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Platinum Metals Rev., 1998, 42, (4), 187

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Acid Chlorides, phenylation, a 126
Acoustic Waves, for catalytic rate enhancement, on Pt surfaces8
N -Acyl Amino Acids, synthesis, a 39
Alcohols, allyl, hydrogenation, over Pt colloids, a 125
   ethyl, from ethyl acetate, a 38
   from aldehydes, over Rh clusters, a 38
   from methyl ketones, Rh catalysed, a 39
   homoallylic, isomerisation, a 128
     synthesis, a 178
   methyl, carbonylation, a 176
     from syngas, a 126
     on-board H2 production, for fuel cell vehicles2
     oxidation, in fuel cells, a 128
       over Pd/γ-Al2O3, a 38,81
   primary allylic, oxidation, a 82
   primary, oxidation, a 178
   1-propanol, 2-propanol, electrooxidation, a 79
   propargyl, reaction with norbomene, a 82
   cis -4-substituted cyclohexane-1 -methanols, a 82
   synthesis, over Rh-Mo-K/Al2O3, a 81
Aldehydes, hydrogenation, over Rh clusters, a 38
   synthesis, a 178
   α, β-unsaturated, from alcohols, a 82
Alfa Aesar, “Platinum Labware Catalog”144
Alkanes, dehydrogenation, by (PCP)IrH271
Alkenes, hydrogenation, biphasic, a 177
Alkylation, allylic, allylic acetates, a 178
Allenes, α, β-functionalisation, asymmetric, a 177
Allylic Acetates, allylic alkylation, a 178
Amines, reduction, via hydrosilylation, a 82
Amidocarbonylation, N -acyl amino acid synthesis, a 39
Amination, Pd2(dba)3 catalysed, a 81
Amines, tertiary, from amides, a 82
   triaryl, synthesis, a 81
Anilines, arylation, a 177
Arenes, reactions with l-bromoadamantane, a 126
Aryl Halides, homocoupling reactions, a 127
Aryl Iodides, phenylation, a 126
Arylation, anilines, a 177
Benzene, hydrogenation, biphasic, a 178
   oxidation, over Pt-F/Al2O3, a 81
Benzylic Compounds, electrooxidation, a 79
Book Reviews, “Aqueous-Phase Organometallic Catalysis: Concepts and Applications”145
   Inorganica Chimica Acta : Special Volumes on Platinum Chemistry17
   “Structured Catalysts and Reactors”69
l-Bromoadamantane, reaction with styrenes, arenes, a 126
Butanal, from propane, a 82
Butane, reforming, zirconia fuel cells164
Calixarenes, complexes with Pt metals11, 163
Cancer, drugs, a 78, 83, 174
Capacitors, a 35,39
   supercapacitors, RuO2/C, a 83
   thin film, Pt/(Ba, Sr)TiO3/Pt, a 83
   (SrRuO3/BaxSr1-xTiO3/SrRuO3), a 83
Carbenes, (PCy3)2Cl2Ru=CHR, a 34
Carbocycles, Pd-catalysed synthesis, a 177
Carbon Oxides, CO2, reduction, electrochemical, a 79
   sensors, IrO2-, WO3-based, a 125
   supercritical, as catalysis medium158
     Heck, Stille reactions, a 177
CO, chemisorption, on Ru/Al2O3, a 38
   electrooxidation, on Pt-Ru/C, a 34
   hydrogenation, over Pd/ZrO2, a 126
   oxidation, motorcycle emissions, a 126
     over Pd-Rh/SiO2, a 38
     on Pt, Pt-Sn, Pt-Ru electrodes, a 123
     on Pt, sonochemical rate enhancement8
   removal, from fuel cell vehicles2
   sensors, a 80, 176
     battery powered144
Carbonylation, MeOH, over Rh/SDT, Rh/PVP, a 176
   propane to butanal, a 82
Catalysis, acoustic enhancement8
   biphasic, a 177, 178
     book review145
   heterogeneous, a 37-38, 80-81, 125-126, 176-177
   homogeneous, a 39, 81-83, 126-128, 177-178
     conference reports158
“Catalysis Technical Guide”, Johnson Matthey72
Catalysts, automotive, at the SAE congress56
Catalysts, Iridium, Ir(III)/Ce(IV), formaldehyde oxidation, a 178
   metal oxide-supported, synthesis gas production, a 177
   Pt(44)/Ru(41)/Os(10)/Ir(5), for DMFCs163
Catalysts, Iridium Complexes, hydrogenation, asymmetric transfer, of aromatic ketones, a 39
   [Ir(TFB)(P1Pr3)2]BF4, olefin hydrogenation, a 82
   (PCP)IrH2, alkane dehydrogenation71
   on polymer electrodes, hydrogenation60, 163
Catalysts, Osmium, Pt(44)/Ru(41 )/Os( 10)/lr(5), for DMFCs163
Catalysts, Osmium Complexes, (DMSO)2Os11Pc, cysteine oxidation, a 79
Catalysts, Palladium, colloids, Heck reactions, a 38
   on gas diffusion electrodes, in fuel cells, a 83
   motorcycle emissions control, a 126
   Pd/δ-Al2O3 isoprene hydrogenation, a 81
