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Platinum Metals Rev., 2000, 44, (4), 191

Subject Index To Volume 44

a = abstract
Acetates, ethyl, oxidation, a 87
   vinyl, hydroformylation, a 44
Acetic Acid, by carbonylation of MeOH89, 94
   Cativa™ process94, 146
Acetylenes, hydrogenation, a 138
Acrylates, methyl, for iodobenzene vinylation, a 138
ADMET, in organic synthesis168
Alcohols, allyl, hydrogenation, a 181
   by CO hydogenation3
   ethyl, sensor, in beer and wine, a 42
   methyl, carbonylation, Ir/I catalysed89, 94
     over Rh/hydrotalcite, a 88
   oxidation, a 88
Alfa Aesar, “High Purity Metals” catalogue55
Alkanes, hydrogenolysis3
Alkenes, epoxidation, a 181
   hydrogenation, a 43
Alkoxycarbonylation, 4-bromoacetophenone, a 182
Alkynes, as ligands, in [Pt2Cu4(C≡CPh)8]2, a 40
Allenes, copolymerisations, a 139
Alloys, dental31
   jewellery56, 156
   shape memory, a 179
Allylbenzenes, by Suzuki coupling, a 88
Aluminium, Al-Ir, Al-Ni-Ru, Al-Ru, phase diagrams56
   Al-Ir-Ru, phase diagram56, 85
   Ir-IrAl, Ru-RuAl, formation158
   NdRh4Al15.37, synthesis and structure, a 86
   Pt-Al-X, for high-temperature use158
   TiAl-Ru, properties of, a 40
Amidation, nitriles, with amines, a 139
Amination, 2(,5)-(di)bromothiophenes, a 88
Amines, from olefins, by hydroaminomethylation, a 44
   reaction with Pd and Pt dithiocarbamates, a 40
Ammonia, coupling with CH4, HCN synthesis, a 87
   in hydroaminomethylations, a 44
   oxidation, in nitric acid manufacture74
Antibacterial Agents, Ru(III) complexes, a 140
Arenes, vinyl, hydroformylation, a 44
Autocatalysts, conferences31, 67, 71
   diesel treatment67
   emission control22, 31, 56
   selective catalytic reduction67, 71
Benzene, ethyl-, dehydrogenation, a 181
Benzoic Acid, hetroaryl, synthesis, a 182
Biphenyl, synthesis, a 87
Bonding, pressure, using Pd-In, a 89
Book Reviews, “Catalysis by Polymer-Immobilized Metal Complexes”15
   “Catalysis from A to Z”167
   “Metals and the Royal Society”30
   S. Afr. J. Sci ., Pt in South Africa56
Bushveld Complex, geology, Pt and Pd reserves33, 56
Cancer, drugs31, 56, 140
Capacitors, in electronic equipment107, 137, 140
Carbenes, Pd, fluoroalkylated N -heterocyclic, a 136
   Ru, in metathesis58, 112, 168
Carbocycles, synthesis112, 138
Carbon, nanotubes, electroless plating of metals onto, a 42
   origins and pretreatment of, for Pd/C catalysts, a 181
   Pt/C fibres, H2 adsorption, a 135
Carbon Oxides, CO2, compressed, solvent, a 44
   sc-, solvent, a 136, 180, 182
   CO, codeposition with Os and Ru, a 40
     copolymerisation, with ethene, a 44, 139
   effect on H2 permeation, of membranes, a 85
   hydrogenation, to alcohols3
   living alternating copolymerisation, with allenes, a 139
   for NO reduction, on Ir/support, a 138
   oxidation, on anodic catalysts, for PEFCs, a 89
     over Pd25Zr75, a 87
     on Pt/C electrocatalysts, a 139
   reaction with NO3
   relativistic effects on PGMs146
   removal from reformate, using Demonox™ unit108
   sensor, a 137, 180
   in tobacco smoke, oxidation, by PGM catalysts120
Carbonylation, MeOH88, 89, 94
Carbonyls, OsCO+, Os(CO)x, Os(CO)x, IR spectra, a 40
   PGM clusters3
   Ru3(CO)12, decomposition, a 87
   RuCO+, Ru(CO)x, Ru(CO)x, IR spectra, a 40
Carboxylic Acids, citrate, effect on PtCl42−” reduction, a 179
Casting, lost wax, for jewellery manufacture156
Catalysis, book reviews15, 56, 167
   combinatorial screening techniques16
   heterogeneous, a 43, 87–88, 137–138, 181–182
     time resolved DRIFT studies, a 87
   homogeneous, a 44, 88–89, 138–139, 182
   in metathesis58, 112, 168
   relativistic phenomena, in chemistry of PGMs146
   solventless, microwave-assisted, Suzuki coupling, a 182
   in subcriticai H2O, a 138
Catalysts, Adams, a 43
   auto-, see Autocatalysts
   book reviews15, 56, 167
   Grubb’s168, 182
   model, “nanopits” and “nanotowers”, a 138
   PGM/polymer, book review15
   PGMs, in HotSpot™ reformer108
     to limit tobacco related diseases120
   recovery, a 41, 88, 138, 139
   recycling, a 43, 87, 138, 181, 182
   three-way, see Three-Way Catalysts
Catalysts, Iridium, Ir2Si oxide, Ir3Ti oxide16
   Ir/γ-Al2O3, Ir/SiO2, Ir/silicalite, NO reduction, a 138
Catalysts, Iridium Complexes, Cativa™ process94
   Ir hydrides, low valent, for nitrile activation, a 139
   Ir/I, in MeOH carbonylation89, 94
