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Platinum Metals Rev., 2001, 45, (4), 195

Subject Index to Volume 45

a = abstract
Acetylenes, hydrogenation154
Alcohols, benzyl, from benzaldehyde, a 43
   crotyl, from crotonaldehyde, a 94
   ethyl, decomposition, a 94
   furfuryl, polymerisation, acid-catalysed164
   hydroformylation, a 95
   methyl, electrooxidation, a 44, 96, 138, 140
   oxidation94, 139, 154
     selective, to aldehydes112
   + sc-CO2, solvent, a 43
Aldehydes, acet-, decomposition, a 94
   for C -alkylation, of barbituric acids, a 186
   from alcohols112, 139
   hydrogenation13, 43, 94, 154
Alfa Aesar, “Inorganics, Organics, Metals and Materials’91
Alkaloids, cinchona, Pt/Al2O3 modification, a 94
Alkenes, hydroamination112
   Wacker reaction, a 43
Alkylation, -C, of barbituric acids with carbonyls, a 186
   allylic102, 112, 139
Alkynes, aryl-, by Sonogashira coupling163
   internal, trans -hydrogenation, a 140
Alloys, dental62
Aluminides, Pt, coatings124
Amination, in organic synthesis139, 154, 186
Amines, from aromatic nitro compounds, a 43
   primary, conversion to secondary21
Ammonia, decomposition40
   oxidation, in nitric acid manufacture, start-up34
     Pt catalysts, a 94
     Pt/styrene divinyl benzene copolymer, a 94
   in SCR176
   sensor, a 138
   stripping, from H2O, a 94
Antibacterial Agents, Ru complexes, a 44, 187
Antibiotics, Ru complexes62
Antifungal Agents, Ru complexes, a 96
Antimicrobial Drugs, Ru complexes62
Aryl Bromides, Heck reactions, a 43, 138
Aryl Chlorides, Heck reactions, a 95
Autocatalysts, conferences31, 71
   manufacture of70, 175
   on-board diagnostics50, 176
   reviews50, 176
   spent, recovery, of pgms123
Barbituric Acids, C -alkylation with carbonyls, a 186
Battery, Ni-MH, a 92
Benzene, oxidation, a 184
Biphasic, see Catalysis
Bisdihydroxylation, 1, 5-cyclooctadiene, a 187
Book Reviews, “Catalyst Design: Optimal Distribution of Catalyst in Pellets, Reactors, and Membranes”122
   “Catalytic Polymerization of Cycloolefins”60
   “Fine Chemicals through Heterogeneous Catalysis”154
   “Handbook of Commercial Catalysts – Heterogeneous Catalysts”83
   “Hydrogen in Metal Systems II”131
Cancer, anti-, Pt azole-bridged complexes, a 44
     Ru complexes62
   drugs, a 96, 187
Capacitors, poly(3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) RuOx a 140
   IrOx/Pb(Zr,Ti)O3/Ir, for ferroelectric memory, a 187
   Ta-RuO2 diffusion barriers, a 44
Carbenes, Pd, heterocyclic, a 184
   Ru, Cp*Ru-allylcarbenes, a 184
     with imidazolin-2-ylidenes, metathesis155
     Ru(L)2Cl2(carbene), L = imidazoline-2-ylidenes112
Carbohydrates, production154
Carbon Oxides, CO2, from benzene oxidation, a 184
     liquid, solvent, a 186
     sc-, solvent13, 43, 185
   CO, copolymerisation, alternate, a 44
     from benzene oxidation, a 184
     oxidation, a 43, 94, 140
       TWCs164, 176
     sensor, a 93
     stripping, from PtRu anodes, in DMFCs, a 96
Carbonyls, [Rh6(CO)15]2−, [Rh(CO)2]+, in faujasites, “ship-in-bottle” synthesis, a 136
Carboplatin, decomposition, in H2O, with Cl, a 96
Carboxylic Acids, HCOOH, electrooxidation, a 137
Catalysis, biomimetic, a 139
   biphasic13, 95
   book reviews60, 83, 122, 154
   fluorous biphasic13
   heterogeneous, a 43, 94, 138-139, 186
     AVADA process, ethyl acetate manufacture12
     LEAP process, vinyl acetate monomer production12
     organic-inorganic hybrid materials, clean synthesis102
     in synthesis, of fine chemicals154
   homogeneous, a 43-44, 95, 139-140, 186-187
   in ionic liquids13, 95
   in supercritical liquids, sc-CO213, 43
   using thermoregulated phase transfer123
Catalysts, auto-, see Autocatalysts
   book reviews60, 83, 122, 154
   Catalyst Sample Kits, Catalytic Reaction Guide, “The Catalyst Technical Handbook”110
   FibreCat, high throughput screening techniques112
   homogeneous, supported on polymer fibres112
   manufacture of, supported catalysts, in ProCat212
   manufacturing techniques, conference20
   promoters, Bi, Pb154
   recycling, a 43, 94, 138, 139
   selective oxidation of alcohols112
   spent, recovery of pgms, pyrometallurgical112
     from waste streams, with Smopex fibres112
   three-way, see Three-Way Catalysts
Catalysts, Iridium, [Ir(COD)(PPh3)2]BFV4/- montmorillonite, amines21
Catalysts, Iridium Complexes, Ir chloride, ROMP60
Catalysts, Osmium Complexes, [(η6-Cy)Os(L)]2, L = (S)-BINAP, (S)-BINPO, Diels-Alder, a 140