   Pd/γ-Al2O3, MeOH oxidation, a 38,81
   Pd/C felt cathode, dechlorination, a 175
   Pd/C, Heck reactions, a 126
   Pd(0)/SiO2, phenylation reactions, a 126
   Pd-Rh/SiO2, CO oxidation, a 38
   Pd/ZrO2 CO hydrogenation, a 126
   Pd/ZrO2, Pd/SO4/ZrO2, a 81
   in supercritical CO2, Heck, Stille reactions, a 177
Catalysts, Palladium Complexes, C60Pd(PPh3)2, hydrogenation of triple bonds18
   halides, for amidocarbonylation, a 39
   on polymer electrodes, hydrogenation60, 163
   Pd(0), heterocycle assembly, a 177
   [Pd(Bu3P+etpE)Br](BF4)2, CO2 reduction, a 79
   PdCl2, Heck reactions, a 127
     norbornene polymerisation, a 81
   PdCl2(PPh3)2, ketone synthesis, a 126
   Pd(dba)2, allenes, asymmetric carbopalladation, a 177
   Pd2(dba)2, triarylamine synthesis, a 81
   Pd(OAc)2, N-arylated sulfoximines, a 177
   Pd(OAc)2/DPEphos, aniline arylation, a 177
   Pd(OAc)2/nBu4NBr, homocoupling, aryl halides, a 127
   Pd561phen60(OAc)180, alcohol oxidation, a 82
   Pd phosphine complexes, CO2 electroreduction, a 79
   selectivity, towards hydrogenation108
Catalysts, Platinum, motorcycle emissions control, a 126
   in PEMFCs, a 128
   for photovoltaic devices, a 124
   Pt(44)/Ru(41)/Os(10)/Ir(5), for DMFCs163
   Pt(110) crystal, CO oxidation, sonochemistry8
   Pt colloids, allyl alcohol hydrogenation, a 125
   Pt, Pt-10%Rh, HCN synthesis, a 37
   Pt/Al2O3 NOx reduction, a 176
   Pt/γ-Al2O3, NO reduction, a 125
   Pt-F/Al2O3, benzene oxidation, a 81
   Pt-K/SiO2, methanation, a 80
   Pt-Mo-Na/SiO2, NOx removal, a 37
   Pt-Mo/SiO2, hydrocarbon reactions with H2, a 37
   Pt-Rh, 3-way HC/CO/NO conversion, a 126
   Pt-SO4/ZrO2, dehydrogenative CH4 coupling, a 125
   Pt/H-beta, Pt/H-MOR, n-hexane isomerisation, a 37
   Pt/MCM-41, NO reduction, a 176
   Pt/Ru, in fuel cells, a 128
   Pt/TiO2/PTFE, trichlorobenzene photodegradation, a 175
Catalysts, Platinum Complexes, [(bpy)PtCl2], CH4 oxidation98
   Pt(II)bis (benzoylacetonate), Pt(II)bis-
       (trifluoroacetylacetonate), Pt(II)bis-
         (benzoyltrifluoroacetonate), photocuring, a 123
Catalysts, Rhodium, biphasic135
   motorcycle emissions control, a 126
   Rh-Mo-K/Al2O3, alcohol synthesis, a 81
   Rh-Pt, 3-way HC/CO/NO conversion, a 126
   Rh-Pt, HCN synthesis, a 37
   Rh-Pd/SiO2, CO oxidation, a 38
   Rh-S/SiO2, Rh-S-P/SiO2, l-octene hydroformylation, a 177
   Rh/one-atomic layer GeO2/SiO2, ethyl acetate hydrogenation, a 38
   Rh/PVP, Rh/SDT, MeOH carbonylation, a 176
   Rh/USY, Rh/Al2O3, N2O decomposition, a 38
Catalysts, Rhodium Complexes, acacRh(CO)2, hex-1 -ene hydroformylation, a 38
   chiral diRh(II) carboxamidate, carbene reactions, a 178
   ClRh[P(CH2CH2(CF2)5CF3)3]3, alkene hydrogenation, a 177
   (DMSO)(Cl)Rh111Pc, [(CN)2Rh111Pc], cysteine electrooxidation, a 79
   on polymer electrodes, hydrogenation60,163
   Rh2(OOct)4, 2,3-dihydrofuran synthesis, a 127
   Rh4(CO)12, vinylpyrrole hydroformylation, a 82
   Rh,(CO)16 clusters, polymer bound, aldehyde hydrogenation, a 38
   Rh/PPA(Na)/DPPEA polymer, olefin hydroformylation, a 127
   RhCl(CO)(PMe3)2, propane carbonylation, a 82
   [RhCl{P[CH2CH2(CF2)5CF3]3}3], hydroboration, a 39
   [RhCl(PPh3)2([9]aneS3)]PF6, ligand substitution, a 39
   [Rh(COD)Cl]2-P(OPh)3, allylic alkylation, a 178
   [Rh(COD)Cl]2/PPh3, hydroboration, a 82
   [Rh(COD)(DIOSR2)]ClO4, styrene hydroformylation, a 177
   [RhH2(Ph2N3)(PPh3)2], phenylacetylene hydrogenation, a 39, 127
   RhH(CO)(PPh3)3, amide reduction, a 82
   [Rh(Hdmg)2(PPh3)]2, [Rh(Hdmg)(ClZndmg)(PPh3)]2, 1-hexene hydroformylation, hydrogenation, a 127
   [Rh(hexadiene)Cl]2/4,4’-diheptadecyl-2,2’- bipyridine LB films, a 81
   RhH(PPh3)]4, itol oxidation, a 127
   [Rh(norbornadiene)Cl]2, phenylacetylene polymerisation, a 82
   Rh(triazolinylidene), hydrosilylation, asymmetric, a 39
   Rh trisulfonated triphenylphosphine, acrylic ester hydroformylation, a 127
Catalysts, Ruthenium, biphasic135
   Pt(44)/Ru(41)/Os(10)/Ir(5), for DMFCs163
   Ru/Al2O3, H2O/N2O decomposition, a 126
     hydrogenation isotherms, a 38
   Ru/Al2O3, butane reforming, zirconia fuel cells164
   Ru/Mn/Ce, waste water oxidation, a 126
   Ru/Pt, in fuel cells, a 128
   RuS2/SiO2, H2O decomposition, a 175
Catalysts, Ruthenium Complexes, (η6-C6(H6)2Ru2Cl4, benzene hydrogenation, a 178
   (η5-cyclopentadienyl)tris(acetonitrile)Ru, norbomene cyclopropanation, a 82
   [(DMSO)2Ru11Pc].2DMS0, cysteine oxidation, a 79
   [Ru(4,4’-Me2bpy)2(PPh3)(H2O)](ClO4)2, benzylic oxidations, a 79
   [Ru=C=C=CR2(L)(Cl)(arene)]PF6, ring closing olefin metathesis, a 178
   Ru[BINAP], mono-ethyl fumarate, maleate, reduction, a 128
   [RuCl2(C6H6)]2, hydrosilylation of ketones, a 83
   RuCl2(PPh3)3, homoallylic alcohol isomerisation, a 128
   RuO4, electrochemical oxidation of organic waste90
   Ru(PPh3),Cl2/hydroquinone, alcohol oxidation, a 178
   trans-[Ru(salen)(NO)(H2O)], ene reactions, a 178
“Catalytic Reaction Guide”, from Johnson Matthey16
[2]-Catenanes, Os complexes100
Cathodic Protection, by Pt/Ti electrodes27,116
Chemiluminescence, during oxidations, by Ru(bpy)32-, a 35
see also Luminescence
Chlor-Alkali, electrodes, development27,46
Chlorine, sensor, using Ru tris bipyridyl, a 37
Chloroaromatics, herbicides, dechlorination, a 175
Cisplatin, a 174
Clusters, Bi7RhBrR, structure, a 34
   metallic, catalysis160
   Os, Os/Ru, Os/Hg, Os/Au, Ru/Cu, Ru/Hg146
   Pd561phen60,(OAc)180, alcohol oxidation, a 82
   Rh6(CO)16, aldehyde hydrogenation, a 38
   Ru5(CO)11(TPPTS), Ru3(CO)9(TPPTS)3 biphasic hydroformylation, hydrogenation135
   Ru5C(CO)15, PtRu5C(CO)14(COD), with C60, a 174
Coatings, electrodes, for chlor-alkali cells27,46
   Pt, from electroplating bath, a 124
   see also Electrodeposition and Deposition
Cold Cathodes, for flat panel display10
Cold Start, in fuel cell powered vehicles2
Colloids, Pd, for Heck reactions, a 38
   Pt, allyl alcohol hydrogenation, a 125
     formation, light catalysed, a 34
   PtRu[N(Oct)4Cl]5 alloys, a 78
Combinatorial Chemistry, for fuel cell catalysts163
Conferences, 9th International Symposium on Relations between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis, Southampton, England, 20-24 July 1998160
   11th International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis, St Andrews, Scotland, 12-17 July, 1998158
   12th International Conference on the Conversion of Solar Energy into Photovoltaic Power and Storage, Berlin, Germany, 9-14 August, 1998140
   SAE, Detroit, U.S.A., February, 199856
   Second Anglo-Dutch Symposium, Amsterdam, 26 September, 199725
   Second International Conference on the Hydrogen Treatment of Materials, Donetsk, Ukraine, 2-5 June, 199899
Corrosion Protection, by Pt/Ti electrodes27,116
   reinforced concrete116
Coupling Reactions, aryl halides, a 127
   Pd catalysed158
Cyclohexanes, 4-substituted 1-methylidene-cyclohexanes, hydroboration, a 82
   from benzenes, a 178
cis-Cyclooctene, hydrogenation156
Cyclophanes, Ru, Os complexes100
Cyclopropanation, for metal carbene reactions, a 178
   norbomene, a 82
Cysteine, electrooxidation, a 79
Dechlorination, chloroaromatic herbicides, a 175
Decomposition, H2/N2O3, over Ru/Al2O3, a 126
   N2O, over Rh, a 38
Dehydrogenation, alkanes, by (PCP)IrH271
Dehydrogenative Coupling, CH4, over Pt-SO4/ZrO2, a 125
Dendrimers, Pd, synthesis, a 174
   photoproperties, with *Ru(4,7-(SO3C6H5)2-phen)3,4-, a 79
   Pt(II), SO2 sensor, a 176
Deposition, chemical spray, Pt:SnO2 films, a 80
   Pt, on C nanotubes, a 124
   PZT films, on Pt-coated Si, a 39
   see also Coatings and Electrodeposition
Detectors, see Sensors
Diesel Engines, pollution control, at SAE conference56
Diodes, Al-Al2O3-Pd, H2 sensor, a 80
Diphenylacetylene, hydrogenation156
Dissociation, CH4, at Pd single crystals, a 34
DNA, photoaddition to Ru(tap)2(bpy)2+, a 79
Electrical Contacts, ohmic contacts, Pd/Pt/Au/Pd, a 34
   Pd/Sn, Pd/Ge, thermal stability, a 83
Electrochemistry, a 34-35, 79, 123, 175
   oxidation of toxic organic waste90
   Rh, Ir fullerenes, oxidation, reduction, a 35
Electrodeposition, Ir oxide films, a 124
   RuO2, RuO2-TiO2, on Pt, a 80
   see also Coatings and Deposition
Electrodes, anodes, O2 evolution116
     Pt-foil, dechlorination, a 175
     Pt-Ru, for DMFCs, a 178
   cathodes, cold, Pt/SiOx/Si/Al, flat panel display10
     Pd/C felt, dechlorination, a 175
     PEMFCs, a 128
   gas diffusion, in fuel cells, with Pd catalysts, a 83
   Ir oxide/glassy C, a 124
   noble metal/oxide coated Ti, development27, 46, 116
   Os/polymer, in C paste, glucose sensor, a 37
   Pd film/poly(4-vinyl)pyridine, hydrazine detection, a 36
   Pd-coated LaNi4,25Al0.75, a 123
   Pd, palladinised, for hydrogenations, a 35
   phthalocyanine modified, cysteine oxidation, a 79
   polypyrrole film, with Rh, Ir, Pd 60, 163
   Pt, bottom, O2 diffusion, a 39
     in capacitors, a 83
     CO sensors144
     inorganic ion detection, a 36
     photovoltaic devices140
     on polymers, medical implants55
     with Ru(II)-modified chitosan, oxalic acid sensor, a 176
   Pt, Pt0.89Ru0.11, electrooxidation, a 79
   Pt, Pt-Sn, Pt-Ru, CO oxidation, a 123
   Pt, Rh, Ir, for Au reduction and stripping, a 36
   Pt-Ru/C, electrooxidation, of CO, a 34
   Ru containing, benzylic oxidations, a 79
   RuO2 nanoparticles/C aerogels, for supercapacitors, a 83
   RuO2, pH sensors, a 37
   RuO2-VOx, for electrochemical capacitors, a 35
   RuO2/Ti, improved, a 35
Electrogalvanising, Zn onto steel strip116
Electroless Plating, for Pd composite membranes, a 124
   Pd membranes, a 80
   Pt, onto polymers, for medical implants55
Electrolytes, K2PdCl4/K3Fe(CN)6/PEG 600, a 79
Electron Transfer, photoinduced, Ru, Os complexes100
Electroplating Baths, Pt coatings, a 124
Emission Control, at SAE congress56
   motorcycle catalysts, a 126
Esters, acrylic, hydroformylation, a 127
Etching, Pt, thin films, a 80
Ethyl Acetate, hydrogenation, Rh catalysed, a 38
4-Ethyltoluene, from 4-methylstyrene, a 35
Films, hydrous Ir oxide, a 124
   Pd, in H2 sensor, a 36
   polymer, for Rh-, Ir-, Pd-substituted, electrodes 60, 163
   Pt, bottom electrodes, in capacitors, a 39
   mesoporous, on Au, a 36
   Pt/TiO2/PTFE, trichlorobenzene degradation, a 175
   [Ru(bpy)3]2 in organogel, O2 sensor, a 80
   Ru(II)-polymer, photoproperties, a 35
   RuO2, RuO2-TiO2, on Pt, a 80
   see also Langmuir-Blodgett
   see also Thin Films
Flat Panel Displays10
Formaldehyde, oxidation, a 178
Fuel Cells, a 83,128, 178
   DMFCs, catalysts163
     Pt-Ru anodes, a 178
   HotSpot™ reactor, for on-board H2 generation2
   NO reduction, Pd catalysts, a 83
   PEMFCs, a 128
   portable systems115
   Pt/Ru catalysts, MeOH oxidation, a 128
   zirconia, butane reforming164
Fullerenes, Ir complexes, a 79
   Pt metal complexes18
   Pt, Ru complexes, a 174
   Rh, Ir complexes, electrochemical oxidation, reduction, a 35
Furans, 2,3-dihydrofurans, synthesis, a 127
Glucose, biosensor, Os/polymer based electrode, a 37
Gold, reduction, stripping, at Pd, Rh, Ir electrodes, a 36
Heck Reactions, Pd catalysed126, 127, 158
   Pd colloid catalysed, a 38
   in supercritical CO2, a 177
Heterocycles, Pd-catalysed synthesis, a 177
Heterojunctions, TiO2/RuLL’NCS/CuCN, photoproperties, a 175
n -Hexane, isomerisation, Pt catalysed, a 37
l-Hexene, hydroformylation, by acacRh(CO)2, a 38
   hydrogenation, hydroformylation, a 127
History, development of noble metal/oxide coated Ti electrode27,46, 116
   Geoffrey Wilkinson168
HotSpot™ Reactor, H2 generation, on-board fuel cell vehicles2
Hydrazine, detection, at Pd film electrode, a 36
Hydrides, Rh, Ir complexes, electrocatalysis60, 163
Hydroboration, Rh catalysed, a 39
   4-substituted l-methylidenecyclohexanes, a 82
Hydrocarbons, oxidation, motorcycle emissions, a 126
   reactions with H2, over Pt-Mo/SiO2, a 37
Hydrodesulfurisation, crude oil, using Pt catalysts25
   thiophene, a 128
Hydrodimerisation, biphasic135
Hydroformylation, acrylic esters, a 127
   by Rh complexes25
   l-hexene, a 38, 127
   l-octene, a 177
   olefins, a 127
   styrene, a 177
   vinylpyrroles, a 82
Hydrogen, absorption, by Pd141
   generation, on-board a fuel cell vehicle2
   permeability, in Pd(1-x)Six, a 78
   permeation, through Pd membranes, a 128
   photoproduction, a 124, 175
   reactions with hydrocarbons, over Pt-Mo/SiO2, a 37
   sensors, a 36, 80, 125
   storage, using (PCP)IrH271
   treatment of materials, at HTM-98 conf.99
   wave, catalytic, from OsO4cysteine, a 175
Hydrogen Cyanide, synthesis, over Pt, Pt-10%Rh, a 37
Hydrogenation, aldehydes, over Rh6(CO)16 clusters, a 38
   alkenes, biphasic, a 177
   allyl alcohol, over Pt colloids, a 125
   aromatic ketones, asymmetric, Ir catalysed, a 39
   benzenes, biphasic, a 178
   C=O bonds, by Rh LB films, a 81
   CO, over Pd/ZrO2, a 126
   cis -cyclooctene156
   ethyl acetate, Rh catalysed, a 38
   l-hexene, a 127, 156
   isoprene, over Pd/δ-Al2O3, a 81
   isotherms, of C species, on Ru/Al2O3, a 38
   4-methylstyrene, using palladinised Pd electrode, a 35
   olefins, a 82
   organics, at Rh, Ir, Pd electrodes60, 163
   Pd catalysed, liquid-phase, selectivity108
   phenylacetylene, diphenylacetylene, a 39, 127, 156
   triple bonds, using C60Pd(PPh3)218
Hydrosilylation, amides, giving amines, a 82
   asymmetric, ketones, a 83
     methyl ketones, a 39
Inorganic Ions, detection, at Pt electrodes, a 36
Internet, Platinum Metals Review 134
Ionic Liquids, biphasic catalysis135
   in catalysis158, 160
Iridium, Au reduction and stripping, a 36
   films, hydrous oxide, a 124
   lr(001), with diamond thin films, a 36
   IrO2, CO2 sensors, a 125
Iridium Alloys, IrAl, Ir1 xNixAl, structural properties68
   Ir,Si1 x thin films, a 78
Iridium Complexes, fullerenes, electrochemical oxidation, reduction, a 35
   H3Ir(PPh3)3, interaction with C60, a 79
Isomerisation, n -hexane, Pt catalysed, a 37
   homoallylic alcohols, a 128
Isoprene, hydrogenation, over Pd/δ-Al2O3, a 81
Itols, unprotected, oxidation, a 127
Johnson Matthey, “Catalysis Technical Guide”72
   “Catalytic Reaction Guide”16
   HotSpot™ reactor2
   new autocatalyst manufacturing plant in Argentina59
   “Platinum 1998”105
Ketones, aromatic, asymmetric hydrogenation, a 39
   asymmetric hydrosilylation, a 83
   methyl, hydrosilylation, a 39
   synthesis, using PdCl2(PPh3)2, a 126
Lactams, synthesis, a 178
Lactones, synthesis, a 178
Langmuir-Blodgett Films, Rh complex, C=0 hydrogenation, a 81
see also Films
Lean Burn, engines, at SAE conference57
   NOx reduction, a 176
D-Limonene, hydrogenation156
Luminescence, ECL, in oxalic acid sensor, a 176
   Ru/polymer complexes, pH sensors, a 80
   [Ru(bpy)3]2, O2 sensor, a 80
   see also Cnemiluminescence
Magnetic Properties, Pd/Co thin film multilayers, a 34
Magnetism, in PtCo thin films, a 123
Medical, cisplatin, anti-cancer, a 174
   implants, Pt-coated55
   trans -[Pt(NC5H4C(O)NHC2H4ONO2)2Cl2]
   antitumour properties, a 83
   razoxane, anti-cancer drug, a 78
Medical Uses, a 83
Membranes, composite, Ru-doped TiO2, a 37
   Pd, by electroless plating, a 124
     defect free, a 80
     H2 permeation, a 128
       at HTM-98 conf.99
     in small fuel cells115
   Pt-PEMs, for fuel cells, a 128
Mercury, demercuration, of bis -(alkynyl)mercurials, a 39
Methanation, on Pt-K/SiO2, a 80
Methane, conversion to synthesis gas, a 177
   dehydrogenative coupling, a 125
   dissociation, at Pd single crystals, a 34
   HCN synthesis, over Pt, Pt-10%Rh, a 37
   oxidation, by [(bpym)PtCl2]98
4-Methylstyrene, hydrogenation, a 35
Molecular Cages, [(C5R5)8M8(μ-CN),12]157
Nanoparticles, Pt, optical properties, a 34
   [(Ru6C(CO)16)2Cu4Cl2]2 /SiO2, hydrogenation catalyst146
   RuO2/C electrodes, in supercapacitors, a 83
Nanotechnology, C nanotubes, from Rh/Pd-graphite, a 174
   Pt on C nanotubes, a 124
Nitrogen, from NO, in fuel cells, a 83
Nitrogen Oxides, N2O, decomposition, over Rh, a 38
       over Ru/AI2O3, a 126
   NO, reduction, by propene, over Pt/γ-Al2O3, a 125
         over Pt/MCM-41, a 176
         to N2, in fuel cells, a 83
  NOx, reduction, at the SAE conference56
       lean burn, over Pt/Al2)O3, a 176
   removal, over Pt catalysts, a 37
Norbornene, cyclopropanation, a 82
   polymerisation, PdCl2 catalysed, a 81
l-Octene, hydroformylation, a 177
Ohmic Contacts, see Electrical Contacts Olefins, hydroformylation, a 127
   hydrogenation, a 82
   ring closing metathesis, a 178
Optical Properties, Pt nanoparticles34
   Ru(II) 4,4’-bipyridinium complexes, a 175
   RuSi, a 78
Organic Industrial Waste, destruction, electrochemical90
Osmium Complexes, bis -bipyridyl, polymer modified, glucose biosensor, a 37
   clusters, Os, Os/Ru, Os/Hg, Os/Au146
   [Os(bipy)2(L)6, molecular assemblies100
   Os(PP3)H2, photochemical properties, a 35
   Os(VIII)O4/cysteine, H2 wave, a 175
Oxalic Acid, sensor, a 176
Oxidation, benzene, over Pt-F/Al2O3, a 81
   CO, over Pd-Rh/SiO2, a 38
     on Pt surfaces, sonochemistry8
   CO, HC, motorcycle emissions, a 126
   electro, benzylic compounds, a 79
     CO, on Pt, Pt-Sn, Pt-Ru electrodes, a 123
       on Pt-Ru/C, a 34
     cysteine, by phthalocyanines, a 79
     l-propanol, 2-propanol, a 79
   toxic organic waste, by RuO490
   electrochemical, of lr, Rh fullerene complexes, a 35
   formaldehyde, a 178
   MeOH, in fuel cells, a 128
     over Pd/δ-Al2O3, a 38, 81
   methane, by [(bpym)PtCl2]98
     synthesis gas production, a 177
   Na anthracenide, pyrenide, by Ru(bpy)32+, a 35
   partial, butane reforming164
   primary alcohols, a 178
   primary allylic alcohols, a 82
   unprotected itols, a 127
   waste water, domestic, over Ru/Mn/Ce, a 126
Oxygen, diffusion, in Pt bottom electrodes, a 39
   dissociation, at Pt surfaces, mechanism24
   evolution, IrO2/Ta2O5 anode coatings116
   photoproduction, from H2O, over RuS2/SiO2, a 175
   sensor, a 80
     fibre-optic, Ru-based, a 125
     optical, a 176
     photoluminescent, with Pt porphyrin, a 36
Palladium, β-[(CH3)4N] [Pd(dmit)2]2, superconductor, a 178
   electrodes, Pd-coated LaNi4.25Al0.75, a 123
   film electrode, in hydrazine detector, a 36
   film, in H2 sensor, a 36
   H2 treatment, at HTM-98 conf.99
   membranes, composite, by electroless plating, a 124
     defect free, a 80
     for fuel cells115
     H2 permeation, a 128
   neutral atoms, Fourier transform spectrum, a 174
   palladinised Pd electrode, for hydrogenations, a 35
   Pd-Al2O3-Al, H2 sensor, a 80
   Pd/Co multilayer thin films, magnetic properties, a 34
   Pd/GaN Schottky diode, a 128
   Pd/Ge/Pd interlayers, between n-GaAs and Si, a 128
   Pd/Pt/Au/Pd ohmic contacts, a 34
   Pd/Rh-graphite, C nanotube production, a 174
   Pd/Sn, Pd/Ge, ohmic contacts, a 83
   Pd/SnO2 thin film, CO sensor, a 176
   PdH particles, imaging141
   single crystals, CH4 dissociation, a 34
   thin films, H2 sensors, a 125
Palladium Alloys, H2 treatment, at HTM-98 conf.99
   Pd(1-x)Six H2 permeability, a 78
   PdCr, strain gauges, a 125
   Ti-Pd-Ni, shape memory properties, a 83
Palladium Complexes, β′-Et2Me2P[Pd(dmit)2]2, superconductor, a 78
   calixarenes11, 163
   dendrimers, from Pd[CH3CN]4(BF4)2, a 174
   K2PdCL4/K3Fe(CN)6/PEG 600 electrolyte, a 79
   [Pd(L)](PF6)2, synthesis, a 174
Patents40-44, 84-88, 129-132, 179-182
pH, sensors, a 37,80
Phenylacetylene, homologs, hydrogenation, a 127
   hydrogenation39, 156
   polymerisation, a 82
Phenylation, acid chlorides, aryl iodides, a 126
Phosphines, sulfonated, H2O-soluble catalysts135
Photocatalysis, photocuring, of ceramic precursors, a 123
Photoconversion, a 35, 79, 123-124, 175
Photodetector, a 36
Photonics, LEDs, a 81
Photoproperties, *Ru(4,7-(SO3C6H5)2-phen)34-, with dendrimers, a 79
   in combinatorial chemistry163
   Pt/TiO2/PTFE, trichlorobenzene degradation, a 175
   Pt(II) complexes, in probes for SDS micelles, a 124
   Ru dye molecules, on TiO2 surfaces, a 124
   Ru(PP3)H2, Os(PP3)H2, a 35
   RuS2/SiO2, H2O decomposition, a 175
   bis (terpyridyl)Ru(II), a 176
   TiO2/RuLL’NCS/CuSCN heterojunction, a 175
Photoreactions, in cyclophanes and catenanes100
   H3Ir(PPh3)3 with C60, a 79
   Pt, Pd, Ru, Ir, Rh complexes73
   Ru(tap)2(bpy)2+, addition to DNA, a 79
Photosynthesis, artificial models, Ru, Os complexes100
Photovoltaic Cells, with cis-Ru11(LH2)2(NCS)2, a 35
