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Platinum Metals Rev., 2002, 46, (2), 81

The Chemistry of the Platinum Group metals: PGM8


The eighth conference in this series takes place at Southampton University, U.K, from 7th to 12th July. Intemationally-recognised speakers from the chemistry community will present their work on a wide range of platinum group metals chemistry. The main themes include: organometallic chemistry; coordination and supramolecular chemistry; biological and medicinal chemistry; surfaces, materials and crystal engineering; photochemistry and electrochemistry; catalysis and organic synthesis; and theoretical chemistry and physical methods.

More information may be obtained from Ms P. Mohamed, Royal Society of Chemistry, E-mall:; Tel: +44 (0)20 7440 3322; Fax: +44 (0)20 7734 1227; or from the website:

Invitation to Students

Students attending the conference are invited to write an article of 300 words for Platinum Metals Review on one of the following: a presentation, a series of presentations or an interview with a respected academic attending the conference. The winning article will be published in Platinum Metals Review.

Further details will be available later and at the Platinum Metals Review desk at the conference.