   Os chloride, ROMP60
   OsHCl(CO)(O2)(PCy3)2, NBR hydrogenation, a 95
   OsO4, 1, 5-cyclooctadiene bisdihydroxylation, a 187
Catalysts, Palladium, Ce-Pd/mordenite, NOx reduction164
   Pd, oxidation, of alcohols, aldehydes154
     phenols amination154
     poisoning, in CH4 combustion164
     TWC, with Ni, H2S suppression164
   Pd colloids, immobilised154
   Pd powder, with KF, Suzuki couplings, a 139
   Pd-PPh2-PAMAM-SiO2, Heck reactions, a 43
   Pd/α-Al2O3 membrane, oil hydrogenation, a 186
   Pd/Ag, doped, hydrogenation of acetylenes154
   Pd/Al2O3, acetaldehyde, EtOH, decomposition, a 94
     TWC, Pd sintering164
     C -alkylation of barbituric acids with carbonyls, a 186
     C-N, C-O hydrogenolysis112
     imine hydrogenation, in Neotame® synthesis112
     oxidation of alcohols, a 94
     + Zn powder, hydrogenation, a 43
   Pd/Ce0.63Zr0.37O2, TWC, oxygen storage capacity164
   Pd/MOx, Heck reactions, aryl bromides + olefins, a 138
   Pd/Pb, doped, hydrogenation of acetylenes154
   Pd/support, hydrogenation of acetylenes154
   Pd/zeolite, Heck reactions, aryl bromides + olefins, a 138
   Pd(II)/hydrotalcite, + O2, oxidation of alcohols, a 139
   PdO/support, as combustore, for gas turbines164
   S-C-S-Pd(II)/PNIPAM, -/polyethylene glycol), a 43
Catalysts, Palladium Complexes, (α3-allyl)Pd, electronic interactions, a 139
   in C-C, C-N bond formation13
   ferrocenyl phosphine Pd/SiO2, allylic alkylation102
   orthopalladated aryloxime, biomimetic hydrolysis, a 139
   P*-chiral phosphapalladacycle, hydroarylation, a 43
   palladacycles, high throughput screening techniques112
   Pd(0)+poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-boundphosphines, coupling reactions, thermomorphic conditions, a 43
   Pd0PdII, PdII/PdIV, in Heck reaction mechanism, a 139
   Pd acetate, Pd chloride, H2O emulsion polymerisation60
   Pd-pyridylimine/amorphous mesoporous silica102
   Pd-pyridylimine/micelle templated silica102
   [Pd(π-allyl)Cl]2 + FerroPHOS, allylic alkylation, a 139
   Pd(BINAP)(OTf)2, alkene hydroamination112
   PdCl2 + CuCl2, Wacker reaction, of alkenes, a 43
   PdCl2dppf, coupling reactions22
   PdCl2(PhCN)2, silacyclobutanes + aryl iodides, a 186
   [PdCl(C3H5)]2−-tetraphosphine, allylic amination, a 139
   Pd(dba)2/di-l-adamantyl-n -butylphosphine, a 95
   Pd(dba)2/dppf, C-N coupling22
   Pd2(dba)3, H2O2 generation, a 186
   Pd2(dba)3, + P(o -CH3C6H4)3, cross-coupling, CH3I+TIC33
   Pd2(dba)3/rac -BINAP, tetraazafulvalenes amination, a 186
   Pd(dppf)(OTf)2, styrene hydroamination112
   Pd(OAc)2, oxidation of alcohols, a 94
   Pd(OAc)2+o -tolyldiazaphospholidine, hydroarylation, a 43
   Pd(OAc)2/Cu(OAc)2/LiOAc, Mizoroki-Heck reactions, a 43
   Pd(OAc)2-PR3, telomerisation of phenols with dienes, a 95
   Pd(OAc)2/BINAP, dichloropyridines amination, a 186
   Pd(OAc)2/dppf, C-N, C-O coupling22
   Pd(P-P)(Ar)Br, PhBr + aminoarenes cross-coupling13
   [Pd(P(C6H5)3)2]Cl2, H2O2 generation, a 186
   Pd(PPh3)2Cl2/CuI, Sonogashira couplings, microwave163
   Pd(PPh3)4, diene hydroamination, with anilines112
     silacyclobutanes + aryl iodides, a 186
   vinyl aldehyde hydrogenation13
Catalysts, Platinum, Au-Pt, MeOH electrooxidation, a 138
   Pt(111), CO oxidation, H2 oxidation, a 94
   Pt, at cathode, for PEMFCs164
     CO removal, from diesel exhaust176
     Fe promoted, hydrogenation, of aldehydes, ketones154
     HC removal, from diesel exhaust176
     NH3 oxidation, a 94
     NOx storage, S poisoning, regeneration164
     oxidation, of alcohols, aldehydes154
     poisoning, in CH4, combustion164
   Pt nanoparticles/SiO2, cyclohexene dehydrogenation, a 94
   Pt-Au, NOx reduction164
   Pt-Co/, Pt-Cr/, Pt-Ni/, Pt-Co-Cr/, Pt-Co-Ni/C, a 140
   Pt-Cr, Pt-Fe, Pt-Mn, at cathode, for PEMFCs164
   Pt-CuO/SiO2-doped hydrous Ti oxide, NOx reduction164
   Pt-Mo/C electrocatalysts, H2 electrooxidation, a 95
   Pt-Re, reforming, of naphthenes, paraffins164
   Pt-Ru, at anode, for PEMFCs164
   Pt-Ru/C electrocatalysts, H2 electrooxidation, a 95
     MeOH oxidation, a 96, 140
   Pt/Al2O3, CH4 oxidation164
     cinchona-modfied, ethyl pyruvate hydrogenation, a 94
     CO oxidation, a 43
   Pt/γ-Al2O3 + Cs, K, Li, Rb, NO reduction, by propene, a 138
   Pt/C, C -alkylation of barbituric acids with carbonyls, a 186
     Pt-Ru/C, H2 oxidation, H2/CO oxidation, a 140
   Pt/C electrocatalysts, H2 electrooxidation, a 95
   Pt/CeO2, crotonaldehyde hydrogenation, a 94