   [IrCl3(l,5-cyclooctadiene)], IrCl3, [IrCl3(cyclooctene)], [IrCl3(norbornadiene)], IrCl3.3H2O, metathesis58
   Rh/Ir/TPPTS, olefin hydroaminomethylation, a 44
Catalysts, Osmium, Os2Si oxide16
Catalysts, Osmium Complexes, OsCl3, metathesis58, 168
   OsCl3(hydrate), OsCl3.3H2O, metathesis58
   OsHCl(CO)(O2)(PR3)2, OsHCl(CO)(PR3)2, OsHCl(CO)(PPh3)(dppp), hydrogenation, a 139
   Os(II) naphthalenes, cyclisation reactions, a 139
Catalysts, Palladium, Pd1Si oxide16
   Pd25Zr75, CO oxidation, a 87
   Pd-Cu/Dowex 50 W X, nitrate removal from H2O, a 43
   Pd-Cu/TiO2, Pd-Cu/ZrO2, nitrate reduction84
   Pd-In, Pd-Sn, nitrate reduction84
   Pd-Pt-Ce/Al2O3, bleach plant effluent treatment, a 43
   Pd-Sn/TiO2, Pd-Sn/ZrO2, nitrate reduction84
   Pd/γ-Al2O3, CF2Cl2 hydrogenolysis, a 138
   Pd/Al2O3, propane oxidation, a 138
   Pd/γ-Al2O3, trichloroethylene oxidation, a 138
   Pd/C, acetylenes hydrogenation, a 138
     iodobenzene vinylation, a 138
     olefins hydrogenation, a 138
     origin of C, pretreatment of C surface, a 181
   Pd/C and PEG-400, aryl-aryl coupling, a 87
   Pd/KF/Al2O3, Suzuki coupling, a 182
   Pd/“Mg-smectite”, iodobenzene vinylation, a 138
   Pd/SiO2, iodobenzene vinylation, a 138
   Pd/SiO2, “nanopits”. “nanolowers”, a 138
   Pd/zeolite-X, methyldecalin hydrocracking, a 181
   PdCl2/clay, Suzuki coupling, a 88
Catalysts, Palladium Complexes, π-allylpalladium, a 88
   (η2-C60)Pd(PPh3)2, theoretical studies, a 88
   Pd carbenes, a 136
   Pd + 1,3-C3H6[P(C6H3-2-OMe-5-SO3Na)2]2, a 139
   Pd-wool, carbonyl hydrogenation, a 87
   PdCl2/Adogen 464, oxidation of alcohols, a 88
   PdCl2/polystyrene, preparation, a 86
   PdCl2(PhCN)2/PPh3, in alkoxycarbonylation. a 182
   Pd(OAc)2, carbocycle synthesis, a 138
   Pd(OAc)2/PBut3, dibromothiophenes + diarylamines, a 88
   Pd(OAc)2/P(o -tolyl)3, Suzuki coupling, a 182
   [Pd(P-P)(N-N)x](PF6)2, CO + C2H4 copolymerisation, a 44
   Pd(PPh3)2Cl2, Suzuki coupling, a 182
   Pd(PPh3)4, in alkoxycarbonylation, a 182
     coupling reactions, a 89
     Suzuki coupling, a 182
   (R4N)2PdX4, oxidation of alcohols, a 88
Catalysts, Platinum, Pt+ HCN synthesis, a 87
   [Pt9(CO)18]2−/, [Pt12(CO)24]2−/NaY, [Pt15(CO)30]2−[NBu4]+/, [Pt15(CO)30]2− [NEt4]+/FSM-16, Pt nanoparticles/, Pt nanowires/FSM-16, WGSR3
   Pt, sputtered on gasochromic sol-gel WO3 films155
   Pt-Co/, Pt-Cu/, Pt-Fe/, Pt-Ni/, Pt-Ru/C, Pt/C/Nafion, for DMFC, a 182
   Pt/, Pt-Ga/, Pt-Pb/, Pt-Sn/, Pt-Sn-Ga/Al2O3, Al2O3 + K, ZnAl2O4, propane dehydrogenation, a 181
   Pt-Rh/Al2O3-CeO2, TWC, a 137
   Pt/γ-Al2O3, Na-promoted, NO reduction by propene, a 43
   Pt/γ-Al2O3, trichloroethylene oxidation, a 138
   Pt/C electrocatalysts, CO oxidation, a 139
   Pt/Ce0.68Zr0.32O2, TWC, oxygen storage capacity124
   Pt/poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-SiO2 hydrogenation, a 181
   Pt/W6+-doped TiO2, ethyl acetate oxidation, a 87
   PtCl4 with Dowex® 1, alkene hydrogenation, a 43
   PtO2/Al2O3, PtRuOx, colloidal (pre(catalysts, a 43
Catalysts, Rhodium, Pt-Rh/Al2O3-CeO2, TWC, a 137
   Rh1 Ti oxide, Rh2Si oxide, Rh2Ti oxide16
   Rh nanoparticles/hydrotalcite, MeOH carbonylation, a 88
   Rh/ZrO2-SiO2, CH4 combustion, a 43
Catalysts, Rhodium Complexes, chlorotris-(triazaphosphaadamantane)Rh(I), hydrogenation, a 44
   (R )-BINAP-Rh(I), vinyl acetate hydroformylation. a 44
   Rh2(OAc)4, in cyclopropanations, a 139
   Rh phosphites, hex-1-ene hydroformylation, a 182
   Rh (R.S )-H2F6-BINAPHOS, in hydroformylations, a 44
   Rh-MeDuPHOS/PDMS, hydrogenation, a 88
   Rh/Ir/TPPTS, olefin hydroaminomethylation, a 44
   RhCl3, metathesis58
   (RhCl(COD)2), vitamin E synthesis, a 182
   Rh(η3-CH(Ar′)C {C(=CHAr′)CH2C(=CHAr′)-CH2CH2CH=CHAr′}CH2](PPh3)2, a 139
   Rh(PPh3)2LCl (L = CO, PPh3), metathesis58
   Wilkinson’s catalyst, dehydrocoupling polymerisations172
Catalysts, Ruthenium, MoxRuySez–(CO)n, for PEFC, a 89
   PtRuOx, colloidal (pre)catalysts. a 43
   [PW11O39RuII(DMSO)]5−, in oxidations, a 182
   Ru1 Ti oxide, Ru2Si oxide, Ru3Ti oxide16
   Ru/anion exchange resin, in H2 generation, a 140
   Ru/SiO2 aerogel, for N,N -diethylformamide synthesis, a 88
Catalysts, Ruthenium Complexes, dihydridocarbonyl-Ru(PPh3)3, poly(silyl ethers) synthesis, a 139
   Grubb’s catalyst168, 182
   K2RuCl5, metathesis58
   poly-cis -[Ru(vbpy)2(py)2](PF6)2, in electrocatalysis, a 136
   Ru carbenes, metathesis58, 112, 168
   Ru hydrides, low valent, for nitrile activation, a 139
