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Platinum Metals Rev., 1997, 41, (4), 163

Platinum Metals Involvement in the Hydrogen Economy

  • F. A. Lewis

International interest towards developments in various academic and technological aspects of the hydrogen economy is actively continuing and was demonstrated recently at the second conference in the Hydrogen Power Series, HYPOTHESIS-II, held from 18th to 22nd August 1997 at Agder College, Grimstad, Norway. This conference fills the intermediate years between the World Hydrogen Energy Conferences and has the same objectives. Almost 200 participants enjoyed excellent facilities and a combined lecture and poster display programme approaching 100 contributions.

Contributed papers were programmed under the subdivisions: Production, Utilisation, Distribution, Transportation and Safety, with the latter topic including some analysis of liquid hydrogen technology. Platinum metals involvement in areas of electrolytic hydrogen methodology and fuel cell technology were included in a substantial paper presented by M. M. Jaksic and N. V. Krstajic of the University of Belgrade, which dealt comprehensively with alternative catalyst compositions including both alloys and intermetallic compositions of platinum and palladium.

The advantageous inclusion of platinum in a catalytic packing composition involved in studies of the H2-O2 recombination reaction at low temperature was reported by G. Ioneta and I. Stefanescu of the Institute of Cryogenics and Isotope Separation, Rm. Valcea, Romania.

Incorporation of platinum into the anodes of fuel cells developed for improved resistance to carbon monoxide inhibition were reported by F. Lufrano, E. Passalacqua, G. Squadrito and A. Patti, C.N.R. Institute for Storage of Energy, S. Lucia-Messina, Italy, and the inclusion of platinum in fuel cells for vehicular transport was discussed by V. Kazarinov, F. Pekhota, V. Rusanov and V. Fateev of the Hydrogen Energy and Technology Council on Fuel Cells, Moscow. Needs for conjoint considerations of hydrogen concentration and lattice expansion strain gradients on processes of hydrogen permeation and on estimations of hydrogen diffusion coefficients in palladium and palladium alloys were summarised by F. A. Lewis, Queen’s University, Belfast, R. V. Bucur, University of Uppsala, X. Q. Tong, University of Southampton, Y. Sakamoto, University of Nagasaki, and K. Kandasamy, University of Jaffna.

Selected papers will be published as a Proceedings Volume of HYPOTHESIS-II by Kluwer Press, Dordrecht. The next conference, HYPOTHESIS-III, will be held from July 5th to 8th, 1999, in Saint Petersburg State University, Russia; Fax: +7(812)428-7189, E-mail: