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Platinum Metals Rev., 1998, 42, (4), 134

Platinum Metals Review and the Internet


Johnson Matthey is pleased to announce that a full text online version of “Platinum Metals Review” can now be accessed on the Internet. The electronic version of the journal is accessible without charge, as is the printed version. The journal is being hosted on the website of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Turpin Distribution Services Limited, TOPS, at It may also be accessed from the “Platinum Metals Review” button on the Johnson Matthey website, at, which is linked to the Turpin website. To read the journal it will first be necessary to download the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader software held on the Turpin site.

At present, besides the October 1998 issue, the full texts of the April 1998 and July 1998 issues of “Platinum Metals Review” are also available on the Internet, and the website will archive all future issues of the journal as they are published. In some areas of the world the electronic version of the journal may be available before the printed version is delivered.

The electronic journal and the printed journal are identical, providing our coverage of papers, conference reports, book reviews, small items and reports, and the Abstracts and Patents on the science and technology of the platinum group metals. The 1998 Name and Subject Indexes will also be accessible for downloading. The website offers readers the facility of searching with the MUSCAT® search engine using natural language: by subject, across titles and the full text, and by names, which occur as authors of papers or as part of the text or the references. Patentees, abstract authors and journals cited can also be searched across all the issues of the electronically held journal. At present the documents retrieved are ranked in order of relevance to the words used in the search query. More facilities will become available as the Turpin website is developed; for instance, readers will shortly be able to register for E-mail alerting to advise them that a new issue of the journal is available.

In addition to access to the electronic version of “Platinum Metals Review”, the Johnson Matthey website also carries a leaflet for each issue of the journal. The leaflets, which were first published on the Johnson Matthey website in April 1997, outline the contents of the journal and carry html links to the websites of the authors, to their places of work or institutions, to topics related to the papers and to background information and other relevant items. The Johnson Matthey website also carries an E-mail form to enable readers to pass on comments or suggestions about the journal to the editor.