   Ru-melanoidin, for H2 generation, from H2O, a 137
   Ru(bpy)33+ + RuO2 adsorbing Ru-red, H2O oxidation, a 44
   RuCl2(=CH2)(PCy3)2, RCM112
   RuCl2(=CHCH=CPh2)(PCy3)2, RCM112
   RuCl2(=CHCH=CPh2)(PR3)2, ROMP168
   RuCl2(=CHPh)(PCy3)2, metathesis112, 168
   RuCl2[Ph2P(CH2)3PPh2]2/SiO2, for N,N -diethylformamide synthesis, a 88
   RuCl2(PPh3)2(=CHPh), metathesis58
   RuCl2(PPh3)3, ROMP168
   RuCl2(PR3)2(=CHC6H4CH=)RuCl2(PR3)2 ROMP58, 168
   RuCl2(PR3)2(=CHCH=CHPh), metathesis58
   [RuCl3(COD)], ROMP168
   RuCl3, RuCl3(hydrate), [RuCl3(norbomadiene)], [RuCl3(norbornene)], Ru(H2O)6(tos)2, metathesis58
   [RuH], RCM, metallacycle synthesis112
   RuHCl(CO)(PPh3)3, ADMET reactions168
   Ru(II) porphyrin-resin, alkene epoxidation, a 181
Cativa™, acetic acid manufacturing process94, 146
Chemiluminescence, see Luminescence
Chlorobenzenes, in aryl-aryl coupling, a 87
Chlorofluorocarbons, CF2Cl2, hydrogenolysis, a 138
CHP Systems, using HotSpot™ fuel reformer108
Clusters, alloy, in MCM-41, in NaY3
   Chini, synthesis3
   PGM carbonyls, in FSM-16, in NaY3
   [Rh6(CO)15(COOMe)], [Ru6C(CO)16(COOMe), a 179
   transformations to nanoparticles, in micro/mesopores3
   see also Nanoclusters
Coatings, Ir oxide, for electrodes106
     for medical implants106
   multilayer, MoRu/Be, a 140
   see also Deposition and Electrodeposition
Colloids, Au-Pt, Pt-Au, a 136
   Au/Pt, Au/Pt/Au14
   Pd, aggregation behaviour, using cryo-imaging111
   Pd-Cu, a 135
   Pt, on poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-SiO2, a 181
Combinatorial Chemistry, in heterogeneous catalysis16
Conferences, 14th Santa Fe Symposium, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A., May, 2000156
   First Int. Symp. on Iridium, Nashville, Tennesse, U.S.A., March. 2000106
   Int. Symp. on Precious Metals, Kunming, China, Sept., 199931
   SAE, Detroit, U.S.A., March, 200067
   Second Int. Conf. on Health Effects from Vehicle Emissions, London, U.K., Feb., 200071
Copper, CuAlPd, shape memory properties, a 179
   electroless deposition, a 42, 180
Coupling Reactions, biphenyl synthesis, a 87
   bis(diarylamino)thiophenes synthesis, a 88
   C-N. for HCN synthesis, a 87
   poly(aryleneethynylene) synthesis, a 89
   see also Heck Reactions and Suzuki Couplings
CRT™, for diesel emission control67, 71
Crucibles, Ir, for crystal growth106
Crystals, RRh2Ge2 (R = Gd, Tb, Dy), magnetism, a 85
Cycloolefins, ROMP58, 168
Cyclopropanation, styrene with diazoindanone, a 139
Dearomatisation, naphthalenes, a 139
Decarbonylation, of Ru nitrosonaphthols, a 136
Decarboxylation, of allyl carbonates, allyl formates, allyl β-keto carboxylates, a 88
Dehydrogenation, hydrocarbons, a 181
Demonox™, CO clean-up unit, for HotSpot™ reformer108
Dental, alloys, Pd-Ag, Pd-Au31
Deposition, chemical fluid, of Pd, Pt, Rh, a 180
   pulsed laser, of Ir thin films, a 42
   of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films, a 89
   see also Coatings and Electrodeposition
Dienes, addition of phenols, a 182
Diesel, emission control22, 67
   particulates, control by CRT™67, 71
β-Diketones, Ir(III) β-diketonates106, 179
   Ru(III) β-diketones, butadiyne bridged polymer, a 41
DNA, cleavage, a 179
Effluents, bleach plant, treatment with Pd-Pt-Ce/Al2O3, a 43
Electrical Contacts, Pd-Ge ohmic contact, to GaAs, a 44
Electrocatalysis, poly-cis -[Ru(vbpy)2(py)2](PF6)2, a 136
Electrochemistry, a 41, 86
   Ir oxide films, redox reactions, a 86
   lr(IV) chloro complexes, for insulin determination, a 181
   Pt/Ti electrodes, voltammetric behaviour, a 86
   Ru binuclear pyrazines, molecular hysteresis, a 86
Electrodeposition, of Au/Pt and Au/Pt/Au colloids14
   Ni/Pd, on Cu, a 86
   Pd, for decorative and functional applications156
   platinised Ti, for electrodes, a 86
   Pt, for decorative and functional applications156
     from alkaline electrolyte, a 180
   Pt black, on evaporated Pt electrodes, a 180
   Pt films, onto microelectrodes, a 86
   Pt and W, onto Au, a 42
   Rh, for decorative and functional applications156
   Sn, using IrO2-Ta2O5-SnO2/Ti electrodes, a 137
   see also Coatings and Deposition
Electrodeposition and Surface Coatings, a 42, 86–87, 137, 180
Electrodes, gate, Pt-SnO2. porous, in CO sensor, a 180
   Ir oxide coatings106
   Ir-Ta-O, for SrBi2Ta2O9 thin film deposition, a 89
   Ir-Ta-O/Ta/Si, properties, a 89
   IrO2-Ta2O5-SnO2/Ti, for Sn plating, a 137
   IrOx/glassy C, in insulin sensor, a 181
   Os-gel-HRP/XOD/glassy C, biosensor, a 181
   PdO, as damage markers, in RAM capacitors107
   Pt, micro-, with high surface areas, a 86
     tubular, as amperometric detector, a 87
   Pt+C+PTFE/C cloth, for Ni electrowinning, a 41
   Pt black on evaporated Pt, preparation, a 180
   Pt | WO3, EtOH sensor, a 42
   Pt/Ru/poly-Si, by MOCVD, integration, a 137
   Pt/Ti, voltammetric behaviour, a 86
   radial flow microring21
   Ru intermetallic compounds, for spark plugs56
   Ru-Rh + poly(1,3-diaminobenzene), H2O2 detection, a 42
   ultramicro-, Pt disc, Pt ring21
Electroless Plating, Cu, a 42, 180
   Pd, onto C nanotubes, using Pd-Sn activator, a 42
     on porous Vycor glass, for membranes, a 137
     thin films, on composite membrane, a 43
   Pd activator, using dielectric barrier discharge, a 180
   Pt activator, from Pt acetylacetonate films, a 42
Electronic Nose, gas emissions, detector57
Electrowinning, Ni, using Pt+C+PTFE/C cloth anode, a 41
Emission Control, motor vehicles22, 31, 56, 67, 71, 124, 137
Epoxidation, alkenes, a 181
Esterification, nitriles, with alcohols, a 139
Ethene, with CO, copolymerisation, a 44, 139
   relativistic effects on PGMs146
Ethers, crown, synthesis112
Ethyl Acetate, oxidation, over Pt/W6+-doped TiO2, a 87
Extraction, PGMs31, 33, 56, 105
Films, by chemical fluid deposition, Pd, Pt, Rh, a 180
   gasochromic, sol-gel Pt (sputtered) WO3155
   Ir oxide, redox reactions, a 86
   Ir-Ta-O, by reactive sputtering, a 89
   Langmuir-Blodgett, Pt loaded, porphyrins, a 41
   Ni/Pd, on Cu, reaction with Sn-Pb, a 86
   Pd, stress and resistivity changes, with H2, a 40
   Pt, nanostructured, for microelectrodes, a 86
   Pt acetylacetonate, photo-induced decomposition, a 42
   PZT, a 140
   see also Thin Films
Formamides, N,N -diethyl-, synthesis, a 88
Fuel Cells, a 44, 89, 139–140, 182
   AFC, Pd-based H2 diffusion electrodes, a 140
     Pt/C-PTFE electrodes, a 140
   anode exhaust gas burner, for HotSpot™ system108
   Demonox™ CO clean-up unit108
   DMFC, Pt-Co/, Pt-Cu/, Pt-Fe/. Pt-Ni/, Pt-Ru/C, Pt/C/Nafion, electrocatalysts, a 182
   H2 generator, for PEMFC, a 140
   HotSpot™ reformer108
   PEFC, CO oxidation, activity of anodic catalysts, a 89
     MoxRuySez-(CO)n electrocatalysts for, a 89
     Pt/C, Ru/C, Pt-Ru/C, anodic catalysts, a 89
   PEMFC, H2 generator for, a 140
     Pt | BAM® 407, a 44
     Pt | Nafion, a 89
     Pt | Nafion® 117, a44
   Pt/C electrocatalysts, EXAFS of CO oxidation, a 139
   PtRuOx colloidal electrocatalysts, a 43
Fullerenes, (η2-C60)Pd(PPh3)2, catalytic mechanism, a 88
Gasochromism, in sol-gel Pt (sputtered) WO3 films155
Gauzes, Pt-Pd-Rh, Pt-Rh, metal surface composition74
Geology, South Africa.33, 56, 105
Germanium, Ru2Ge3, optical spectra, a 135
Graphite, layers, for forming Pt nanosheets, a 135
Heck Reactions, iodobenzene with methyl acrylate, a 138
   Pd catalysts, without ligands, a 138
Helium, permeability, in Pd-YSZ membranes, a 180
Heterocycles, in synthesis112, 168
Hex-1-ene, hydroformylation, a 182
“High Purity Metals”, Alfa Aesar catalogue55
High Temperature, alloys158
History, discovery of the Pt isotopes173
   Étienne Lenoir.125, 166
   “Metals and the Royal Society”, George Matthey, Percival Norton Johnson30
   metric system, kilogramme, metre125, 166
HotSpot™ Reformer, fuel processor108
Hydration, nitriles, a 139
Hydroaminomethylation, olefins, a 44
Hydrocarbons, dehydrogenation, a 181
   methyldecalin, hydrocracking, a 181
   traps, in emissions control67
Hydrocracking, methyldecalin, a 181
Hydroformylation, vinyl acetate, vinyl arenes, a 44
   hex-1-ene, in sc-CO2, a 182
Hydrogen, adsorption, on Pt/C fibres, a 135
   chemisorption, on Pd-Re, a 135
   effects, in Pd films, a 40
   isotherms of internal oxidation, in Pd0.90Rh0.05Ni0.05, a 135
   permeation, in Pd membranes, a 43, 85
   photoevolution, via Pt-loaded LB films, a 41
   production, by HotSpot™ fuel processor108
     using Ru catalysts, a 137, 140
   reduction, of PtCl42−, a 179
   sensor, a 40
   separation, by Pd/α-Al2O3 membranes, a 43
   solubility, in PdAg, PdRh, a 179
Hydrogen Cyanide, from CH4 + NH3, Pt+ mediated, a 87
Hydrogen Peroxide, detection, a 42
Hydrogenation, acetylenes, a 138
   acrylonitrile-butadiene copolymers, a 139
   alkenes, a 43
   allyl alcohol, a 181
   asymmetric, 3-methyl-2-butanone, diacetone alcohol, a 87
   by PGM/polymer catalysts15
   1-decene, a 43
   methylacetoacetate, a 88
   olefins, a 138
   phospholipid liposomes, a 44
Hydrogenolysis, alkanes3
   CF2Cl2, a 138
   propane, a 138
Hydrosilylation, in polymerisations, a 139
Hypoxanthine, biosensor, a 181
Insulin, sensor, a 181
Intermetallics, PGM-based, high-temperature use158
Iodobenzene, vinylation, a 138
Indium, coatings, for rocket thrusters106
   crucibles, crystal growth106
   in jewellery106
   in MOSFETs57
   spark plugs106
   thin films, by pulse laser deposition, a 42
Iridium Alloys, Al-Ir, phase diagram56
   Al-Ir-Ru, phase diagram56, 85
   for high-temperature use158
   Ir-IrAl, eutectic, formation158
Iridium Complexes, (η-C5H5)Ir(CO)2, as a ligand, a 41
   Ir β-diketonates106, 179
   Ir fluoro derivatives106
   Ir(III) bis-terpyridines, pH sensitive luminescence, a 41
   Ir(IV) chloro, for insulin determination, a 181
Iridium Compounds, electrodes, see Electrodes
   Ir oxide, coatings, for medical implants106
     hydrous, redox reactions, a 86
   Ir-Ta-O, electrode material, by reactive sputtering, a 89
Iron, Fe-Ru, damping capacity157
Isotopes, Pt, discovery of173
Jewellery, electroplating, Pd, Pt, Rh156
   Ir additions106
   powder metallurgy156
   Pt, Pt alloys56, 156
   Pt-Au composites56
   14th Santa Fe Symposium, manufacturing technology156
Johnson Matthey, CRT™ diesel emission control67, 71
   Demonox™ system108
   George Matthey30
   HotSpot™ reformer108
   Percival Norton Johnson30
   “Platinum 2000”119
   selective catalytic reduction unit67
Ketones, 4-bromoacetophenone, alkoxycarbonylation, a 182
   hydrogenation, a 87
   poly-, synthesis, a 139
   α,β-unsaturated, epoxidation, a 181
Kondo Insulator, NdxCe3−xPt3Sb4, pressure tuning55
Langmuir-Blodgett Films, H2 evolution, a 41
Lasers, KrF excimer, deposition of Ir thin films, a 42
LEDs, organic, from Pt porphyrins66
Luminescence, chemi-, Rh(bpy)32+ dodemorph sensor, a 137
   Ir(III) bis-terpyridines, as pH sensors, a 41
   Nafion membranes, dyed with Ru(II) complexes, a 42
   photo-, Pd3(acetate)6, a 41
   [RhIII(phpy)2(CN)2]-, a 136
   [Pt2Cu4(C≡CPh)8]2, a 40
   [Ru(bipy)2(Sbipy)]2+, a 180
Magnetism, ferro-, in FePl nanocrystal superlattices, a 135
   in Pr3RuO7, a 179
   in RPd3S4 (R = Ce, Gd), a 40
   in RRh2Ge2 (R = Gd, Tb, Dy), a 85
Medical, implants, Ir oxide coatings106
   Ru complexes, antibacterial agents, a 140
Membranes, Pd composite, for H2 separation, a 181
   Pd-Ag/γ-Al2O3, preparation, a 43
   Pd-modified YSZ, He permeation, a 180
   Pd/α-Al2O3, for H2 separation, a 43
   Pd/porous Vycor glass, preparation, a 137
   Pd/stainless steel, H2 permeation, a 85
   PDMS, with Rh-MeDuPHOS, a 88
Memory, capacitors, Pt/BST/Pt, /Pt/Ru, /RuO2, a 140
   ferroelectric, PZT/Pt/TiN/Si and SiO2 multilayers, a 140
   RAM, with PdO bottom electrode, as damage marker107
Merensky Reef, geology33, 56
Metallisation, Pd. Pt. Rh. chemical fluid deposition, a 180
Metathesis, acyclic diene168
   ring-opening polymerisation58, 168
Methane, combustion, on Rh/ZrO2-SiO2, a 43
   coupling with NH3, HCN synthesis, a 87
   formation, during MeOH carbonylation, a 89
   sensor, by SnO2/Os thin films, a 87
Metric System, history125, 166
Michael Additions, in Os(II) complexes, a 139
Microwaves, for Suzuki couplings, a 182
   for synthesis, of [PW11O39RuII(DMSO)]5−, a 182
Mining, South Africa33, 56, 105
MISFETs, sensor, for CO detection, a 180
MOCVD, Pt/Ru, electrode structures, on poly-Si. a 137
MOSFETs, in electronic nose57
Nanoclusters, PGM, synthesis3, 166
Nanoparticles, AucorePtshell, PtcoreAUshell, preparation, a 136
   FePt, preparation, a 135
   from clusters, in micro/mesopores3
   Pd, quasi 2D, a 85
   Pd(II) hexametallic cartwheel molecules, a 41
   PdxCu100−x, preparation, a 135
   Pt, from PtCl42−, a 179
   Rh, on hydrotalcite, synthesis, a 88
Nanorods, colloids, Au/Pt. Au/Pt/Au14
Nanosheets, Pt, between graphite layers, a 135
Nanotechnology, model Pd catalysts, a 138
Nanotubes, C. Ni-, Pd-plated, using Pd-Sn activator, a 42
Nanowires, Pt, in FSM-16 mesoporous channels3
Naphthalenes, dearomatisation, a 139
Neodymium, NdRh4Al15.37, synthesis and structure, a 86
   NdxCe3−xPt3Sb4, pressure tuning of55
Nickel, from NiSO4, using Pt+C+PTFE/C cloth anode, a 41
Niobium, Nb50Ru50, shape memory effect, a 85
Nitrates, catalytic removal from H2O43, 84
Nitric Acid, manufacture, gauze technology74
Nitriles, -butadiene copolymers, hydrogenation, a 139
   amidation. esterification, hydration, a 139
Nitrogen Oxides, NO, reaction with CO3
     reduction, a 43, 138
   NOx, -traps, for lean-burn gasoline engines67
     lean-, catalysts67
     removal from motor vehicle emissions22, 67
     in tobacco smoke, reduction, by PGM catalysts120
Ohmic Contacts, see Electrical Contacts
Olefins, cyclo-, ROMP58, 168
   hydroaminomethylation. a 44
   hydrogenation, a 138
Optical Properties, Ru2Ge3, Ru2Si3. a 135
Osmium, powders, high purity, synthesis31
   with SnO2, sensor, for CH4, a 87
Osmium Complexes, Cp(OC)2IrOs(CO)3(GeCl3)(Cl), Cp(OC)2IrOs(CO)3(X)2, a 41
   electrodes. Os-gel-HRP/XOD/glassy C, biosensor, a 181
   OsCO+, Os(CO)x, Os(CO)x, IR spectra, a 40
Osmosis, in Pd membrane preparation, a 43, 137
Oxidation, adamantane, a 182
   alcohols, a 88
   bleach plant effluents, over Pd-Pt-Ce/Al2O3, a 43
   CO, a 87, 139
   in tobacco smoke, by PGM catalysts120
   cyclooctene, a 182
   ethyl acetate, a 87
   H2O, a 44
   high temperature, in Ni-Cr-Al-Y-Cr3C2 alloys, a 40
   internal, in Pd0.90RH0.05Ni0.05. a 135
   propane, a 137, 138
   propene, a 137
   trichloroethylene, a 138
   VOCs, a 87, 138
Oxygen, sensors, a 42
Ozone, motor vehicle pollution22
Palladium, activator, for electroless Cu plating, a 180
   colloids, aggregation behaviour, cryo-imaging of111
   Cu/Ni/Pd, interfacial reaction with Sn-Pb, a 86
   H2 effects on, a 40
   membranes, a 43, 85, 137, 180, 181
   in MOSFETs57
   nanoclusters, Au/Pd, Pd/Au, Pd/Au/Ag166
   nanoparticles, 2D, a 85
   with Pd-In, pressure bonding, a 89
   powders, submicron39
   thermocouples, thermoelectric behaviour, a 137
Palladium Alloys, CuAlPd, shape memory properties, a 179
   membranes, a 43
   nanoparticles, PdxCu100−x, a 135
   Pd0.09Rh0.05Ni0.05, internal oxidation, a 135
   Pd-Ag and Pd-Au, dental31
   Pd-Ge ohmic contact, to GaAs, a 44
   Pd-In, for pressure bonding, a 89
   Pd-Re overlayers and surfaces, H2 chemisorption, a 135
   PdAg, PdRh, H solubility, a 179
Palladium Complexes, [Pd2(μ-Se)2(dppe)2], synthesis, a 179
   Pd3(acetate)6, photoluminescence, a 41
   [Pd33-Se)2(dppe)3]Cl2, synthesis, a 179
   Pd acetate, plasma-induced chemical reduction, a 180
   Pd carbenes, fluoroalkylated N -heterocyclic, a 136
   Pd dithiocarbamates, reactions with amines, a 40
   Pd olefins, with P ligands, properties, a 85
   trans -[PdCl2(l,4-oxatellurane)2], synthesis, a 136
   PdCl2/polystyrene, a 86
   Pd(II) end-capped ferrocenes with thiophene spacers, a 85
   Pd(II) heterobimetallics, a 85
   Pd(II) hexametallic cartwheel molecules, a 41
   Pd(II) porphyrins, synthesis of, as DNA cleavers, a 179
   Pd(II) with C6[3,5-(CH2Y)2C6H3]6, a 41
   (R4N)2PdX4, (n -Bu4N)2Pd2Cl6, a 88
Palladium Compounds, PdCl2-graphite, intercalation, a 85
   PdO, damage markers, in RAMs107
   RPd3S4 (R = Ce, Gd), a 40
   ZrPd3Si3, synthesis and properties, a 86
Patents45–48, 90–92, 141–144, 183–186
pH, sensor system, a 41
Phase Diagrams, Al-Ir, Al-Ni-Ru, Al-Ru56
   Al-Ir-Ru56, 85
Phenols, addition, to dienes, a 182
Photocatalysis, Ru-melanoidin, for H2, from H2O, a 137
Photoconversion, a 41–42, 136–137, 180
Photoluminescence, see Luminescence
Photoproperties, nanoparticles, AucorePtshell, PtcoreAUshell, a 136
   NO-Ru complexes, with en and ox ion ligands, a 136
   Pd(II) porphyrins, as DNA cleavers, a 179
   Pt(trpy)Cl+ with pyrene substituent, ILCT character, a 180
   [Ru(bipy)2(Sbipy)]2+, a 180
   Ru(II) polypyridyls, photosensitisers for TiO2, a 136
   sol-gel Pt (sputtered) WO3 films, gasochromism155
Photoreactions, H2 evolution, using Pt LB films, a 41
   [Ru(bipy)2(Sbipy)]2+, + dissolved O2, a 180
“Platinum 2000”119
Platinum, capacitors, Pt/BST/Pt, /Pt/Ru, /RuO2, a 140
   colloids, on poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-SiO2, a 181
   electrodeposition, from alkaline electrolyte, a 180
   Pt films, on microelectrodes, a 86
   electrodes, see Electrodes
   gates, in SiC MOS capacitors, for gas sensors, a 137
   isotopes, history of the discovery173
   jewellery56, 156
   kilogramme, metre, definitive standards for the metric system125, 166
   mining, in South Africa33, 56, 105
   in MOSFETs57
   nanoclusters, Au/Pt, Pt/Ru166
   nanoparticles, AucorePtshell, PtcoreAushell, preparation, a 136
   Pt, from PtCl4,2−, a 179
   nanosheets, between graphite layers, a 135
   powders, submicron39
   Pt, to Ni-Cr-Al-Y-Cr3C2, effects on oxidation, a 40
   Pt/C fibres, H2 adsorption, a 135
   Pt/Ru, electrode structures, on poly-Si, by MOCVD, a 137
   PZT/Pt/TiN/Si and SiO2 multilayers, a 140
   Schottky diodes, Au/Pt/GaN, properties157
   thermal decomposition of NaCl on, a 85
   thermocouples, thermoelectric behaviour, a 137
Platinum Alloys, CoPt ultrathin films, by sputtering, a 40
   FePt, nanocrystal superlattices, nanoparticles, a 135
     ultrathin films, by sputtering, a 40
   for high-temperature use158
   jewellery56, 156
   NdxCe3−xPt3Sb4, Kondo insulator, pressure tuning55
   Pt-Al-X, for high-temperature use158
Platinum Complexes, cancer drugs31, 56, 140
   organo-Pt(IV) polymers, by H-bonding118
   poly-Pt porphyrins, O2 sensors, a 42
   [Pt2Cu4(C≡CPh)8]2, luminescence, a 40
   [Pt33-Te)2(dppe)3]Cl2, synthesis, a 179
   Pt acetylacetonate, photo-induced decomposition, a 42
   Pt dithiocarbamates, reactions with amines, a 40
   Pt porphyrins, in organic LEDs66
   trans -[PtCl2(l,4-oxatellurane)2], synthesis, a 136
   PtCl42−, reduction by H2, a 179
   Pt(dmg)2, ID, pressure-induced IMI transitions, a 135
   Pt(II) end-capped ferrocenes with thiophene spacers, a 85
   Pt(II) heterobimetallics, a 85
   [PtMe2(bu2bipy)] + RCH2X, in Pt(IV) polymers118
   [PtSe4(dppe)], synthesis, a 179
   Pt(trpy)Cl+ with pyrene substituent, photoproperties, a 180
Platinum Compounds, Ba4CuPt2O9, superconductors, a 89
   Pt-oxide thin films, by reactive sputtering, a 42
   PtCl4-graphite, by intercalation reaction, a 135
   Zeise’s salt, relativistic effects146
Platinum Group Metals, in HotSpot™ system108
   in limitation of tobacco related diseases120
   intermetallics, for high-temperature use158
   relativistic phenomena146
Platreef, geological review33
Pollution Control, bleach plant effluent, a 43
   motor vehicles22, 31, 56, 67, 71, 124, 137
   nitrate removal, from water43, 139
Polyketones, synthesis, a 139
Polymerisation, co-, a 44, 139
   dehydrocoupling, to silphenylenesiloxanes172
   electro-, of Pt porphyrins, a 42
   hydrosilylation, to poly(silyl ethers), a 139
   ROMP58, 168
Polymers, binding Pt complexes to, for cancer drugs56
   nitrile-butadiene, hydrogenation, a 139
   metallisation of, a 180
   organo-Pt(IV), by H-bonding118
   poly(1,3-diaminobenzene) + Ru-Rh electrode, a 42
   poly(aryleneethynylene), preparation, a 89
   polycyclic, synthesis112
   poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-SiO2, Pt colloids on, a 181
   poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone), in core/shell nanoclusters166
   poly(silyl ethers), synthesis, a 139
   polystyrene, PdCl2 anchorage, a 86
   Ru(III) β-diketone with butadiyne, a 41
   silphenylenesiloxanes, synthesis172
   for supported PGM catalysts15
   unsaturated, from ROMP of cycloolefins58
Powder Metallurgy, in jewellery manufacture156
Powders, Os, Rh, synthesis31
   submicron, Pd and Pt, synthesis39
Pressure Tuning, NdxCe3−x, Pt3Sb455
   Pt(dmg)2, ID, IMI transitions, a 135
Propane, dehydrogenation, a 181
   oxidation, a 137, 138
Propene, from propane, a 181
   oxidation, a 137
Propylene, from propane, a 181
Radioactivity, of Rh isotopes, drug production50
Radionuclides, 105Rh, 105Ru50
Radiotherapy, isotopically enriched Ir106
Rare Earths, RRh2Ge2 (R = Gd, Tb, Dy), magnetism, a 85
RCM, in organic synthesis112
Reactive Hot Isostatic Pressing, RuAl materials158
Reduction, NO, a 138
   of Pd/C catalysts, by H2, a 181
   in subcriticai H2O, a 138
Refining, PGMs31, 106
Relativistic Effects, on chemistry of PGMs146
Rhenium, Pd-Re, H2 chemisorption, a 135
Rhodium, 105Rh, production50
   nanoclusters, Au/Rh166
   nanoparticles, on hydrotalcite, synthesis, a 88
   powders, synthesis31
   Ru-Rh electrode, + poly(1,3-diaminobenzene), a 42
Rhodium Alloys, Pd0.90Rh0.05Ni0.05, internal oxidation, a 135
   PdRh, H solubility, a 179
Rhodium Complexes, [acac(Rh)(COD)], precursor, a 180
   [Rh6(CO)15(COOMe)], mass spectrum, a 179
   [RhIII(phpy)2(CN)2], photoluminescence, a 136
   Rh(PPh3)3Cl146, 172
Rhodium Compounds, NdRh4Al15.37, synthesis, a 86
   RRh2Ge2 (R = Gd, Tb, Dy), magnetism, a 85
Rockets, thrusters, Ir coatings106
ROMP, in organic synthesis58, 168
Ruthenium, additions, to Fe-Cr-Al158
   C-Ru xerogel composites, as supercapacitors, a 41
   MoRu/Be multilayer coatings, a 140
   particles, from decomposition of Ru3(CO)12, a 87
   Pt/BST/Pt/Ru capacitors, a 140
   Pt/Ru, electrode structures, on poly-Si, by MOCVD, a 137
   105Ru, for production of 105Rh50
   Ru-Rh electrode, + poly(1,3-diaminobenzene), a 42
Ruthenium Alloys, Al-Ir-Ru, phase diagram56, 85
   AI-Ni-Ru, Al-Ru, phase diagrams56
   Fe-Ru, damping capacity157
   for high-temperature use158
   intermetallic, for spark plug electrodes56
   Nb50Ru50, shape memory effect, a 85
   Pt-Ru, for jewellery156
   Ru-RuAl, eutectic, formation158
   Ta50Ru50, a 85
   TiAl-Ru, properties, a 40
Ruthenium Complexes, Cp(OC)2IrRu(CO)3(SiCl3)2, a 41
   NO-Ru complexes, with en and ox ion ligands, a 136
   poly-cis -[Ru(vbpy)2(py)2](PF6)2, electrocatalysis, a 136
   Rh(bpy)32+, chemiluminescence, dodemorph sensor, a 137
   [Ru6C(CO)16(COOMe)] mass spectrum, a 179
   Ru binuclear pyrazines, molecular hysteresis, a 86
   Ru nitrosonaphthols, synthesis, a 136
   Ru-melanoidin, photocatalyst, H2O to H2, a 137
   [Ru(bipy)2(Sbipy)]2+, photoproperties, a 180
   RuCO+, Ru(CO)x, Ru(CO)x, IR spectra, a 40
   Ru(dcbpy)2(NCS)2, as Graetzel standard, a 136
   Ru(dcphen)2(NCS)2, photosensitiser for TiO2, a 136
   [RuHCI(PPi3)2], Grubb’s catalyst intermediate, a 182
   Ru(II) porphyrin-Merrifield’s peptide resin, a 181
   Ru(III) β-diketone butadiyne polymer, a 41
   [Ru(L)3]2+ dyes, for luminescent Nafion membranes, a 42
   RuX(EPh3) Schiff base complexes, a 140
Ruthenium Compounds, Pr3RuO7, magnetism, a 179
   Pt/BST/RuO2 capacitors, a 140
   Ru2Ge3, Ru2Si3, optical spectra, a 135
   Ru3(CO)12, decomposition, Ru particles, RuO2 films, a 87
Schottky Diodes, Au/Pt/GaN, properties157
Sensors, bio-, hypoxanthine, a 181
   CH4, a 87
   CO, a 137, 180
   electronic nose, for VOCs57
   EtOH, a 42
   H2 in Pd, using evanescent microwave probes, a 40
   H2O2, a 42
   insulin,a 181
   liquid chromatography, a 87
   O2, a 42
   pH, a 41
   propane, propylene, a 137
Shape Memory Alloys, CuAlPd, a 179
Shape Memory Effect, Nb50Ru50, a 85
“Ship-in-Bottle” Catalysts, technology3
Silicon, PZT/Pt/TiN/Si+SiO2, ferroelectric memories, a 140
   Ru2Si3, optical spectra, a 135
   ZrPd3Si3, synthesis and properties, a 86
Silver, PdAg, H solubility, a 179
   ‘Smart’ Windows, gasochromic155
   Sodium Chloride, decomposition on hot Pt, a 85
Solar Cells, Graetzel-type, a 136
Solder, Sn-Pb, reaction with Ni/Pd, on Cu, a 86
South Africa, Pt mining33, 56, 105
Spark Plugs, electrodes56, 106
Sputtering, CoPt, FePt, thin films, a 40
   magnetron. Ir oxide, for medical implants106
     of MoRu/Be multilayer coatings, a 140
   Pd-Ag submicron films, a 43
   plasma, of Pt, onto Nafion, a 89
   reactive, of Ir-Ta-O films, for electrodes, a 89
     of Pt-oxide thin films, a 42
Styrene, 2-diazo-l-indanone cyclopropanations, a 139
   by dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene, a 181
Superalloys, ‘refractory’, PGM-based158
Supercapacitors, C-Ru xerogel composites, a 41
Superconductivity, Ba4CuPt2O9 + F-doped YBCO, a 89
Superlattices, FePt nanocrystal, a 135
Suzuki Couplings, in organic synthesis, a 88, 182
Tantalum, Ta50Ru50, a 85
Thermocouples, Ir106
   Pd, Pt, thermoelectric behaviour, a 137
Thin Films, CoPt, FePt. by sputtering, a 40
   Ir, by pulsed laser deposition, a 42
   Pd-Ag, on γ-Al2O3, a 43
   Pd/α-Al2O3, by electroless plating and osmosis, a 43
   poly-cis -[Ru(vbpy)2(OH2)2](CIO4)2, formation, a 136
   poly-cis -Ru(vbpy)2(py)2](PF6)2, electrocatalysis, a 136
   Pt-oxide, by reactive sputtering, XPS study of, a 42
   RuO2, from Ru3(CO)12, a 87
   SrBi2Ta2O9, a 89
   see also Films and Membranes
Three-Way Catalysts31, 124, 137
Tin, plating, using IrO2-Ta2O5-SnO2/Ti anode, a 137
Titanium, TiAl-Ru, properties, a 40
Tobacco, smoke, oxidation, by PGM catalysts120
Trichloroethylene, oxidation, a 138
UG-2 Reef, geology, Pt and Pd reserves33, 105
Vinyl Acetate, asymmetric hydroformylation, a 44
Vinyl Arenes, asymmetric hydroformylation, a 44
Vinylation, iodobenzene, a 138
Vitamin E, synthesis, a 182
VOCs, oxidation, a 87, 138
Water, for H2 generation, a 137, 140
   nitrate removal43, 84
   oxidation, a 44
   as solvent, for catalytic reactions138, 168
Water Gas Shift Reaction, nanostructured PGM catalysts
Zirconium, ZrPd3Si3, synthesis and properties, a 86