1-Triethylsilylhex-l-yne, formation by Ir complex, a 157
Tungsten, Pd-WOx-W system, FEM study, a 91
Vanadium Alloys, Vanadium-Ruthenium-Osmium, low temperature properties, a 91
Vinyl Acetate, formation from C2H4, a 155
Vinyl Halides, for vinyl silane synthesis, a 41
Vinyl Silane, synthesis, on promoted Pd(PPh3)4, a 41
Water, electrolysis, at Pt cermet/zirconia, a 211
  monitoring pollution in129
  oxidation, to O2, by Ru complexes, a 158, 212
  photochemical splitting, a 35, 36, 152, 153
  purification, on Ru/Ce(IV) oxide, a 156
Water Gas Shift Reaction, a 97, 156
Waveguides, Ti-diffused LiNbO3, made in Pt box10
Wear, of electrical contacts, a 95
Welding, platinum metals alloys, a 95
Wires, Pt-W, Pt-Re-W, for strain gauges, a 213
Xenon, adsorbed, photoemission, on PtxNi1−x(III), a 91
m-Xylene, isomerisation, on Pt/, Pd/zeolites, a 214