Photovoltaic Devices, at solar energy conference140
   H2 production from H2O, a 124
“Platinum 1998”105
Platinum, Au reduction and stripping, a 36
   deposition, on C nanotubes, a 124
     onto polymers, medical implants55
   electrodes, CO sensors144
     inorganic ion detection, a 36
     oxalic acid sensor, a 176
   films, bottom electrodes, O2 diffusion, a 39
     mesoporous, on Au, a 36
   nanoparticles, optical properties, a 34
   Pd/Pt/Au/Pd ohmic contacts, a 34
   polymer-coated Pt plates, in transistors, a 125
   polymers, containing Pt, a 123
   Pt(110) crystal, sonochemistry8
   Pt(111) surface, mechanism of O2 dissociation24
   Pt:SnO2 thin films, as CO sensors, a 80
   Pt, Pt0.89Ru0.13, electrooxidation, a 79
   Pt, Pt-Sn, Pt-Ru electrodes, CO oxidation, a 123
   Pt-coated Si, PZT film growth, a 39
   Pt-PEMs, for fuel cells, a 128
   Pt-Ru anodes, for DMFCs, a 178
   Pt-Ru/C, electrooxidation, of CO, a 34
   Pt/SiOx/Si/Al, cold cathodes10
   with RuO2, RuO2-TiO2, films, a 80
   thin films, by etching, a 80
     on SiO2/Si, by MOCVD, a 124
   Ti/Pt/Au, Schottky contact with InGaP, photodetectors, a 36
Platinum Alloys, Pt3-xAl1+x, phase transitions, a 78
   PtCo thin films, magnetic properties, a 123
   PtRu[N(Oct)4Cl]5 colloids, a 78
Platinum Complexes, calixarenes11, 163
   [NBu4][trans-PtIV(C6F5)4Br(CO)], structure, a 78
   (OC)Pt[μ-N,N1-N(NPh)C6H4],2-ReCl[NH(NPh)C6H4], a 123
   [Pt2L12μ-dppm)]2, [Pt2L22(μ-dppm)]2-, photoproperties, a 124
   Pt porphyrin, for O2 sensing, a 36
   cis-[PtCl2(NH3)2], cisplatin, a 174
   cis -, trans-[PtCl2(PhCH2,CN)2], [Pt(EtCN)4][SO3CF3]2106
   cis-PtCl2(razoxane), structure, a 78
   [{Pt(CN)(C10H21N4)}6], photoproperties, a 123
   Pt(II) dendrimers, SO2 sensor, a 176
   [Pt(L)](PF6)2, synthesis, a 174
   trans-[Pt(NC3H4C(O)NHC2H4ONO2)2Cl2], antitumour properties, a 83
   Pt(NO2)(H2O)3, in electroplating baths, a 124
   PtRu5C(CO)14(COD), with C60, a 174
“Platinum Labware Catalog”, Alfa Aesar144
Pollution Control, at 2nd Anglo-Dutch Symposium25
   at the SAE conference56
   toxic waste, electrochemical destruction90
   using fuel cell powered vehicles2
Polyacetylene, from phenylacetylene, a 82
Polyketones, synthesis158
Polymerisation, norbornene, PdCl2 catalysed, a 81
   phenylacetylene, a 82
   Ru catalysed158
Polymers, containing Pt, a 123
   electrolytes, a 79
   films, with Pt, in O2 sensors, a 36
     with Ru(II), photoproperties, a 35
   with Pd colloids, Heck reactions, a 38
   polypyrrole film electrodes, with Rh, Ir, Pd60, 163
   Pt coated, for medical implants55
   Rh/PPA(Na+)/DPPEA, olefin hydroformylation, a 127
   siloxane ring, in Ru pH sensors, a 80
   synthesis, Pd catalysed160
Propane, carbonylation, a 82
Protons, reduction, by Rh. Ir. Pd complexes60, 163
Razoxane, anti-cancer drug, a 78
Reduction, electro, CO2, Pd catalysed, a 79
   electrocatalytic, of protons60, 163
   electrochemical, of Ir, Rh fullerene complexes, a 35
   mono-ethyl fumarate, maleate, a 128
   NO, by propene, over Pt/γ-Al2O3, a 125
   tertiary amides, by hydrosilylation, a 82
Reforming, butane, zirconia fuel cells164
Relay Switches, in heterocycle, carbocycle assembly, a 177
Rhodium, Au reduction and stripping, a 36
   Rh/Pd-graphite, C nanotube production, a 174
Rhodium Complexes, [(C5R5)8M8(μ-CN)12], molecular cages157
   calixarenes11, 163
   fullerenes, electrochemical oxidation, reduction, a 35
Rhodium Compounds, Bi7RhBr8, structure, a 34
Ruthenium, Pt-Ru/C, electrooxidation, of CO. a 34
   Ru-doped TiO2 composite membranes, a 37
   Ru-Pt anodes, for DMFCs, a 178
   Ru-Pt electrodes, CO oxidation, a 123
   RuO2-VOx, dip-coated electrodes, electrochemical capacitors, a 35
   RuO2/Ti electrodes, from RuO2-La2O3/Ti, a 35
   TiO2/RuLL’NCS/CuSCN heterojunction, photoproperties, a 175
Ruthenium Alloys, PtRu[N(Oct)4Cl]5, colloids, a 78
   Ru0.11Pt0.89, electrooxidation, a 79
   Ru modified Fe-40Cr, Fe-35Cr-5Al, a 123
   RuSi, optical properties, a 78
Ruthenium Complexes, *Ru(4,7-(SO3C6H5)2-phen)34 with dendrimers, photoproperties, a 79
   tris(2,2’-bipyridine)Ru(II)-modified chitosan, oxalic acid sensor, a 176
   tris(5-acrylamido,1,10 phenanthroline) Ru chloride, O2 sensor, a 125
   tris-bipyridyl, Cl2 sensor, a 37
   [(bpy)2Ru(phendione)](PF6)2, [(bpy)2,Ru(phendioxime)](PF6)2, photoproperties, a 124
   calixarenes11, 163
   clusters, Ru/Os, Ru/Cu Ru/Hg146
   Ru5C(CO)15, PtRu5C(CO)l4(COD), with C60, a 174
   [Ru(bipy)2(L)]6+ molecular assemblies100
   [Ru(bpy)3]2+, O2 sensor, a 80
   Ru(bpy)32+ oxidation of Na anthracenide, pyrenide. a 35
   [Ru(bpy)321 (Ph4B)2], optical O2 sensor, a 176
   [Ru(bpy)N(bpy(CO2MePEG-350)2)3.N](ClO4)2, molten salts, a 34
   [Ru(CO)2(PPh3)(η-C5Me5)][Fe33-C2Bu1)(CO)9], a 174
   cis /trans -RuH2(Ph2PCH2PPh2)2, trans -RuHCl(Ph2PCH2PPh2)2, a 174
   Ru(η3-C(CN)2C[C≡C{Ru(PPh3)2Cp}]C=C(CN)2)-(PPh3)Cp, a 175
   Ru(H)(H2)Cl(PCy3)2, reactivity, a 34
   Ru(II)(2 2’-bipyridyl-4,4’dicarboxylate)2(NCS )2, photovoltaics140
   Ru(II) 4,4’-bipyridinium, optical properties, a 175
   Ru(ll), in polymer film, photoproperties, a 35
   cis -RuII(LH2)2(NCS)2, sensitiser for photovoltaic cells, a 35
   trans -[Ru(NH3)4L(NO)](BF4)3, a 175
   [Ru(phen)2[phen(OH)2]]2+, [Ru(Ph2phen)2-[phen(OH)2]]2, pH sensors, a 80
   Ru(PP3)H2, photochemical properties, a 35
   Ru(tap)2(bpy)2+, addition to DNA, a 79
   bis (terpyridyl)Ru(II), photoproperties, a 176
Ruthenium Compounds, RuO2, pH sensors, a 37
   RuO2, RuO2-TiO2, films, on Pt, a 80
   RuO2 nanoparticles/C electrodes, in supercapacitors, a 83
   (SrRuO3/BaxSr1x TiO3/SrRuO3), thin film capacitors, a 83
Schottky Contacts, InGaP. with Ti/Pt/Au, photodetectors, a 36
Schottky Diode, Pd/GaN, a 128
Selectivity, in Pd catalysed hydrogenations108
Sensors, Cl2, using Ru tris bipyridyl, a 37
   CO2, IrO2-, WO3-based, a 125
   CO, battery powered144
     Pd/SnO2 thin films, a 176
     SnO2-, Pt films, a 80
   glucose, with Os/polymer complex, a 37
   H2, Al-Al2O3-Pd diode, a 80
     by Pd film, a 125
     thermal, with Pd films, a 36
   inorganic ions, at Pt electrodes, a 36
   O2, by [Ru(bpy)3]2, in organogel, a 80
     fibre-optic. Ru-based, a 125
     optical, a 176
   photoluminescent, a 36
   oxalic acid, a 176
   Pd(I), properties, a 174
   pH, at RuO2electrodes, a 37
     luminescent Ru complexes, a 80
   photo, performance, a 36
   SO2, by Pt(II) dendrimers, a 176
   strain, a 125
Shape Memory, in Ti-Pd-Ni, a 83
Sodium Anthracenide, oxidation, by Ru(bpy)32+, a 35
Sodium Pyrenide, oxidation, by Ru(bpy)32+, a 35
Sonochemistry, for catalytic rate enhancement, on Pt surfaces8
Spectra, Pd(I). properties, a 174
Sputtering, of Pd/Co thin film multilayers, a 34
Stilbene, hydrogenation156
Stille Reactions, in supercritical CO2, a 177
Strain Gauges, PdCr thin films, a 125
Styrene, from phenylacetylene. Rh catalysed, a 39
   hydroformylation, a 177
   reaction with 1-bromoadamantane, a 126
Sulfoximines, N -arylated, synthesis, a 177
Sulfur Dioxide, sensor, Pt(II) dendrimers, a 176
Supercapacitors, RuO2 nanoparticles/C aerogels, a 83
Superconductors, β’-Et2Me2P[Pd(dmit)2]2, a 78
   β-[(CH3)4N][Pd(dmit)2]2, a 178
Supramolecules, Ru, Os complexes, electron transfer100
Surface Science, H2 uptake on Pd141
   Pd(0) surfaces160
Synthesis Gas, from methane, a 177
   giving MeOH, a 126
Thin Films, capacitors, Pt/(Ba, Sr)TiO3/Pt, a 83
   (SrRuO3/BaxSr1-xTiO3,/SrRuO3), a 83
   diamond, epitaxial, on Ir(001), a 36
   IrxSi1-x, a 78
   Pd, H2 sensors, a 125
   Pd/Co multilayers, magnetic properties, a 34
   Pd/SnO2, CO sensor, a 176
   PdCr, strain gauges, a 125
   Pt:SnO2, as CO sensors, a 80
   Pt, etched, a 80
     on SiO2/Si, by MOCVD, a 124
   PtCo, magnetic properties, a 123
   see also Films
Transistors, polycarbazole conducting polymer, a 125
Trichlorobenzene, photodegradation, a 175
Vinylpyrroles, hydroformylation. a 82
Waste, industrial, destruction90
Water, domestic, oxidation, a 126
   photodecomposition, over RuS2/SiO2, a 175
   waste, oxidation, over Ru/Mn/Ce, a 126
Wilkinson, Geoffrey, Prof. Sir168