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The Johnson Matthey Technology Review

is an international journal of research exploring science and technology in industrial applications.



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“Sustainable Materials for Transitional and Alternative Energy”

Edited by Mufrettin Murat Sari (Texas A&M University, USA), Cenk Temizel (Saudi Aramco, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Celal Hakan Canbaz (Ege University, Turkey), Luigi A. Saputelli (ADNOC Frontender Corp, USA) and Ole Torsæter (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway), Modern Materials and Sensors for the Oil and Gas Industry Series, Gulf Professional Publishing, an Imprint of Elsevier, Oxford, UK, 2021, 294 pages, ISBN 978-0-12-824379-4, £106.50, €132.41, US$138.75
24 June 2022

“Sustainable Materials for Transitional and Alternative Energy”

Reviewed by Hannah Dixon

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