     on monoliths, water gas shift reactors164
   Pt/clay, cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation154
   Pt/SiO2, + HCO2H, in chemical denization, a 43
   Pt/styrene divinyl benzene copolymer, NH3 oxidation, a 94
   Pt/US-Y zeolites, cycloalkane hydrocracking, a 138
   Pt/zeolite, H2 adsorption164
   Pt/ZMS-5, thiophene hydrodesulfurisation, a 186
   PtRu anode catalysts, CO stripping, a 96
Catalysts, Platinum Complexes, (PPh3)2PtCl2, hydroformylation, a 95
Catalysts, Rhodium, Rh0SiO2, TWC, CO oxidation164
   Rh, NOx storage, S poisoning, regeneration164
     poisoning, in CH4 combustion164
   Rh/Ce0.63Zr0.37O2, TWC, oxygen storage capacity164
   Rh/SiO2, sol-gel preparation, a 186
   Rhx+/Ce0.75Zr0.25O2, TWC, CO oxidation164
Catalysts, Rhodium Complexes, chiral dirhodium(II) carboxamidates112
   (η6-C6H5BPh3)RhRH+(1, 5-COD), thiazepinones synthesis69
   Cp*Rh + chiral N, N′-chelate ligand59
   H2O soluble, higher olefin hydroformylation123
     fhermoregulated phase transfer catalysis123
   Rh2(OAc)4, fluoroalkyl dihydrofurans synthesis, a 139
   Rh6(CO)16, norbornadienes + CO, norbornenes + CO, a 44
   Rh(CO)2acac/(SO3Na)2Xantphos, hydroformylation, a 95
   [Rh(COD)Cl]2/TPPTS, hydroformylation, a 95
   [Rh(COD)(PPh3)2]BF4/montmorillonite, amines21
   [Rh(Duphos)(diene)]BF4/alumina, + heteropoly acid112
   [Rh(PHANEPHOS)(MeOH)2]1, enamide hydrogenation13
Catalysts, Ruthenium, Pt-Ru, at anode, for PEMFCs164
   Pt-Ru/C electrocatalysts, H2 electrooxidation, a 95
     MeOH oxidation, a 96, 140
   PtRu anode catalysts, CO stripping, a 96
   Ru, carbohydrate production154
     CO oxidation, a 94
   Ru-CeO2/Y-form zeolite, NH3 decomposition40
   Ru/C, Pt-Ru/C, H2 oxidation, H2/CO oxidation, a 140
Catalysts, Ruthenium Complexes, [Cp*Ru(alkene)]+, internal alkynes, trans -hydrogenation, a 140
   Grubbs’ catalyst60, 155
   L2X2Ru=CHR, (PCy3)2Cl2Ru=CHPh, metathesis, a 95
   Ru carbenes, with imidazolin-2-ylidenes; polymer supported; Schiffbase ligated, metathesis155
   Ru chloride, ROMP60
   Ru N -heterocyclic carbenes, olefin metathesis, a 95
   [RuCl2(arene)]2 + (1S, 2S)-N -(arylsulfonyl)-1, 2-diphenylethylenediamine, a 44
   RuCl2(phosphine)2(1, 2-diamine), C=O hydrogenation, a 187
   RuCl2(PPh3)3, star-shaped polymer synthesis82
   RuCl2(PPh3)3 + TEMPO, alcohol aerobic oxidation15
   ‘RuH2(PPh3)3’, alcohol aerobic oxidation15
   Ru(II), asymmetric transfer hydrogenation, a 44
   Ru(L)2Cl2(carbene), L = imidazoline-2-ylidenes112
   (S, S-N -p -tosyl-1, 2-diphenylethylene-1, 2-diamine-Ru, a 44
Chemical Fluid Deposition, Pd14, 185
Cinnamaldehyde, hydrogenation154
Cinnamate Esters, from aryl bromides+butyl acrylate, a 43
Cisplatin, a 44, 96, 187
Clusters, colloidal. Ir, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru11
   Pd, H solubility166
   Pd cluster/, Pt cluster/polymer composites, a 41
   see also Nanoclusters
Coatings, Pt aluminide124
   see also Deposition and Electrodeposition
Colloids, clusters, Ir, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru11
   Pd, immobilised154
   Ru(bpy)32+-zeolite Y, Ru(bpy)32−-viologen-zeolite Y, a 137
Combustion, CH4164
Conferences, 4th Anglo-Dutch Symp. Organomet. Chem. Appl. Catai., Utrecht, Oct., 200013
   7th Grove Fuel Cell Symposium, London, Sept., 200191, 146
   8th Int. Conf. on the Chem. of the PGMs, University of Southampton, July, 2002111
   17th NACS Meeting, Toronto, June, 2001164
   21st Century Emissions Technology, London, Dec, 200031
   Catal. in Org. Synth., New Jersey, May, 2001112
   HTM-2001, Donetsk-Mariupol, Ukraine, May, 2001130
   ISPM’2001, Hong Kong SAR, March, 2001123
   Markets of Glass Fiber Materials, High-Quality Glasses, Monocrystals and Precious-Metal Equipment for Their Production, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, June, 200140
   SAE, Detroit, U.S.A., March, 200171
   Techniques of Catalyst Manufacture, Loughborough, U.K., Nov., 200020
Copper, sulfide ores, recovery of Os-187132
Coupling Reactions, C-C, C-N, C-O coupling22
   Kumada-Hayashi coupling22
   PhBr + aminoarenes13
   sp-sp2 couplings, thermomorphic conditions, a 43
   see also Heck Reactions and Suzuki Couplings
Crown Ethers, polymer-,+K2PdCl4,+K2PtCl4, a 92
CRT, for diesel emission control31, 71, 176
   MacRobert Award30
Cycloalkanes, hydrocracking, a 138
Cyclohexene, reaction with H2, a 94
1, 5-Cyclooctadiene, bisdihydroxylation, a 187
Cycloolefins, copolymerisation60
   ROMP60, 155
Dehydrogenation, cyclohexene, a 94
Dendrimers, immobilisation, of Ru carbenes155
Denitration, HNO3 nuclear fuel reprocessing waste, a 43
Dental, alloys62
Deposition, chemical fluid, Pd14, 185
   see also Coatings and Electrodeposition
Deuterium, absorption, desorption, PdD, a 184
   solubility, in Pd-Rh, a 41
Diels-Alder Condensation112, 140, 154
1, 3-Dienes, reaction with phenols, a 95
Diesel, emission control30, 31, 50, 71, 176
   NOx removal71, 176
   particulate filters71, 176
   particulates, control by CRT30, 31, 71, 176
   Pt oxidation catalyst, CO removal, HC removal176
β-Diketones, Ru(III) complexes, for molecular wires2
   Pt acetylacetonate, availability and uses123
Diodes, emitting, Ru(bpy)3+ DNA-polyaniline, a 185
Elastic Properties, Ir, Pt, Rh, Pt-Ir, Pt-Rh, modulus of rigidity, Poisson’s ratio, Young’s modulus74
Electrical Contacts, ohmic contacts, Pd/Ge/Ti/Pt, a 44
Electrical Resistance, Pd-Rh, a 41
Electrochemistry, a 92, 137
Electrodeposition, Pd, brush-plating, a 185
   Pd nanoparticles, synthesis, a 42
   see also Coatings and Deposition
Electrodeposition and Surface Coatings, a 92, 137, 185
Electrodes, C paste, with [Ru(NH3)6]3+ a 185
   H2 storage alloy, Pd2+/C powder addition, a 92
   micro-, Pt-Ir, modified, isocitrate sensor, a 93
     Rh-C fibre183
   poly(3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) RuOx, a 140
   Pt, on Al2O3, by double-print Pt screen printing, a 187
     with chitin/glucose oxidase film, glucose sensor, a 93
     in exhaust gas O2 sensor176
     HCOOH oxidation, low-intensity ultrasound, a 137
   Pt-Nafion, CH4 determination, a 138
   Pt/Nafion®, NO2 sensor, a 185
   Pt/Ti, nanostructured, HCOOH oxidation, a 137
Electroless Plating, Ni, on Pd films/quartz resonator, a 42
   Pd, plating baths, a 137
Electrolytes, [CoxPdy(CN)zClv(CH2nH4n+2On+1)K1 ], a 92
Emission Control, legislation50, 175, 176
   motor vehicles30, 31, 50, 70, 71, 123, 175, 176
     in China123, 175
Engines, CAI, CNG31
Etching, anisotropic, of RuO2 and Ru, for DRAM, a 96
Ethyl Pyruvate, hydrogenation, a 94
Exaltolide®, synthesis155
Faujasite Cages, Rh carbonyls, “ship-in-bottle”, a 136
Films, NiPt, Ni3Pt, NiPt3, magnetic anisotropy, a 96
   Pd, by chemical fluid deposition14
     on a quartz resonator, for electroless Ni plating, a 42
   Ru, RuOx for (Ba, Sr)TiO3 dielectric film, a 187
   see also Thin Films
Fine Chemicals, synthesis, by heterogeneous catalysis154
Fluorescence, Ru(II) polypyridyls, pH sensor system, a 42
Formic acid, oxidation, a 137
Fracture, brittle intercrystalline, Ir, Ir-3%Re-2%Ru179
   brittle transcrystalline, Ir, Ir-3%Re-2%Ru179
Fuel Cells, a 44, 95 -96, 140
   conferences91, 123, 146, 164
   defence applications146
     Pt-Sn electrodes, MeOH electrooxidation, a 44
     PtRu anode catalysts, CO stripping, a 96
   ‘Fuel Cell Today’ internet portal152
   Grove Medal146
   PEFC, catalysts123
     Pt/, Pt-Mo/, Pt-Ru/C, electrocatalysts, a 95
     catalysts, anode, Pt-Ru, cathode, Pt, Pt-Cr, -Fe, -Mn164
   portable power146
   Pt-Ru/C electrocatalysts, MeOH oxidation, a 96, 140
   review, a 95
   Seventh Grove Fuel Cell Symposium91, 146
   SPE-DMFC, Pt-Co/, Pt-Cr/, Pt-Ni/, Pt-Co-Cr/, Pt-Co-Ni/C, O2 reduction, a 140
   stationary power generation146
   water gas shift reactors, Pt/CeO2, on monoliths164
Gas Turbines, Pt aluminide coatings124
   catalytic combustore, PdO/support164
Gauzes, Pt, NH3 oxidation, a 94
   Pt-Rh, electrical heating device for34
Glass, conference40
Glucose, sensors, a 93, 138, 185
Gold, Au-Pt, nanoparticles, MeOH electrooxidation, a 138
   Au-Pt-Sn phase diagram, AuPt2Sn4 formation, a 92
Grain Boundaries, brittleness, Ir179
Grove Fuel Cell Symposium, Seventh91, 146
Heck Reactions, a 43, 95, 138
   Mizoroki-, a 43
   Pd0/PdII, PdII/PdIV, mechanism, a 139
   Pd-pyridylimme/amorphous mesoporous silica102
   thermomorphic conditions, a 43
Heterostructures, Ru/p-InP(100), a 140
High Temperature, mechanical properties, of pgms74
High Throughput Screening Techniques, FibreCat112
   multi-channel reactor13
   Pd catalysts112
History, Rhodium Bicentenary Competition59, 129
   William Hyde Wollaston, discovery of Rh59
Hydrazine, sensor183
Hydroamination, alkenes, dienes, styrenes112
Hydroarylation, asymmetric, norbomene, a 43
Hydrocarbons, traps, catalysed, in emission control176
Hydrocracking, cycloalkanes, a 138
Hydrodesulfurisation, thiophene, a 186
Hydroformylation, -2-propenol, -2-propynol, a 95
   ionic liquids, as solvents, a 95
Hydrogen, absorption, Pd0.97Al0.03, internal oxidation166
   book review, “Hydrogen in Metal Systems II”131
   desorption, during Pd brush-plating, a 185
     Pd0.97Al0.03, internal oxidation166
   economy130, 131
   electrooxidation, Pt/, Pt-Mo/, Pt-Ru/C, a 95
   generation, from H2O, a 42, 43
   H-bonding, intrans- [Pt(PR3)2H(FHF)], a 41
   H-induced phase separation, Pd0.80Pt0.20, Pd-Rh166
   interaction, with Pd4Cu6, PdCu12, PdCu(lll), a 136
     with Pd, Pd alloys, Pt, Pt alloys131
   interstitial location, in Pd130
   isotope diffusion, in Pd130
   with O2, H2O2 generation, a 186
   oxidation, a 94, 140
   photoevolution, cytochrome C3-viologen-Ru(Il) triad, a 184
   reagent, opposing reagents chemical fluid deposition, a 185
   sensors42, 93, 174, 185
   solubility, in Pd114
     in Pd clusters, nanocrystalline Pd166
     in Pd-Ag, Pd-Ni, Pd-Pt, Pd-Rh, Pd-Si114
     in Pd-Al, Pd-Mg, after internal oxidation166
     in Pd/Al2O3,166
     in Pd/MOx composites166
   storage materials123
Hydrogen Peroxide, generation, from H2 + O2, a 186
Hydrogenation, acetylenes154
   aldehydes13, 43, 94, 154
   aromatic nitro compounds, a 43
   enamide substrates13
   ethyl pyruvate, a 94
   ketones44, 154, 187
   nitrile-butadienc rubber, a 95
   sunflower seed oil, a 186
   trans-, internal alkynes, a 140
Hydrogenolysis, C-N, C-O112
Hydrolysis, biomimetic, a 139
Hydrotalcites, Pd(II)/, + O2, alcohols oxidation, a 139
Immunosuppressants, Ru complexes62
Ionic Liquids, solvent13, 41, 95
Iridium, brittle intercrystallinc fracture179
   brittle transcrystalline fracture179
Co/Ir/Co, magnetism, transport properties, a 96
   colloidal clusters11
   elastic, high temperature mechanical properties74
IrO3/Pb(Zr, Ti)O3/Ir, capacitors, a 187
   refining of179
   single crystals179
Iridium Alloys, Ir-0.3%W, doped, with Ce, Th179
     single crystals179
   Ir-0.3 W-0.0O6 Th-O.OO5 Al, with Al, Cr, Fe, Ni, Si, a 92
     grain boundary segregation, of impurities, a 92
   Ir-3%Re-2%Ru, brittle intercrystalline fracture179
     brittle transcrystalline fracture179
     single crystals179
   microelectrodes, Pt-Ir, isocitrate sensor, a 93
   Pt0.8/Ir0.2, superconducting tips, STM, a 138
   Pt-Ir, elastic, high temperature mechanical properties74
Iridium Complexes, Ir(III) polypyridines, microwave-assisted synthesis, phosphorescence, a 93
   [(ppy)2Ir(phen-phen)Ir(ppy)2]2+, luminescence, a 93
Iridium Compounds, IrOx/Pb(Zr, Ti)O3/Ir, capacitors, a 187
Iron, 1, 1′-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene, pgm complexes, in non-chiral catalysis22
Isocitrate, sensor, a 93
Johnson Matthey, Autocatalyst Plant, in China175
   “Catalysis in Organic Synthesis” symposium112
   Catalyst Sample Kits, Catalytic Reaction Guide, “The Catalyst Technical Handbook”110
   CRT, MacRobert Award30
   European Autocatalyst Plant, Royston, U.K.70
   ‘Fuel Cell Today’ internet portal152
   “Platinum 2001”111
   ProCat2 Process Catalyst Plant12
   Rhodium Bicentenary Competition59, 129
Ketones, acetophenone, asymmetric reduction59
   for C-alkylation, of barbituric acids, a 186
   from alcohols, a 139
   hydrogenation44, 154, 187
   Kumada-Hayashi coupling22
Langmuir-Blodgett Films, with Ru(bpy)22+, a 185
Luminescence, [(bpy)2Os(phen-phen)Os(bpy)2]4+, a 93
   [(bpy)2Ru(μ-bipy-O-bpy)Os(bpy)2]4+, a 137
   [(bpy)2Ru(μ-bipy-O-bpy)Ru(bpy)2]4+, a 137
   [(bpy)2Ru(phen-phen)Ru(bpy)2]4−, a93
   1, 3-[Cl(Et2P)2PdC≡C]2-5-[i Pr)3SiC≡C]C6H3, a 137
   1, 3, 5-[Cl(Et3, P)2PdC≡C]3C6H3, a 137
   [(Me2bpy)2Os(phen-phen)Os(Me2bpy)2]4+, a 93
   [(ppy)2Ir(phen-phen)Ir(ppy)2]2+, a 93
   [Ru(bpy)3]2+, a 137
   [Ru(Ph2phen)2DCbpy]2−/polymer, pH sensor system, a 42
Magnetism, CeRu2Si2, a 41
   Co/Ir/Co sandwiches, a 96
   NiPt, Ni3Pt, NiPt3, magnetic anisotropy, a 96
   RuSr2GdCu2O8, a 184
Medical, brain imaging, positron emission tomography33
Medical Uses, a 44, 96, 187
   Ru complexes62
Membranes, diffusion, Pd alloys131
   Pd alloys, H2 permeation131
   Pd/α-Al2O3, sunflower seed oil hydrogenation, a 186
   Pd/porous glass, -/stainless steel, a 137
Memory, DRAM, anisotropic etching of RuO2, Ru, a 96
   ferroelectric, IrOx/Pb(Zr, Ti)O3/Ir, capacitors, a 187
Metallacycles, Pt(II) bis(sulfonamides), a 136
Metallisation, Rh, on C fibre microelectrodes183
Metallodendrimers, Pd, a 137
Metathesis, CM, RCM, ROM, ROMP155
   cycloolefins, RCM, ROMP60
   Olcfins95, 155
   Ru(L)2Cl2(carbene), L = imadazoline-2-ylidenes112
Methane, combustion, oxidation, reforming164
   sensors, a 138, 140
Microscopy, STM, superconducting tips, Pt0.8/IrO.2, a 138
Microwaves, -assisted, Sonogashira couplings163
   for synthesis, of colloidal clusters, Ir, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru11
     of Ir(III) polypyridines, a 93
Modulus of Rigidity, Ir, Pt, Rh, Pt-Ir, Pt-Rh74
Molecular Wires, with tris(β-diketonato)Ru(III) units2
MOS, Pd-gate, H2 sensor, a 93
Multilayers, Co/Pt/Ni/Pt, X-ray study, a 44
Nanoclusters, Pd, by brush-plating, a 185
Nanocrystalline, Pd, H solubility166
Nanoparticles, Au-Pt, MeOH electrooxidation, a 138
   Pd, in Pd-polypyrrole composites, a 42
   Pt, on Ti support, nanostructured electrodes, a 137
   sonochemical preparation, Pd, Pt121
Nanostructures, Pt/Ti electrodes, a 137
Naphthenes, reforming164
Neotame®, synthesis112
Nickel, NiPt, Ni3Pt, NiPt3, magnetic anisotropy, a 96
   Pd-Ni, in HSGFET, H2 sensor174
   Ti-TiNi-TiRu, phase diagram84
Nitric Acid, manufacture, start-up operation34
   nuclear fuel reprocessing waste, denitration, a 43
Nitro Aromatics, hydrogenation, a 43
Nitrobenzenes, hydrogenation164
Nitrogen Oxides, NO2, sensor, a 185
   NO, reduction, by propene, a 138
     scavengers in the body, Ru complexes62
   NOx, lean, catalysts164
     selective catalytic reduction, diesel emissions31, 176
traps, in diesel emissions71, 176
NMR, 1H,(π-allyl)Pd+N, N ’-bis(phenylethyl)bispidine, a 92
Ohmic Contacts, see Electrical Contacts
Oils, sunflower seed, hydrogenation, a 186
Olefins, with aryl bromides, Heck reaction, a 138
   metathesis95, 155
   substituted, synthesis, a 43
Optical Fibres, Pd/, Pt/WO3, H2 sensor, a 42
Ores, sulfide Cu ores, recovery of Os-187132
Osmium, Os-187, recovery from sulfide Cu ores132
Osmium Complexes, [Cp*2OsCl]2[OsCl6], formation, a 92
   [(η6-Cy)OsCl(L)](SbF6), L = (S )-BINAP,(S>BINPO, a 140
   luminescence, a 93, 137
   [Os(C8H8Br)]4, + arylboronic acids, Suzuki coupling, a 184
   Os(IV) homoleptic functionalised aryls, a 184
   [OsO2(SO3)2(H2O)]2− extraction with trialkylamine132
      + NH4OH – (NH4)2SO4 – H2O, formation and storage132
   [{(RO)2PS2}3OsII”–OsII{S2P(RO)2}3]2−, synthesis, a 136
   [{(RO)2PS2}3, OsIII-OsII{S2P(RO)2}3], synthesis, a 136
   [{(RO)2PS2{3OsIV-OsIV{S2P(RO)2}3]2+, synthesis, a 136
Oxidation, aerobic, alcohols15
   alcohols94, 112, 139, 154
   benzene, a 184
   CO, TWCs164
   electro-, MeOH, a 44, 96, 138, 140
   HCOOH, a 137
Oxygen, in exhaust gas, sensor176
   generation, from H2O, a 42
   with H2, H2O2 generation, a 186
   reduction, on Pt alloy catalysts, for SPE-DMFCs, a 140
Palladium, clusters, H solubility166
   colloidal clusters11
   colloids, immobilised154
   electroless plating, a 137
   films, by CFD14, 185
   H interstitial location130
   H isotope diffusion130
   H solubility114, 166
   interaction with H2131
   lattice defects114, 166
   membranes, a 137, 186
   nanoclusters, by brush-plating, a 185
   nanocrystalline, H solubility166
      in Pd-polypyrrole composites, a 42
   Pd2+/C powder, H2 storage electrodes, a 92
   Pd40Cu30Ni10P20, bulk glass, crystallisation of, a 136
   Pd cluster/polymer composites, preparation, a 41
   Pd films, for studying electroless Ni plating, a 42
   Pd-gate MOS, H2 sensor, a 93
   Pd-polypyrrole composite thin films, a 42
   Pd/Al2O3, H solubility166
   Pd/Ge/Ti/Pt ohmic contacts, on GaAs, a 44
   Pd/MOx H solubility166
   Pd/SiO2 spheres, synthesis174
   Pd/SnO2, H2 sensor, a 185
   Pd/WO3 optical fibres, H2 sensor, a 42
Palladium Alloys, Ag-Pd pastes, for MLC devices, a 96
   H interstitial location130
   H isotope diffusion130
   H solubility114, 166
   interaction with H2131
   lattice defects114, 166
   Pd0.97Alm0.3, oxidised, H absorption, desorption166
   Pd4Cu6, PdCu12, PdCu(111), interaction with H2, a 136
   Pd77Ag23, H absorption, desorption130
   Pd80-Pt20, H-induced phase separation166
   Pd-Ag, Pd-Ni, Pd-Pt, Pd-Rh, Pd-Si, H solubility114
   Pd-Al, Pd-Mg, internal oxidation, H solubility166
   Pd-Er-H, Pd-Mo-H, Pd-Ta-H130
   Pd-Ni, in HSGFET, H2 sensor174
   Pd-Rh, D solubility, resistance, a 41
      H-induced phase separation166
   PdVCu(110), surfaces, formation, modelling of, a 41
Palladium Complexes, (η-allyl)Pd + N, N ’-bis(phenylethyl)bispidine, 1H NMR, a 92
   bis(acetylacetonato)Pd(II), in Pd cluster/polymer, a 41
   η-2-methylallyl(cyclopentadienyl)Pd(II), for CFD14, 185
   1, 3-[Cl(Et3P)2PdC≡]2-5-[(iPr)3SiC≡C]C6H3, a 137
   1, 3, 5-[Cl(Et3P)2PdC≡C]3C6H3, a 137
   [CoxPdy(CN)zCUv(CH2nH4n+2, On+1K1], electrolyte, a 92
   K2PdCl4, + polymer-supported dibenzo-18-crown-6, a 92
   trans -L2PdI2, L = heterocyclic carbene, a 184
   [Pd2(1, 8-dpmn)2(RNC)2]−2, [Pd2(1, 8-dpmn)(RNC)4]2− a 184
   Pd(2-thpy)2, photophysical properties, a 93
   Pd(II) hexafluoroacetylacetonate, for CFD, a 185
   Pd(II)(en), sequence-selective molecular pinch, a 136
Palladium Compounds, PdD, D absorption, desorption, a 184
   PdO-modified SnO2-Fe2O3, CO sensor, a 93
Paraffins, reforming164
Pastes, Ag-Pd, for MLC devices, a 96
Patents45–48, 97–100, 141–144, 188–190
Peptides, α-helical, with Pd(II)(en), a 136
pH, sensor system, a 42
Phase Diagrams, Au-Pt-Sn, a 92
Phenols, amination154
   C-allylated, synthesis, a 95
   from 2-cyclohexen-l-ol, a 94
   telomerisation, a 95
Phosphorescence, Ir(III) polypyridines, a 93
Photocatalysis, Pt/TiO2, benzene oxidation, a 184
Photoconversion, a 42, 93, 137, 184–185
Photoelectrolysis, H2O, by AlGaAs/Si RuO2/Ptblack, a 42
Photoproperties, [(COD)Pt(R)2], photoreactivity, a 137
   Pd(2-thpy)2, Pt(2-thpy)2, low temperature, a Ru(bpy)3 DNA-polyaniline, a 93
   Ru(bpy)3,2+ DNA-polyaniline, a 185
   Ru(bpy)32+ LB films, a 185
   Ru(bpy)32*-zeolite Y, -viologen-zeolite Y, a 137
   trans -[Ru(NH3)4(NO)nicotinamide]3+, IR, a 93
Photoreactions, H2 evolution, from Ru(II) complex, a 184
   Ru bipyridine, artificial photosynthesis91
Photosynthesis, artificial, with Ru-Mn systems91
Plating, Pt, on Nafion, electrode, a 185
   see also Electrodeposition
“Platinum 2001”111
Platinum, Co/Pt/Ni/Pt multilayers, X-ray study, a 44
   colloidal clusters11
   elastic, high temperature mechanical properties74
   electrodes93, 137, 138, 176, 185, 187
   interaction with H2131
   nanoparticles121, 137
   Ni-CZHO/CaZro0.9, In0.1O3−a/Pt cell, in CH4, sensor, a 140
   Pd/Ge/Ti/Pt ohmic contacts, on GaAs, a 44
   Pt cluster/polymer composites, preparation, a 41
   Pt and SiO2 doped SnO2, NH3 sensor, a 138
   Pt/Ta + RuO2/n+-polySiSiO2/Si, contact system, a 44
   Pt/WO3 optical fibres, H2 sensor, a 42
Platinum Alloys, Au-Pt, nanoparticles, a 138
   Au-Pt-Sn, phase diagram, AuPt2Sn4, Pt2Sn3, a 92
   interaction with H2131
   microelectrodes, Pt-Ir, isocitrate sensor, a 93
   NiPt, Ni3Pt, NiPt3, magnetic anisotropy, a 96
   Pd80-Pt20, H-induced phase separation166
   Pd-Pt, H solubility114
   Pt0.8/Ir0.2, superconducting tips, for STM, a 138
   Pt-Ir, Pt-Rh, elastic, high temperature mechanical properties74
   Pt-Pd, in amperometric glucose sensors, a 138
Platinum Complexes, cis-(C2H4)(l-ethyl-3-methyl-imidazol-2-ylidene)PtCl2, crystal structure, a 41
   [(COD)Pt(R)2], photoreactivity, a 137
   K2PtCl4, + polymer-supported dibenzo-18-crown-6, a 92
   [Pt2(1, 8-dpmn)2(RNC)2]2− [Pt2(1, 8-dpmn)(RNC)4]2−, a 184
   Pt(2-thpy)2, photophysical properties, a 93
   Pt acetylacetonate, availability and uses123
   Pt azole-bridged complexes, cytotoxicity, a 44
   [PtCl(NCN-OH)], SO2 switching, a 42
   cis -[PtCl(Ph2SNH)(PMe2Ph)2][BF4], preparation, a 41
   [Pt(en)L]2+, L = bipy, phen, + phen, + phenanthrene, a 136
   Pt(II) bis(sulfonamides), a 136
   [Pt(Ph2SNH)4]CI2, H-bonding, crystal structure, a 41
   trans -[Pt(PR3)2H(FHF)], H-bonding, a 41
   (TIPS-4-MPD)-, (TIPS-6-MPD)Pt(Me)Cl,a 41
   [(TIPS-4-MPD)-, [(TIPS-6-MPD)Pt(Me)(olefin)]BF4, a 41
Platinum Compounds, carboplatin, decomposition, a 96
   Pt aluminide, coatings124
Platinum Group Metals, compounds, in medicine62
   high temperature mechanical properties74
Poisson’s Ratio, Ir, Pt, Rh, Pt-Ir, Pt-Rh74
Pollution Control, see Emission Control
Polymerisation, acid-catalysed, of furfuryl alcohol164
   catalytic, of cycloolefins60
   co-, alternate, norbomadienes+CO, norbornenes+CO, a 44
     of cycloolefins60
   in-situ, of methyl methacrylate82
   ROMP60, 155
   Ziegler-Natta, of cycloolefins60
Polymers, fibres, as supports for homogeneous catalysts112
   Pd cluster/polymer composites, preparation, a 41
   Pd-polypyrrole composite thin films, a 42
   polyketones, by alternate copolymerisation, a 44
   poly(MMA), star-shaped, synthesis82
   Pt cluster/polymer composites, preparation, a 41
   Ru carbenes/polystyrene-divinylbenzene155
   [Ru(Ph2phen)2DCbpy]2+7polymer, pH sensor, a 42
   support for, dibenzo-18-crown-6,+K2PdCl4,+K2PtCl4, a 92
Propene, for reduction of NO, a 138
Redox, surface processes, RuO2(111)/H2O interface, a 137
Reduction, asymmetric, of acetophenone59
   NO, by propene, a 138
Reforming, CH4, naphthenes, paraffins164
Resistance Thermometers, RuO2-based, a 185
Resistivity, Rh, with C impurities, a 136
Resistors, RuO2, a 185
Rhodium, colloidal clusters11
   elastic, high temperature mechanical properties74
   metallisation, on C fibre microelectrodes183
   microelectrodes, Rh-C fibre183
   resistivity, with C impurities, a 136
   Rh/SiO2, sol-gel preparation, a 186
   Rhodium Bicentenary Competition59, 129
Rhodium Alloys, Pd-Rh, D solubility, resistance, a 41
     H-induced phase separation166
   H solubility114
   Pt-Rh, elastic, high temperature mechanical properties74
Rhodium Complexes, Rh carbonyls, “ship-in-bottle”, a 136
Rubber, nitrile-butadiene, hydrogenation, a 95
Ruthenium, anisotropic etching, for DRAM, a 96
   colloidal clusters11
   Ru/TiN/p -Si/Si, contact system, a 187
   Ru/p-InP(100) heterostructures, a 140
Ruthenium Alloys, Ti-TiNi-TiRu, phase diagram84
Ruthenium Complexes, in medicine62
   [Cp*2RuCl2]2+, formation, a 92
   Cp*Ru(COD)Cl, reaction with phenylacetylenes, a 184
   cytochrome c 3-viologen-Ru(II) triad, a 184
   Iluminescence, a 93, 137
   molecular wires, tris(β-diketonato)Ru(III) units2
   photoproperties91, 93, 137, 184, 185
   Ru bipyridine, artificial photosynthesis91
   Ru carbenes112, 115, 184
   Ru terpyridines, with dithiolenes, a 92
   Ru(II) ketoaminates, antibacterial agents, a 187
   Ru(II) phenanthrolines + aryldiazopentanedione, a 44
   Ru(II) polypyridyls, pH sensor system, a 42
   Ru(II) Schiff bases, antifungal activity, a 96
   [Ru(NH3)6]3+ for glucose sensor, a 185
   [Ru(Ph2phen)2DCbpy]2+/polymer, pH sensor, a 42
   Ru(PPh3)2(dcbipy)Cl2, as TiO2 sensitiser, a 42
Ruthenium Compounds, CeRu2Si2, magnetism, a 41
   poly(3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) RuOx electrode, a 140
   Pt/Ta + RuO2/n++-polySiSiO2/Si. contact system, a 44
   RuO2(111)/H2O interface, surface redox processes, a 137
   RuO2, anisotropic etching, for DRAM, a 96
     in resistance thermometers, a 185
   RuOx/TiN/p -Si/Si, contact system, a 187
   RuSr2GdCu2O8, magnetism, a 184
   Sr(Ti1-x, Rux)O3, by sputtering, a 187
   Ta + RuO2/n++-polySiSiO2/Si, contact system, a 44
Screen Printing, double-print Pt, for electrodes, a 187
Selective Catalytic Reduction, NOx31, 176
Sensors, CH4, a 140
   CO, a 93
   glucose, a 93, 138, 185
   H242, 93, 174, 185
   isocitrate, a 93
   NH3, a 138
   NO2, a 185
   O2, in exhaust gas176
   pH, a 42
“Ship-in-Bottle”, Rh carbonyls in faujasites, a 136
Silicon, CeRu2Si2, magnetism, a 41
   Pt suicide formation, on Pt nanoparticles/SiO2, a 94
   SiO2, amorphous mesoporous, micelle templated102
     in Pt doped SnO2, NH3 sensor, a 138
Single Crystals, Ir, Ir-0.3%W, Ir-3%Re-2%Ru179
Sol-Gel, Rh/SiO2, preparation, a 186
Solar Cells, Ru(PPh3)2(dcbipy)Cl2, as TiO2 sensitiser, a 42
Sonochemistry, synthesis, of Pd, Pt nanoparticles121
Sonogashira Couplings, microwave-assisted163
Sputtering, Sr(Ti1−, Rux)O3, a 187
Stille Couplings, Mel + TICs33
   PdCl2, dppf22
Sulfur Oxides, SO2,, reaction with [PtCl(NCN-OH)], a 42
Superconductivity, Pt0.8/Ir0.2 tips, for STM, a 138
Suzuki Couplings, with ligandless Pd, a 139
   [Os(C8H8Br)]4 with arylboronic acids, a 184
   PdCl2dppf, triflates with arylboronic acids22
   Pd-pyridylimine/amorphous mesoporous silica102
   Pd-pyridylimine/micelle templated silica102
   thermomorphic conditions, a 43
Switches, SO2 triggered, [PtCl(NCN-OH)], a 42
Telomerisation, C -allylated phenol synthesis, a 95
Tetraazafulvalenes, amination, a 186
Thiazepinones, synthesis69
Thin Films, Pd, opposing reagents CFD, a 185
   Pd-polypyrrole composites, electrosynthesis, a 42
   Sr(Ti1−x, Rux)O3, by sputtering, on SrTiO3(100), a 187
   see also Films
Three-Way Catalysts50, 71, 164, 176
Tin, Au-Pt-Sn, phase diagram, AuPt2Sn4, Pt2Sn3, a 92
Titanium, IMI 834, Pt aluminide coating124
   Ti-TiNi-TiRu, phase diagram84
Ultrasound, HCOOH oxidation, on Pt electrode, a 137
VOCs, emission control123
Voltammetry, stripping, CH4 determination, a 138
Wacker Reactions, in sc-CO2, ROH/sc-CO2, a 43
Water, for H2 generation, a 43
   for H2 and O2 generation, a 42
Water Gas Shift Reaction, Pt/CeO2, on monoliths164
Young’s Modulus, Ir, Pt, Rh, Pt-Ir, Pt-Rh74